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Wondrous item, common (major) (requires attunement)

An orange guidance soapstone is a method by which travelers can leave messages for one another. These messages can convey many types of information, depending upon the writer's whims: Helpful tips; wry commentary; tasteful or distasteful jokes; anything the writer desires will be left for all who carry a soapstone to see.

Reading Messages. While attuned to the orange guidance soapstone, you can see and intelligibly read all writing generated by any person using an orange guidance soapstone. These messages are completely invisible to creatures unattuned to a soapstone without the use of magic or truesight.

Writing Messages. While attuned to the orange guidance soapstone, you can use your action to write your own message on a surface using your orange guidance soapstone, as per the illusory script spell. A message written this way lasts until dispelled, or until you dismiss a message you wrote as an action.

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