Bottle of Suni-Dee (5e Equipment)

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April Fools!
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Wondrous Item, rare

A magical decanter filled with 1d4 + 1 quarts of a mysterious orange fluid. As an action, the holder may unstopper the decanter and shout "Unleash the power of the sun" then expend quarts of the fluid to produce an effect. 1 quart casts daylight. 3 quarts cast sunbeam. 5 quarts cast sunburst. The save DC for spells cast by the bottle is 17. The decanter regains 1 quart per sunrise it is exposed to and can hold up to 5 quarts. The decanter may hold no more than 5 quarts of liquid. The holder may, instead of casting a spell, drink the fluid contained within the decanter as an action. Every quart of fluid consumed restores 25 hit points and cures all diseases the consumer has. The fluid tastes like oranges.

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