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Wondrous item, legendary

This small onyx pearl can easily fit in the palm of your hand. The surface seems to shimmer like waves.

You may use a action to speak the command word and throw the pearl in or within 5 feet of water no smaller than a 15 foot radius. Once landed the pearl turns into a Gargantuan pirate ship. The ship travels at 4 mph or moves 40 feet movement speed. It has 220 hit points, is immune to necrotic, psychic, and poison damage and it regains up to half of its total hit points at dawn. It contains 12 cannons (6 on either side) and a harpoon at the front. The cannons can be fired as an action, having a range of 120/240 feet, and deal 2d10 bludgeoning damage. When you make the cannon attack, you do so with a bonus of +8. The cannonballs cost 20gp to make and weigh 30lb. There are also sleeping quarters to hold up to 40 Medium sized creatures. Should the ship's hit points fall to zero, the pearl is also destroyed.

You may speak the command word again and the ship will return to it's pearl form. Once the pearl's transformation ability has been used, it can not be used again until the next dawn.

Curse: At every dawn the ship is in use, roll a d20. On a 1, dark clouds sprout and a storm is centered on the ship. Within the next hour, a kraken will be summoned to attack the ship until it is destroyed. Should the ship be dispelled during the kraken encounter, the kraken remains and will focus it's attacks on the carrier of the pearl.

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