Orb of Formidomancy (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, Very Rare (Requires Attunement)

This brown orb barely fitting inside adult man's hand has many tiny holes scattered on its surface. Created to bend the will of any formid (ants) and command them to user's own gains.

Conquer the pebbles You can cast Dominate Monster spell using this item, targeting only groups of ants or other formids. Number or size of them don't matter, as long as they are in range for the spell to be cast, and DC to resist spell's efect is 19. After you use this property you cannot do so until dawn.

Hordes of the weak The orb has 20 charges, for 10 charges, as an action, you can summon swarm of insects with these changes:

  • all insects are ants
  • swarm has Hp of 100
  • size of swarm is huge
  • swarm has +9 to hit

The swarm floods from the orb and follows your commands. You can expend 2 charges as bonus action to heal swarm for 20 hp, indicated with you releasing more ants from item, joining their brethen in fight. You can restore charges by absorbing swarm back to orb, regaining 1 charge for each 10 hp swarm has left. Alternatively, you can place orb on top of big mound of ants, absorbing its denizens(if they fit through the holes on the surface of the orb) and regaining 1 charge. If you expend all charges roll a d20; on 1 item loses its magical properties and any active summoned swarms are free from your control.

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