Potion of Violent Divination (5e Equipment)

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Scales.png This page is of questionable balance. Reason: The psychic damage is a bit pointless, you would just wait until a long rest to drink this. Doesn't really explain what the "random flashes from the future" are. Is it an image, or a thought or a feeling? How specific or vague is it? How "random" is it? If the "flash" is that the player is eating a cheesecake in 20 days time, what happens if the player decides not to eat a cheesecake? Is it the burden of the DM to force the situation? Is the "upgraded" version the rare version? Why does making it shine increase the rarity?

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Potion, uncommon, rare

This golden liquid violently shakes when disturbed. If a creature consumes this potion, they are blinded and begin shaking violently. During this time, the creature receives 1d8 flashes of the future. For each flash, roll 1d20, the result is the number of days in the future the flash is set in. Once all of the flashes are complete, the drinker wakes up and takes 1d4 psychic damage. For the next hour, the creature is shaky, and has disadvantage on all rolls they make. There is an upgraded version of this potion that is rare. When a creature consumes this potion, they don't violently shake and aren't shaky after the process. They receive 1d10 flashes, and half of the flashes, rounded down, are 1d12 years in the future, instead of 1d20 days. This upgraded version is shiny and doesn't react when disturbed.

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