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Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

Originally crafted by power-hungry warlocks of an evil patron, the design has since been replicated by other practitioners. When used, the Icon of Sacrifice allows for its bearer to defy the normal limits that are imposed upon most other mortal casters, granting them a dark advantage over other casters, though this power comes at a cost; blood.

Blood Magic. Usually in the form of a rough-shod, spiked rod of dark iron, the icon of sacrifice can be used as an arcane focus for spells cast with Pact Magic as per a normal focus. The unique ability of this item does not come into play until you run out of spell slots for your pact magic. After this point, you may use your Icon of Sacrifice to cast a non cantrip, non Mystic Arcanum spell without the requisite spell slot. This spell may be cast at a spell level of your choosing from level 1 to the maximum spell level you have available to you at your level. however, when you cast this spell, you take 1d4 piercing damage initially, and once the spell is resolved, you take necrotic damage equal to the number of hit dice equal to the level of the spell cast with no save allowed. Healing spells cast on yourself immediately fail, and you suffer half damage on the roll. This item does not work on constructs or undead.

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