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Potion, uncommon (minor tier)

A small vial of Precog Frog mucus, distilled into a slimy, sparkly substance, mixed with a plethora of other green liquids which swirl together but never quite seem to mix.

A somewhat rare drug, due to its difficulty to procure and properly distill the main ingredient. However, it is very popular with the rich, as they have the resources to solve both of these problems, alongside it's relative safety next to other high-inducing substances.

It allows the user to see visions of the future, if not very clearly. Those that are generally unprepared for its use tend to be lost in hazes of potential futures, clouding their vision and their actions.

Effects. After injesting the entire potion, you must make a DC 12 Constitution Saving Throw. On a success, you have the ability to see the future with some form of clarity. Roll two d20, and record the results. When you witness anything that requires a d20 roll, you can use your reaction to replace one of your recorded results with the current one. You cannot use a recorded result if you've already used it, or once one hour passes after consuming the potion.

On a failure, your sight and thoughts are plagued by visions of the future, making doing anything much harder. You gain the poisoned condition for one hour, however it cannot be cured and ignores resistance to the condition.

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