Bracers of Iron Shadow (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, Very rare (Requirements: Monk Class)

A set of bracers won from one on one combat with a Hobgoblin Iron Shadow Monk. As skilled assassins they use poisons, so often these bracers are associated with a creature that uses poison, in this case it is a Scorpion.

Resistance to Poison:

Grants the wearer resistance to poison

Sting of the Scorpion:

Adds 1d4 poison damage to a Monk's unarmed attacks

Venom Sack:

A small compartment built into the bracers holds venom/poison, which can be used as a bonus action to add poison to one small ranged ammunition. This adds 1d4 poison damage to the projectile, with a DC10 Constitution check (Using stats and traits of basic poison). This venom/poison sack is limited to 6 (3 per bracers) uses a day. Alternately, all 3 uses at once from one bracer can be used to cast poison spray (normal rules of poison spray cantrip apply). If all 6 are used at once poison spray can be cast as a higher level spell (the number of damage die is then doubled)

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