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Wondrous item (Symbiote), very rare (minor) (requires attunement)

A glistening purple and green gem, intertwined like they were dueling snakes. This item grants it’s user a new level of understanding of many subjects, both old and new, and the insight into learning further. However, the path to fully utilizing it’s power is arduous at best, and a hellish experience at worst.

When someone touches Cosmic Understanding, it immediately liquifies and enters their bloodstream, as they take 1d6 necrotic damage. Every hour it remains in someone’s bloodstream while they are unattuned, they take 1d4-3(minimum 1) Intelligence damage. If this would reduced their Intelligence score past 1, it is not reduced and Cosmic Understanding is immediately jettisoned from their body. After twelve consecutive hours, the target will be forced to attune or have it jettisoned from their body. Intelligence points lost in this way are regained one at a time after a long rest.

This item has 6 charges, and regains 1d6 at dawn.

Endless Knowledge. Whenever you make a skill check which requires Intelligence, you may spend a charge and increase your bonus to this specific check by 10.

Seeker. As an action, you may expend 5 charges to cast the legend lore spell, requiring no material components.

Unattuning. To unattune to this item, you must either have the remove curse spell cast on you at 6th level or higher, or gain 3 levels of exhaustion via bloodletting. Either will cause the item to quickly and violently exit your body, as it takes a solid form again.

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