The Crowned Eye (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, uncommon

A cheaper alternative to the Cats Eye Crown, this crown bonds with one individual until they break the bond or die. It gives the wearer a third eye made of any gem (some gems may do different things, that is up to the current DM and is randomly selected for one gem.) The bonded can use the gem as if it was part of their own body, for example you can see through a Tigers Eye gem and it has darkvision 60 ft. The gem dosent have any abilities that the owner may have, unless it is through a magic item in a head related slot that touches the crown or one particular gem. The crown can have multiple Eyes, but each takes the cost of the gem that is being used, 24 hour bonding period and 100 gp. Any abilities the Eye has will not be carried over to the bonded, such as dark vision.

In a familiar bonding ritual, costing 500 gp, a person can bond the crown to themselves. This destroys the crown but allows the subject to use the Eyes like they were wearing the crown. For every gem destruction they take 1D4 damage no matter what. They can also take one gems ability and use I for a 10 minutes period once per day, ie dark vision or for a glass eye repaired blindness. This ritual is favoured by impaired rich people to regain one of their lost senses.

Gem list (current): Glass, Normal sight Tigers eye, sight w/ dark vision 60 ft

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