Spirit Scepter (5e Equipment)

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Staff, rare (requires attunement)

This staff is very light in color. In fact, you can see your hand through it in some areas! It's made of a very light colored crystal harvested by sprites and pixies, most of the time colored blue or purple. This staff was designed in a very special way to give the bearer a look into others' hearts. As an action, you can touch the staff to a target within 5 feet of you and sense what the alignment is of the creature you are touching. If you concentrate as if concentrating on a spell, as an action, you can make a Wisdom check with a DC of 14 to sense their intentions, whether they are hostile or friendly. Also, the staff has a strange ability to turn the user invisible for 1 minute, but it can only do this a total of 7 times in the entirety of its existence.

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