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Warlock Spells

0-Level Spells

  • Arcane Deflection With a wave of your hand, you create a barrier of arcane energy to deflect a ranged spell attack.
  • Astral Barrier Reinforce yourself with starstuff to blunt an incoming attack.
  • Disjunction You channel a sliver of magical energy into your target’s cantrip as it forms, attempting to destabilize the casting.
  • Glyph Trap You cast a glowing pool of magic upon the ground by drawing a glyph with paint, or something that can mark a surface, that damages and hinders anyone who wanders through or is pushed into it.
  • Haptic Counter You focus on the energy kept within you and release it in a defensive manner.
  • Hydro Barrier Throw water in front of yourself to blunt an incoming attack.
  • Spectral Shield You invoke a minor protective force to grant yourself a +2 bonus to your AC.
  • Static Armor You generate a shocking aura on a willing creature's armor that damages attackers.
  • Temporal Blur You briefly glimpse the future, which allows you to narrowly evade an attack.
  • Temporal Rift Reduce the movement speed of a target
  • Vortex Gaze The target is forced to look into your eyes and is shown an image of the Vortex itself
  • Acidic Blast Shoots beams of acidic energy at enemies.
  • Almighty Strike You clap your hands and create an almighty aura that sends a blast wave out in a 30-foot sphere centered on you.
  • Arc A ranged lightning attack which can jump between foes.
  • Arcane Attraction A cantrip to pull folks closer.
  • Arcane Bolt You fire a bolt of magical energy that seeks its target before exploding.
  • Arcane Strike For those mages that wade into the fray.
  • Astral Light By gently waving your hand in a circular motion, you slowly draw forth an aurora of light into the air around yourself for the duration.
  • Beamos
  • Blast You create a blast of pure destructive force.
  • Blast Cantrip Blast your enemies with elemental power, using the most generic of cantrips.
  • Blazing Counterstrike Counter an attack with a fiery strike
  • Bolt of Time You send out an orb of warped time to a creature within range and try to manipulate its cognitive function.
  • Bolt Strike You enhance your next attack with electric energy.
  • Boreal Strike Your weapon emanates a misty cold aura of subtle and scintillating colors, freezing all in its path.
  • Bubble Blast You shoot bubbles out of your mouth
  • Cataclysm You summon a small amount of pure destruction into your hand and can apply it to something of your choosing.
  • Chill Boomerang You launch a gust of freezing air at an opponent, after which it comes back to your hand.
  • Chilling Wind You freeze the air around you and then send it at a creature or object within range.
  • Chord You pluck at the strings which hold the fabric of time, causing ripples to form in space and resonate forward.
  • Coldslinger Spin up a bowling ball of ice before slinging it right at a target.
  • Combustion Your body is briefly enveloped in flame, burning the creature that damaged you.
  • Conduct You channel lightning through your hand to smite a creature or object you can touch.
  • Corroding Strike You enhance your next attack with Acidic energy.
  • Dark Fire A wisp of purple flame coalesces in your hand, which you can use to either illuminate an area or deal damage to an enemy.
  • Dark Matter Blast Fire a clump of invisible space matter.
  • Daunting Volt Blade Your weapon is charged with electric energy, released upon impact.
  • Death Finger You shoot a beam of magical energy.
  • Disarming Cry
  • Discord Bolt A bolt that pulses with a chaotic nature
  • Drago Bolt A bolt with the face of a dragon flies through the air damaging anything in its path.
  • Earthshatter You use your abilities to cause a point within range to shatter.
  • Eldritch Burst You launch an invisible blast towards a target.
  • Eldritch Strike, Variant A magically enhanced strike
  • Electrical Handaxe Conjure and throw a handaxe made of electricity
  • Ember Strike You infuse your next weapon with the embers of a fire.
  • Emberbolt
  • Endrian Slash You channel you melee weapon with Endrian energy allowing you to slash your opponent to bits.
  • Energy Strike You enhance your next attack with force energy.
  • Entropy You create a point of entropy in your hand and touch it to a creature or object within range.
  • Farron Dart You hurl a tiny projection of bluish-white energy at a creature or object within range.
  • Feu Sans Nuit
  • Final Stroke The fury of the tranquil, wielded only as a last resort.
  • Fire Boom
  • Fire Splash You hurl an exploding bolt of fire at a point within range.
  • Firesweep
  • Flame Ring You make a weapon attack that rings the target in flames.
  • Force Arrow Enhance an arrow, dart, or other such weapon with raw magical power
  • Force Cannon fires a swirling ball of air
  • Force Streak You fill your weapon and ammunition with raw magical energy that repels or draws in those stricken by your projectiles.
  • Forceful Flash A ball of magical energy hurtles toward a creature in range and blinds them with a flash of bright light.
  • Forceful Strike Magical energy coats your melee weapon and gives it more forceful attacks.
  • Froststrike You enhance your next attack with frost energy.
  • Frozen Armament You magically coat a weapon you touch with a bluish-white sheen that is freezing cold.
  • Fulgur A basic lightning spell.
  • Glacies A basic ice spell.
  • Gravity Force You use gravitational energy to forcefully push or pull an object or creature within range.
  • Gurranq's Sling A simple, yet effective cantrip developed by the Gurranq, Beast Clergyman.
  • Gush of Ash You breath in a pinch of ash, then exhale a hurricane of burning embers towards a creature within range.
  • Haunting Whispers You begin whispering haunting words which instills pain in those who hear them.
  • Hershey Squirt You cause the target to lose control of their bowels.
  • Hoarfrost Blade Your weapon is coated in fractalline frost as you attack.
  • Hurricane Blade Whirling winds whip around you and your weapon that threatens to force away any in its path.
  • Hyperion Lance You concentrate your own internal magic to fire a bolt of magical energy.
  • Ice Blade You deftly pull moisture from the air, which briefly solidifies into a blade you use to strike a creature or object within 5 feet of you.
  • Ice Shards You evoke shards of ice to rain into an area.
  • Ignite Create a burst of heat within a cube in front of you.
  • Ignite, Variant You extend your hand and a volcanic explosion sears your foe, taking more damage if they took fire damage previously.
  • Ignitions You extend your hand and a volcanic ignition sears your foe, making them more vulnerable to fire.
  • Illumination, Variant You conjure a globe of light, illuminating an area and blinding an enemy.
  • Keen Cut Cut down your foes with the power of your mind
  • Kinetic Garrote You create and attack with a garrote made out of force.
  • Kinetic Throw You manipulate the power of force to toss your target.
  • Lightning Field A cylindrical aura of electricity sweeps around you for a moment, jolting adjacent foes.
  • Lightning Lasers
  • Lightning Orb You summon a ball of electric energy to strike a creature within range.
  • Lightning Tendrils Summon tendrils of electricity to shock multiple opponents.
  • Lightning Whip You create a lash of lightning energy that strikes at one creature of your choice that you can see within range.
  • Mage Fist For those mages that wish to brawl.
  • Megaton Punch Super Punch!
  • Mental Shred Weave darkness into your weapon to drain your opponent's vitality with a hefty strike.
  • Minor Implosion
  • Ni You call upon an ancient power and speak a forbidden word.
  • Pillar of Sand You cause a small pillar of sand to erupt from the ground in a 5-foot cube originating from a point you can see within range.
  • Pixie Storm You point at a creature within range, and they are assailed with a magical storm of glitter.
  • Plague Blast
  • Power Beam You project a beam of force from your melee weapon to attack from a distance.
  • Power Chord
  • Powerful Punch You concentrate a amount of energy and it explode when you hit your target, making possible to push it away and knock it prone.
  • Powerful Strike Control your foes with the power of force.
  • Psionic Blast
  • Psionic Kunai You launch a blade that slices the mind.
  • Psionic Strike You enhance your next attack with force energy.
  • Push Your enemy is blasted in the face with sheer kinetic force.
  • Pyrokinesis Manifest your magical power by igniting a fire.
  • Radiant Blade You make a weapon attack that rings the target in radiant flames.
  • Radiant Strike Imbue your weapon with radiant energy, striking your foes with the power of one's will or faith.
  • Radiant Strike, Variant Imbue your weapon with radiant energy, striking your foes with the power of one's will or faith.
  • Red-Flame Missile You unleashed fiery fury upon your foe using ranged weaponry.
  • Rimeward Strike Water and icy winds collect around your weapon to turn it into magical frost.
  • Rune Blast You draw a rune in the air and blast an object or creature in range with different types of damage.
  • Sanguine Blast Fire a beam of magical blood, dealing damage.
  • Shadow Blast Create a blast of shadows to defeat you enemies and torment your friends.
  • Shartrund's Energy Blade The caster raises her hand, a sword of flame forms in her grip and she strikes the goblin that is hurtling up the path, igniting it. Screeching in pain, the goblin jumps back and frantically pats himself out as the wizard readies herself for another strike.
  • Shenanigan You launch an unpredictable and everchanging bolt of energy at a creature or object within range.
  • Shinsu Baang
  • Solar Blitz Radiant flames come from the tip of your weapon, striking your foes in a flash of light.
  • Soul Claws Your soul shapes into a wicked claw that pierces the body of a creature you touch.
  • Spellfire You conjure arcane fire in your hand that can be used for light and combat.
  • Spellstrike You increase the accuracy of your attacks using your magic power.
  • Static Shock Strike Charge your weapon with electric magic to fend off foes with a strike of your weapon
  • Static Shot Imbue a weapon or piece of ammunition with arcing lightning
  • Static Strike Imbue a weapon with arcing lightning as you strike.
  • Thunder Shock
  • Thundering Whip Summon forth a thunderous whip to rattle and deafen foes.
  • Thunderous Strike A thunderous strike meant to push back the foes of the War wizards and bladesingers.
  • Valkyries Strike You send holy energy through your weapon, and empower an attack.
  • Vent Anger You vent your anger and pulse out hot air in a 15-foot sphere centered on yourself to cool yourself down.
  • Wary Sphere Create a sphere of magical energy.
  • White-Frost Weapon You brandish a weapon coated in unnatural frost and swing.
  • Wind Strike A spell which allows one to project the attack of their melee weapon a short distance.
  • Withering Thorn Weave darkness into your weapon to drain your opponent's vitality with a hefty strike.
  • Word of Virulence You utter a divine word, and corrupting virulence erupts from you.
  • Zap Fire a thin streak of electric energy towards the target.
  • Blue Death You force a creature into believing they are in a life-or-death situation.
  • Concealment Creatures must make a Wisdom save to notice a specific, small item magically guised on your person.
  • Concealment, Variant You magically draw attention away from a singular, small item on your person.
  • Deepen Shadows Remove the light from a 10 foot cube and cause the area to become darker.
  • Label Place a small permanent magical label on an item. The label can be seen by any spell caster or magical creature.
  • Manipulate Hearing Influence a creature's sense of hearing
  • Shadow Garrote With a subtle gesture you carve a slice of shadow from the air around you and cast it toward your foe. It wraps around the creature's neck and squeezes the life from it.
  • Shadow Mist You conjure an illusory swarm of inky black clouds.
  • Shady Visage You obscure the features of the willing creature that you touch.
  • Spurt of Weirdness Give a creature the sensation of touch
  • Umbral Visage You conjure a cloak of shadows to hide you from sight.
  • Warding Flare You throw up your hand to create a flash of light and distract a creature that is attacking you.
  • Blood Bind Bind your own life force to that of another creature in order to inflict the same damage you deal upon yourself to them.
  • Blood Blade You create a blade out of your own blood to use as a weapon.
  • Blood Blade, Variant You use your own blood to shape a blade made of congealed hemoglobin.
  • Bloodbridge The caster creates a bridge of blood between 2 creature, taking the blood of one and giving it to the other.
  • Coagulate You cut yourself to form a magical mote to assault a creature in range that you can see.
  • Curse Bestow a minor curse on a creature.
  • Dark Exchange You touch an injured, willing creature, concentrate on the wound as the sinew magically stitches close wounds, graft overs burns and otherwise closes and protects the injured creature.
  • Death Blade You enchant a blade you wield with a slain soul.
  • Death Bolt You hurl a dark ball at a creature or object within range.
  • Death's Garrote You infuse your garrote with the power of death.
  • Desecrate Strike Imbue your weapon with necrotic energy as you strike.
  • Desecration Desecrate the land with this cantrip.
  • Empowering Sacrifice
  • Fingers of the Necromancer Rays of necrotic energy shoot from your fingers, withering anything you shoot.
  • Ghostly Hands You touch a willing creature and cover its hands with ghostly energy.
  • Grum's Fix 'em/Hurt 'em Caster chooses to either heal or damage a target, using their own lifeforce.
  • Jolt Cadaver You compel a dead or undead creature into a sudden, jerking motion.
  • Minor Animate You animate a number of tiny creatures to serve basic purposes
  • Minor Blood Orb You cut yourself and hurl your blood against your opponent.
  • Momentary Relapse A cantrip that deals temporary damage.
  • Necro Blast A beam of necrotic energy streaks toward a creature within range.
  • Necrotic Overlay You imbue your weapon with necrotic power.
  • Necrotic Overlay, Variant You imbue your weapon with necrotic power.
  • Necrotic Sickles You conjure necrotic energy from the lower plains of existence to give your weapon an aura to increase your attack power
  • Poe Reprise
  • Roll the Bones Control dice made of bone.
  • Shadowblade With a couple quick movements, you pull a sword made from solidified shadow from thin air that lasts for the duration.
  • Shadowstrike You enhance your next attack with necrotic energy.
  • Shrieking Skull
  • Soul Drain Your hands sap health from others to bolster yourself
  • Soul Shallow You cause fear in the soul of another, sending a spirit through their mind.
  • Soul Tear
  • Spectral Scythe Create a blade of necrotic energy at the end of a staff.
  • Spirit Meddling you use spirits to play tricks on others such as flicking on and off a torch, giving somebody a chill down their spine or any number of things
  • Tear You cause the matter of a creature or object that you touch to split apart.
  • Vicious Rant You lace your words with withering magic and aggressively rant at a creature or object in range.
  • Wyrd Reconstruction You mend a creature's wounds with the risk of further injury.
Needs Work

1st-Level Spells

  • Adloquium Restore some health to an ally and conjure an additional protective shield to safeguard them from further harm.
  • Armor of Prometheus A protective magical force surrounds you, manifesting as a spectral flame that covers you and your gear.
  • Armour of Jenova You summon a colourful aura of aberrant energy around you that harms creatures close to you.
  • Blaze of Wrath Using all your might, you channel your energy into a single, powerful fiery punch.
  • Block Seed Prevents conception.
  • Brand Don't touch my stuff!
  • Broken Ward
  • Countertrip No more pesky cantrips for you...
  • Darius's Selfless Shield
  • Enhanced Durability A useful spell for temporarily increasing durability by increasing AC and granting temp HP.
  • False Blade Afraid your 9th level spell might actually kill someone? Well no more!
  • Flame Cloak Hurl yourself into a cloak made of fire that damages nearby creatures.
  • Force Armor You touch a willing creature who isn't wearing armor, and a protective magical force surrounds it until the spell ends. The target's base AC becomes 13 + its spellcasting ability modifier. The spell ends if the target dons armor or if you dismiss the spell as an action.
  • Ice Ward You throw up your hands as you are attacked, and icy symbols protect you from harm and slow your assailants.
  • Magical Deflect Weaken spells that hit you.
  • Mark This is mine, and we both know it.
  • Mist of Inhibition A translucent magical fog settles around you, impeding motion.
  • Repel Pushes any Large or smaller creature or object away from you to a certain distance.
  • Rift Balance Chronomancers are tasked with keeping balance in the Astral Plane, whenever you remove something, something must take its place.
  • Allowance Create money when you need it, consequences be damned.
  • Arcane Tether Conjure a rope that brings two things together
  • Attract Summons a Small or Tiny object that you can see to yourself.
  • Blade Surge You manifest an ethereal aura that turns into an energy weapon to protect you from attackers, hurting them in the process.
  • Blue Shield Basically a ridable Tenser's Floating Disk.
  • Bound Weapon, Variant You create a weapon of your choosing to bind to yourself.
  • Chaos Control In a green snap of light, you vanish for a moment,
  • Conjure Ammunition Conjure a handful of ammunition.
  • Conjure Gemstone You can conjure a gemstone.
  • Diamond Storm A cone of "diamonds" shot into the air at your enemies to tear them apart.
  • Ethereal Forge You conjure a weapon into your hand.
  • Fitzmyr's Sage Hands A modified version of the mage hand cantrip, by a kenku wizard. Effective for use of offence, utility, and defense, but not the best at any of them. An all-rounder for 1st level spells.
  • Glacial Crash You conjure a large chunk of ice and launch it at a creature in range.
  • Grum's Spectral Melee Weapon You exchange an object in your hand for a spectral necrotic damage weapon from the Ethereal Plane.
  • Lunae
  • Maelstrom, Variant Trap your foes in wind.
  • Magic Scimitar
  • Magnet Orb You conjure an orb that pulls foes towards it.
  • Minor Distortion In the grand scheme of things, we make many choices. Where exactly we stand, how we move when we see a sword being swung at our head. Sometimes, you're standing in the perfect spot to mitigate a hit you take. Through the use of magic, one can instantly move themselves to said spot as if that were the choice they'd made.
  • Planar Calling You summon creatures from other worlds to fight by your side.
  • Razor Storm You are the Storm. A flash of metal as you hold your weapon out between your hands and magical copies of it strike out against all around you.
  • Shadow Spray
  • Shell Kick
  • Spellblade
  • Summon Corpse You summon a corpse, ready for necromancy.
  • Summon Weapon Summon a weapon or object from a pocket dimension into your hand.
  • Swarm of Pests You cause a cloud of mites, fleas, and other parasites to appear in a 15-foot-radius sphere centered on yourself.
  • Veitch's Marvellous Letter You conjure a letter with up to 150 words written in it. It flies to a target that you designate at a speed of 6 mph.
  • Wisplight Manifest a tiny supernatural light that has both offensive and utility capabilities.
  • Calder's Starry Sky You project a map of the stars into the air.
  • Detect Secrets You grant yourself magical perception that greatly enhances your ability to uncover hidden mysteries.
  • Divine Empowerment A willing creature is imbued with the power of a god
  • Flame Tongue You gain the ability to speak with flame, which relate to you who or what has been within their light radius.
  • Know Recipe You touch a piece of food or a potion and learn how to replicate it.
  • Master's Touch Makes a target proficient with a held or worn piece of equipment.
  • Minor Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly itemize a container can help you divide loot, level the field on a negotiation or avoid searching a room for hours for something that isn't there. You'll still have to search for it though, this spell just makes you aware of the contents not it's exact location.
  • Morgrave's Clear Mind You embed a psychic mote in a creature's mind and force it to broadcast its thoughts to those nearby.
  • Speak with David Allows you to speak telepathically with David's past present or future.
  • True Glimpse See things as they truly are for a brief moment.
  • Truer Strikes
  • Weight of 1000 Years, Variant You solidify the memories of every surrounding creature, turning them into a force of harm.
  • Adula’s Moonblade A large freezing greatblade forms on your arcane focus and sweeps in front of you.
  • Aether: Ascent A blast of wind magic allows you to throw your sword upwards with great strength, lifting your target off the ground or ascending great heights.
  • Aether: Quickdraw By invoking wind magic around the blade in you hand, you are given a moment of intense speed as you slash; propelling yourself forward to strike a distant target.
  • Agni Shine You throw a hand forward and send a roaring ball of flame roughly 1 foot in diameter towards a target within range.
  • Apostle's Black Flame The go-to spell of the Godskin Apostles
  • Arcane Smite
  • Attract Object A simple trick most people learn as a starting point to magic. Attracting an object to your hand.
  • Ball of Blackwater Launch a sphere of tainted water
  • Blast Cast Blast your enemies with elemental power, using the most generic of spells.
  • Blink Slash By channeling magic around you, and your blade, you teleport yourself to strike a distant target.
  • Blood Flame Blade You infuse your blood with magic before cutting it on blade. The blade will sear flesh and force wounds open.
  • Briars of Sanguar Cause briars of blood to erupt from a target, poking all around it.
  • Corrosive Flame You snap your fingers, invoking chaotic green flames to engulf your target.
  • Culdir's Orb of Fire Create a ball of fire, which enhances other spells slung nearby.
  • Dark Reach You call on the power of shadows to restrict another's movement.
  • Deliberate Surge You pull magic from the weave and release it into the world, causing a surge.
  • Eilistraee's Moonfire
  • Eldridge Blast This is what you get when you can't correctly spell the word "eldritch".
  • Eldritch Rebuke Arcane Energy Rebuke.
  • Elemental Armor You cover yourself with a layer of elemental energy that shields you from incoming attacks.
  • Erratic Bolt A wild and unstable bolt of electricity arcs from your fingertips towards a creature of your choice in range.
  • Eruption Counter You prepare yourself for an oncoming strike, and counter it.
  • Fiendish Desecration You invoke the fury of your fiendish deity and smite all good creatures within the spell's radius.
  • Fire Shot Poor man's fireball.
  • Fire Whip You create a magical whip of fire that can be used as a melee weapon.
  • Fox Fire The caster gains a burst of speed as three separate kitsunebi seek out enemies.
  • Frost Strike Infuses your weapon with the power of frost.
  • Ganon's Fist You concentrate destructive energy into a single, supernaturally-powerful punch.
  • Gorgath's Rock-Volver High Nooning with some cheap stones. David and Goliath these dudes.
  • Hellfire Bolt You make an infernal gesticulation, and a thin blast of hellfire roars towards a creature you can see within range.
  • Homing Soulmass You create several glowing orbs poised to strike instantly.
  • Ice Spike A spike made of ice thrusts from the ground towards target creature.
  • Immolation, Variant You set yourself ablaze to torch surrounding foes.
  • Imperial Bolt You shoot a pure beam of radiant energy that weakens your target's will.
  • Last Words Go out with a witty one-liner and a bang. Or just a bang, that works too.
  • Lee's Fume Punch Channel forth your anger in the form of a pillar of flame from your fist.
  • Lightning Spear, Variant The primary offensive spell for members of the Dragon Cult in the Lands Between.
  • Magic Burst Expends all spell slots of one level to create a huge explosion.
  • Manus Semoto A multitude of translucent limbs emerges to strike distant opponents.
  • Mindshriek
  • Miracle Moon Slice and dice your foes with crescent moons.
  • Paddle Star Fire an omnidirectional star that can then be redirected.
  • Paralysis Blow You summon black flames on your weapon.
  • PK Fire (5e spell)Earthbound’s PK fire, A short ranged evocation with a supportive roll.
  • Power Within Bolster your strength with the power of flame.
  • Revert Time A creature you touch has its wounds revert back in time.
  • Riddle (5e spell)You call upon an extraplanar entity, an alien intellect or devious fiend, becoming a conduit for its power as you speak out a complex riddle.
  • Rock Splash Chuck a big rock at somebody and hit them with shrapnel.
  • Sakanagi Strike a target with the force of your being for pure damage.
  • Sand Shurikens Magic Missile, but sand!
  • Scorch Your palm expels flaming, radiant energy towards a creature within range.
  • Shoulder Touch
  • Spin Attack
  • Spirit Excalibur Summon an obscenely long sword of energy.
  • Spirit Shotgun You focus energy into a fist before firing a wave of numerous small force blasts.
  • Step Into Darkness Shift through darkness with pretanutral speed.
  • Thunder Shock Last Resort An extremely powerful lighting spell last resort option.
  • Thunder Strike
  • Void Bolt You fire a fazing, mass of void energy at one enemy.
  • Weight of 1000 Years You close your eyes and focus on the Vortex of Time, condensing the memories of the past millennia into a single thought, then gesture above the target and snap your hand down as all these thoughts and memories are solidified and forced upon the target.
  • Will Charge The user has learned to channel his will into his weapon for a short period of time.
  • Zodiac Strike The raw power of the zodiac ring and its components placed into a small orb.
  • Color You permanently change the color of cloth, leather, or any other inanimate object.
  • Horrific Visage You choose a creature within range and reveal the horrors of the void to them.
  • Hush, Variant Shroud a creature's voice in magical silence without compromising their spellcasting.
  • Muffle A spell that hushes a creature, making it more difficult to detect.
  • Obscure Illumination Obscures a light source so one may see in the dark without either giving one's position away or resorting to darkvision-like solutions. Unlike darkvision, one can distinguish colours (as permitted by the torch's quality of light)
  • Silhouette Cause a creature to appear as a stark black silhouette of itself
  • Silhouette, Variant Cause a creature to appear as a translucent black silhouette of itself
  • Aging Bolt Deals necrotic damage and ages a target.
  • Agony Warp Damage one target and weaken another
  • Animate Energy Summon a tiny floating ball of undeath
  • Animate Shadow You bring to life the shadow of a creature you can see within range.
  • Banshee Wail You shriek like a banshee after being struck.
  • Bind Skeletal Familiar You bind a lost soul to a skull, creating a floating skull that serves you.
  • Blood Lust You sacrifice some blood to increase the power of your weapon attacks.
  • Blood Tentacles Attack your friend and foes with the blood spilled over the battlefield
  • Bloodbridge, Variant
  • Bloodletting You imbue a weapon with the power of create wounds that bleed profusely.
  • Bloodsurge A powerful healing spell that requires sacrifice of blood from the caster or ally.
  • Bloody Shell You create a coating of blood that surrounds a creature's skin, protecting them from damage.
  • Bodysnatch Turn a corpse into a disguise
  • Cell Decomposition You cause a creature's cells to gradually deteriorate.
  • Crimson Enhancement You coat your weapon in blood, black runes coagulating on its surface.
  • Dark Bead Black beads that seem to sap away the light
  • Dark Dive You grab hold of a creature you can touch and drain its life force until it breaks free.
  • Dark Orb Forms a ten foot diameter dark orb that deals necrotic damage to creatures whose space it occupies.
  • Death Blossom Die, die, die!
  • Death Coil A black coil of energy attempts to restrain and constrict a target.
  • Death Grip You seize the essence of a creature in range and pull it towards you.
  • Death Touch You touch a creature and attempt to end its life instantly.
  • Deathly Servant Rather than using a soul to control an undead, this undead is weaker, but more easily controlled.
  • Drain Warmth Take the warmth and lifeforce of a creature for yourself
  • Energy Drain, Variant
  • Essence Theft The caster absorbs the essence of a creature during its final moments of life.
  • Flame of Life Reignite a creature's inner spark with literal fire.
  • Flowing Undead Wrath You raise tortured souls from some forsaken source. All creatures within range fall victim to their wrath and woe, only surviving through sheer willpower.
  • Freezing Clutch You curse an object with cold regrets.
  • Grasping Souls with a sacrifice of blood you pull hundreds of undead hands from the ground, grasping and dashing toward any life they feel.
  • Grum's Greater Fix 'em/Hurt 'em Caster chooses to either heal or damage a target, using their own lifeforce.
  • Hand of the Dead Creates a beam of necrotic energy.
  • Heart Strike
  • Inflict Positive Energy You infuse positive energy into a creature, with intent to harm.
  • Laughing Skull Reanimate Human Skulls to disturb your oponents
  • Lesser Animate Dead This spell creates a temporary undead servant.
  • Lesser Blood Orb You hurl a powerful orb of blood infused with necrotic energy against your enemies.
  • Life Sap Drain health to transfer to allies
  • Light Blood Transfusion You transfer your blood to a wounded creature, healing it.
  • Man's Best Fiend Fiendish/Undead familiar variant
  • Nauseate One creature that you can see in range has an extremely distorted vision for one turn in addition to a horrible stomachache.
  • Necrostrike Fill your weapon with necrotic power, and disfigure your foes.
  • Nightwalk You are briefly shrouded by a silver and red mist, and teleport up to 30 feet away.
  • Palpitate Forces a creature's heart to stop and restart suddenly
  • Post-Mortem Servitude Create a skeleton butler that cannot attack, but can carry out tasks.
  • Raise Flesh You raise an incomplete, amateur undead being.
  • Raise Undead Raise a random bloke from the dead and watch him mill about.
  • Sanguine Tide You cause the blood of the touched creature to flow to you, mending your wounds.
  • Sculpt Corpse Change the appearance of a corpse in one of multiple ways.
  • Spear of Rot A ray of sickening greenish energy
  • Touch of Unlife Invigorate the undead with health-restoring vigor.
  • Transfer Pain You attempt to syphon the life from a creature you touch.
  • Venomous Ray A venomous ray or fang lashes out to infect the target creature, dealing 1d4 piercing damage and 3d4 poison damage on a hit.
  • Virulent Necrostrike You engulf your weapon in corrupted green flames.
  • Wrath You point your finger, and dark energy washes over a target you can see within range.
  • Aberrate Warp the form of a creature, turning it into an aberration.
  • Affect Cantrips Galore!
  • Arc Bolt Grenade, Variant
  • Arcane Arrow You charge a projectile with arcane energy, ready to release it explosively.
  • Arcane Crush Cripple a creature that you are holding further.
  • Blade of Blood You shape your blood in the form of a weapon.
  • Bloodied Spittle You spit bloodied saliva on a target's eyes.
  • Curse of Comus A curse that afflicts its victim with a monstrous animal's head.
  • Demon Skin You cover your skin with fiendish scales and grow a small set of horns.
  • Desecrate Weapon Imbue your weapon with unhallowed might.
  • Excarnate Corpse his spell removes the flesh, exposing the skeleton of a medium-sized corpse targeted by the caster.
  • Expand/Contract Expand and contract space around you.
  • Fling Self You fling yourself in a direction with considerable force.
  • Flurry of Missiles You touch your weapon and unleash a torrent of projectiles to a creature of your choice... or several creatures if you so choose.
  • Inversion Invert a spell effect back to it's original caster!
  • Might of Annam Call upon magic learned- or perhaps stolen- from the giants to deliver a devastating strike.
  • Molten Blades Your weapons glow red hot, burning your enemies on contact.
  • Poison Blood The blood flowing trough the creature's body becomes poison.
  • Promised Walk of Peace
  • Quill Hide Long quills sprout from the target’s body, dealing damage on contact.
  • Reorientate Rotate a region of space, and all matter contained within, however you choose.
  • Repair Repair an object or restore hit points to a construct.
  • Solar Grenade
  • Stasis Mine You choose a bit of space to arm with a stasis mine. When you activate it, it causes anyone inside it to be harmed and stopped in time.
  • Swift Strike You infuse a weapon with the ability to be swing slightly quicker.
  • Sword Trap Defensive spell that allows you to stop enemies from using weapons, like a different version of the shield spell.
  • Time Stride You briefly pause the passage of time.
  • Vortex Grenade You throw a grenade that spreads a dangerous void.
Needs Work
  • Ryomen's Cleave A spell created by a four-armed demon to butcher the living in one-fell-swoop. It adjusts itself to match their level.

2nd-Level Spells

  • Acid Spray You throw a small ball acid that explodes and rains acid upon your foes.
  • Ambush Shard Conjures a rift behind a target that fires a small gemstone into its back.
  • Arcane Grenade A thrown magical explosion
  • Arcane Sphere Movable sphere of pure arcane energy.
  • Bone Rush
  • Boreale's Deep Strike Vanish for a short period of time, and reappear next to enemies.
  • Corrosive Bile You lose your lunch, as it turns corrosive on the way up. Ew.
  • Ethereal Limbs
  • Fountain of Night You call forth a slow-moving, intangible horror which damages and frightens everything in its space.
  • Gravity Bomb Pulling enemies in before creating a warp explostion
  • Gravity Bomb, Variant Use gravity to pull creatures into an orb you create, before exploding it.
  • Hellfire Harpoon You summon a burning chain with a vicious barbed harpoon that flies from your hand towards a creature you can see within range.
  • Internal Flame Summons fire inside a creature's stomach
  • LSD Arrow An attack packed full with psychedelic poison.
  • Magechain The target must succeed on a Reflex saving throw or be restrained for the duration.
  • Misty Step, Variant Misty Step but as a defensive reaction
  • Moving Platform A rock is thrown and grows into a platform that can support up to 3 average sized humanoids.
  • Poison Mist You create a poisonous purple mist that damages its victims' innards over time.
  • Pulling Shade A swirling mass of darkness ensnares and decays your victims.
  • Ray of Frog 3 brightly colored frogs are launched at a single creature within range.
  • Rune Teleport You can teleport yourself and any creatures you choose onto runes you have already placed.
  • Storm Shield A shield of lightning protects you from harm, and harms those who would harm you. (Basically a stronger version of Shield
  • Summon Astral Beast As you close your eyes and reach one hand out in front of you, you speak the astral words for beast, and astral. Blue astral energy sparks from your hands and the surrounding area as a small dog-like form materializes in an empty space within range.
  • Summon Mount Summon a mount that grows more resilient as you grow your magical abilities.
  • Tentacles Summon tentacles from the Far Realm to aid you.
  • The Juice is Loose 1973 NFL MVP Orenthal James Simpson shows up to help.
  • Ancient Tether Closing your eyes you feel the astral ley lines flowing all around you. Opening your eyes your reach forward and touch an object or a creature and attach a ley line to the object.
  • Bloodshot Eyes You can see the blood inside a creature's body.
  • Bone Lore Hold a piece of bone. The spell brings to your mind a brief summary of the significant events in the life of the creature it came from.
  • Commune With Death You ask death to intercede and either take or spare the life of a creature within range.
  • DeLiszt's Dirty Little Secret Reveal something the target would prefer to remain unknown.
  • Determine Lineage This spell determines the lineage of a creature back several generations.
  • Eyes of Fate After requesting assistance from the Lady of Fate, you temporarily have access to the deepest intentions and desires of all the people in this world.
  • Projectile Sense The creature you touch gains a modicum of protection from ranged attacks for the duration of this spell.
  • Beguile Person You attempt to charm a humanoid you can see within range, which can only resist with the force of its personality.
  • Binding Pact You bind a willing creature's soul into a bead, giving you power over it.
  • Concussion There ain't nothing like a magically induced concussion to remove an opponent from the field!
  • Daze Monster You patch together a complex string of disconnected or contradictory thoughts before causing them to fill a creature's mind, briefly dazing them.
  • Gaslight Subtly manipulate someone's worldview, to such a degree that the truth becomes painful.
  • Heartbreaker Happy Valentine's Day! You attempt to charm a humanoid you can see within range with a literal chest-piercing blow.
  • Lesser Mind Blast Using one's mind to blast an enemy's mind into submission
  • Light Inversion You can invert a creature's perception of light.
  • Omen A way to give a creature cryptic messages via dreams.
  • Paranoid Pact A ritual that forces individuals to adhere to a contract.
  • Peek-a-boo Scare the daylights out of someone.
  • Retributive Shock
  • Roy's Sleep This spell was invented by Roy Pyrogen the VII. You just punch so hard they fall unconscious.
  • Shatter Confidence You shatter a creatures confidence imparting disadvantage.
  • Chains of Ice
  • Chaos Blade You evoke a blade of chaos in your hand.
  • Clockwork Sphere You create and direct a sphere of clockwork to impose order on your enemies.
  • Cutter Boomerang Throw a spinning blade, which flies straight back to you.
  • Dark Force You channel the dark force to damage your enemies.
  • Dead Man's Volley You manifest and hurl a ball of electric energy at a creature or object you can see within range.
  • Dorsatum's Deterrent A cacophony of sharp bolts jolt from your body, being most effective at close range. Handily, it doesn't require arms.
  • Elemental Bolt You fire a bolt of raw elemental energy at a creature within range.
  • Eruption Create an explosion of blue fire erupting from your greatsword.
  • Fiend Fire You hold out your hand and create a 60 foot line of jet-black flame.
  • Fiendish Claws you summon ethereal-looking claws to attack your foes
  • Fire Orb
  • Flame Charge
  • Flight of Fire You thrust out your arms and flames burst from the undersides of your arms, propelling you into the air.
  • Forcewave Knock down your foes with a blast of pure force.
  • Frostfire Bolt You summon a glowing bolt of burning, smoking, purple ice that impales, freezes, and scorches your foes.
  • Heritage Rebuke You seem to burn to ash in an explosion of black flames, then reform from motes of shadow and flame elsewhere.
  • Howling Wraiths The scream of angry souls channelled through you
  • Hyper Voice The caster lets out an ear-piercing shout against hostile creatures.
  • Lightning Field, Variant An Area of effect spell
  • Luminous Globe Create a luminous globe of crackling electricity that acts as an aerial mine.
  • Needle Hex You create spectral needles in the air around a creature you can see within range, which prick at it as it moves.
  • Orb of Charm The caster sends out an orb which upon contact makes a creature harmlessly infatuated.
  • Overload A field of electrical energy explodes from your body.
  • Phoenix Strike Harness the power of the phoenix to create a huge blast of flame energy
  • Pressure Sphere Use the surrounding water to crush your opponents in a brutal way
  • Raddik's Weakest Link Launch a small bolt of homing lightning, which goes after the easiest target first.
  • Reflexive Shot (5e spell)You react to anothers movements, preparing a deadly shot.
  • Rumplestiltskin´s Rainbow Blast <!-.-->Scorching ray is terrible, so use this instead!
  • Serac A freezing wave of ice explodes in a 15-foot cube centred on yourself.
  • Sky-Pierce Lance Conjure a bolt of power which can reach for miles.
  • Spectral Hammer You conjure a greatclub that floats around the target creature.
  • Sphere of Ruin You create a swirling sphere of ruin around yourself.
  • Stellar Burst A shockwave of fire slows your enemies.
  • Stoneburst You undo stone in thunderous fashion.
  • Thunder Down Under
  • Tractor Cannon You push a creature away from you.
  • Twin Sand Attack
  • Warp Lightning You conjure a storm of green lightning from above the point you choose within range, bolts that slam into anyone beneath the green lightning storm, crackling bolts of energy that rip through armor and flesh alike.
  • Ashlyn's Armor of Rot Sacrifice yourself to better protect your friends.
  • Black Storm Barrage an area with dark energies.
  • Blinding Necrostrike You conjure dark magic to sap the vision of your enemy.
  • Blood Boil You cause the blood of nearby enemies to boil.
  • Blood Boiling Boil the blood in the veins of a creature you can see in range.
  • Blood Lance Draw upon your lifeforce to create a powerful bolt of energy
  • Bone Shield Create six bones that spin and float around you. Each with an innate will to block for you.
  • Corpse Explosion As you snap your finger, a dead creature within range explodes with necrotic energy.
  • Crimson Skin You draw blood from a fresh corpse to form armor and weapons for yourself born from necromancy.
  • Critterkill When you need to clear the tavern floor...
  • Dead Again Humanoid corpses explode with dark energy.
  • Death’s March Letting loose a bolstering cry, your allies are imbued with newfound durability.
  • Draw Blood Command the blood of an injured creature to gush from its wounds.
  • Faithful Dead For a short time, you can return a companion.
  • Fire Covenant You draw out your soul, sacrificing your life force to burn your enemies.
  • Ghost Puppet Creation You create a ghost puppet.
  • Lingering Poison You inflict a creature in range with a toxic affliction that slowly deals damage for up to 1 minute.
  • Necrosh
  • Peel Back Scars Unheal a target.
  • Raise Ghoul
  • Raise Mount Use the fallen to create a new steed.
  • Remove Breath Force the air right out of someone's lungs.
  • Sapping Slash You touch a willing creature, drawing from its life force to create a massive slash of energy.
  • Soulfire Strike Convert part of your soul into a bolt of energy to directly attack an enemies soul - causing them to become exhausted.
  • Thirsting Blade On a hit, the target suffers the attack's normal effects as well as 2d6 necrotic damage. You regain a number of hit points equal to the necrotic damage inflicted by this spell.
  • Vital Blast Blast away enemies with their own blood and make a chain explosive reaction.
  • Withering Ray You create three rays of necromantic energy and hurl them at targets within range.
Needs Work

3rd-Level Spells

  • Abyssal Strength, Variant Wield strength from an abyssal being.
  • Armor of Avernus You conjure a layer of armor around a creature formed from the magic of Avernus.
  • Cerg's Fortification Fortification A magical, shimmering barrier falls over items, causing them to be much more durable.
  • Column of Time You raise your hand and open it up towards the sky as Astral Runes start to form around your feet.
  • Cover In a flash of light, you and the targeted creature switch places.
  • Defense Lattice You surround yourself with a network of magic energy that solidifies into discrete barriers in response to incoming attacks.
  • Dispelling Smite Attempt to cleanse a creature of magical effects.
  • Leticia's Ward Inscribe a mark above a doorway or other aperture to protect it.
  • Null Bolt Fires a bolt of energy that dispels magic upon impact.
  • Stasis You attempt to put an attacking creature or projectile near you into stasis.
  • Steal Spell This spell allows you to use another creature's spell.
  • Succor Empower multiple nearby allies with a quick burst of healing, and a temporary magical shield
  • Sword of Protection Similar to spiritual weapon, but with a wizard's twist and better/more versatile.
  • Syncopate Reduce a spell to a significantly weaker state.
  • Abyssal Strength Wield strength from an abyssal being.
  • Azrael's Vicious Flock Summon a vicious flock of ravens and crows from The Void to swarm an area.
  • Barrak's Black Fangs Black fangs erupt from the ground and assault your enemies.
  • Blocking Blade You summon a blade of mystical energy to protect creatures around you.
  • Blood Parasite Conjure a horrible bloodsucker, which eats away at a creature from the inside.
  • Blood Swarm You summon a large quantity of blood-seeking ooze.
  • Conjure Mannequin You create a glyph which summons simple humanoid constructs if triggered.
  • Conjure Minor Devils You summon lawful fiend creatures that appear in the unoccupied spaces that you can see within range.
  • Elusive You can dart suddenly to and fro, becoming uncannily nimble and hard to pin down.
  • Flame Step Teleport to a point within range and leave a devastating explosion on impact
  • Fog Bank You create a 20-foot-radius, 20-foot-high cylinder of fog centered on a point within range.
  • Ghostly Clone You create partly visible clones of yourself to fight for you.
  • Heavenly Prison You create a cube-shaped heavenly prison around a creature you choose within range.
  • Hellish Spawn you fish up a demon from the fiery abyss.
  • Hemorrhage You briefly conjure tiny sharp things in the bodies of creatures nearby, causing them to bleed internally.
  • Improved Familiar Summons a more powerful familiar.
  • Invoke Wolfgeist You summon the spirit of a slain Werewolf.
  • Raksha's Wash Cycle By forming a summoning circle, an item is transported to a different dimension for cleaning and purification, potentially with a chance of drastic failure, and the cost of it being a free service.
  • Red-Hot Chains Create flaming chain links to restrict your enemies!
  • Rotting Root Lord's Rot
  • Scatter Banish You attempt to send one creature to a location within 60 feet. The target must succeed on a Charisma saving throw or be teleported.
  • Searing Choker You reach out and conjure a circle of super-heated metal around your victim's neck.
  • Servant Permanence Remove the time limit of a servant, binding it to eternal service.
  • Step Like Thunder Step, but without the thunder.
  • Storm Grenade
  • Summon Monstrous Humanoid Call forth a ferocious warrior to your aid.
  • Summon Smith Will Smith will give your opponent a smack.
  • Teleport Slash Summon an ethereal blade capable of slicing through space to hit its target.
  • Teleposition You and your victim exchange places.
  • Tide of Steel Conjure the spirits of war to aid you in combat and mow down your enemies.
  • Wrath of Morass Summon a carpet of moss that, when disturbed, releases toxic spores and slows those who dare trek within.
  • Analyze Creature Figure out how tough something is!
  • Arcane Sight This spell makes your eyes glow blue and allows you to see magical auras within 120 feet of you.
  • Ascertain Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly ascertain the general contents of nearby containers.
  • Local Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly itemize a container can help you divide loot, level the field on a negotiation or avoid searching a room for hours for something that isn't there. You'll still have to search for it though, this spell just makes you aware of the contents, not its exact location.
  • Scout A spell that allows to create a visage of yourself that can move through objects.
  • Seeking Blade This one's got your name on it.
  • Soul Reading You target a focal point in sight and read the souls of any being within a radius around it.
  • The Murderer's Ear This dark ritual creates a locus of divination out of the ear of a murderer.
  • Dire Charm You magically infect a living creature with murderous impulses, unless that creature makes a successful Wisdom saving throw.
  • Heavy Words Speak words that burden a group of creatures.
  • Instill Madness Cause a creature to become mad with fear.
  • Mass Mental Binding The targets believe that they are bound
  • Snooze You cast a cloud of sleeping powder.
  • Soul Gem, Create Enchant a gem with the power to house a soul
  • Unholy Frenzy
  • Youngblood Give someone a refreshing de-aging brain massage. Also, you can decrease their mental age if you want to.
  • Abyssal Eruption Release a blast of necrotic energy in an area that withers both the outside and inside of creatures.
  • Afterburner You move super-humanly fast, leaving a trail of fire behind you.
  • Apostle's Black Flame Blade A spell used by the Godskin Apostles to amplify their weaponry with Black Flame.
  • Arcane Barrage You conjure a barrage of magical bullets to assault your enemies.
  • Arcane Spear Turn a staff into a deadly magically-enhanced projectile.
  • Astral Guardian Calling for assistance from the Astral Plane, an ethereal apparition of a Guardian Form Chronomancer materializes in front of you in a 10-foot area.
  • Bore Hole You create a hole in the ground with a diameter of 10 ft in a location that you can see. The hole can be up to 15 ft deep.
  • Catastrophic Devastation "You brought judgement upon yourself, once you accept your life is at end, you are at peace"
  • Choke You raise your hand and forcefully choke up to five creatures within range, elevating them several inches off the ground.
  • Dark Flare A stream of dark fire bursts forth from your hand.
  • Dragon Rises from the Sea You swing your weapon, as waves of energy leap from the swing.
  • Enhanced Darkness A 60-foot-radius of magical darkness spreads out from a point you choose within range.
  • Freidyne With a somatic gesture, you evoke a spherical blast of white light at a point within range.
  • Furious Unleashment A spell to use as a last resort when enemies gets too close to your liking or in desperate situations.
  • Hado 31 You launch a Ball Made of spiritual pressure, exploding in a large wave of fire.
  • Halo of Lightning Create a halo of crackling lightning orbs.
  • Hissing Darkness You launch a hissing ribbon of pure darkness from your hand.
  • Isaac's Missile Swarm An upgraded version of Magic Missile, with slightly higher damage and restrictions.
  • Kaleido Star Cannon The star is concentrated and pressed into a fist sized ball, then several rings are created, the size of 3 feet, in front of you in the predetermined direction and you discharge a beam of light 5 feet wide and envelopes everything in a 1000 feet line, any creature caught in its trajectory makes a Dexterity saving throw . A creature that fails the save takes radiant damage + fire damage + force damage, or takes only half as much damage on a successful one.
  • Klee's Fireball A fireball variant made by a child prodigy. Please be careful when using it.
  • Lesser Purge You strain a drop of pure divinity from your god or patron, letting the raw power burst out to consume those around you.
  • Lightning Spear You create a bolt of lightning in your hand, similar in shape to a spear and hurl it at a creature or object within range.
  • Lightning Stake Stake an enemy with a bolt of explosive lightning.
  • Lockhart's Fireball A haphazardly bouncy fireball. You're gonna have to work on your aim.
  • Lunar Blast Harness the power of the moon to weaken your foes and reveal their true natures
  • Magic Warhead Fires off a larger version of Magic Missile that not only automatically hits its target, but also damages those around it.
  • Master Spark Bringing your hands together, palms forward, you fire a white, rainbow-tinged beam of light and heat energy from your hands that is 90 feet long and 5 feet wide.
  • Meteoric Barrage Hurl a swarm of meteoric embers toward your foes.
  • Orb of Deception The caster conjures a blue orb of their spiritual essence and launches it before it returns to them.
  • Psybeam You fire a beam of psionic energy 60 feet long and 5 feet wide from your eyes.
  • Pull of Acherus Create coils of darkness, reaching for life.
  • Quietus Beam You create several beams of magical force.
  • Royal Flare A brilliant streak of sunlight flashes from your pointing finger to a point you choose within range then blossoms with a high-pitched "flash" sound into a radiant ball of sunlight energy.
  • Sealing Strike Infuse a ranged weapon with a pure aspect of morality.
  • Sigil Sword Strike A destructive spell developed by a legendary enchantress. Call down a spectral blade to damage enemies and slow them down with special effects.
  • Sleepy Trouble Bubble Kick a bubble at enemies and put them to sleep!
  • Sound Burst You emit a concussive sound wave, damaging creatures within the area.
  • Storm Front You fire a thin bolt of lightning at a creature or object within range.
  • Swordcraft You brandish the weapon used in the spell's casting and gain the ability to unleash a flurry of blurry, brightly glowing slashes of magical force in every direction.
  • Time Bomb A bright streak flashes from your pointing finger to a point you choose within range in which you set an invisible time bomb which then blossoms with a low roar into an explosion of arcane when activated.
  • Unholy Weapon An unholy weapon appears in the within the location.
  • Zone of Frost Call forth a zone of cold, freezing the ground and anyone caught in the effect.
  • Creeping Darkness You create an amorphous cloud of inky darkness that fills a 10-foot cube.
  • Doomhound
  • Fade Immediately after taking damage, you fade from view and become harder to hit and locate.
  • Ghostly Encirclement You create 13 images of yourself encircling up to 3 creatures within 5 foot proximity. Which one is the real one?
  • Greater Disguise Self
  • Hashnad's Shadowy Tendrils Conjure a swarm of shadowy tendrils to blind and confuse your foes
  • Inception You break into someone's mind a plant a seed that grows into an idea.
  • Shadow Evocation You tap energy from the Plane of Shadow to cast a quasi-real, illusory version of a sorcerer or wizard evocation spell of 2nd level or lower.
Needs Work

4th-Level Spells

  • Alice's Chaos Recall Suddenly damage a creature attempting to teleport, and possibly stop it all together.
  • Dimensional Anchor A green ray springs from your outstretched hand at a creature or object you can see within range, causing it to become anchored to its current plane.
  • Mind Freeze Touch another creature with the power of cold and freeze its mind
  • No U Sends any spell cast at you back at the caster lmao
  • Rumplestiltskin's Catch Missiles Tired of Weeb Space communists blasting you at range? This spell will catch any projectile that comes your way!
  • Veil of Compressed Time Closing your eyes and outstretching your arms and muttering a few Astral words a blue glow envelops your entire body, this extra layer constantly shifts to where any impact is found.
  • Web of Alarms This spell allows the caster to place 6 advanced alarms within 300 feet.
  • Windflower Wind Barrier A protective wind barrier protects the caster from damage.
  • Become Fear You replace a creature's perception of you with its greatest fear.
  • Dark Nebula You create an inky void that blocks light.
  • Fool's Gold You touch a pile of up to 150 copper coins or an object made out of copper, brass, or bronze, you turn them into gold.
  • Poof When a hostile creature approaches you, you momentarily become invisible.
  • Poof, Variant When a hostile creature approaches you, you momentarily become invisible.
  • Shadow Blur You shift between the shadows, becoming untouchable.
  • Shadow Well, Variant The shadow of your target stretches and darkens, becoming a gateway into the Shadowfell.
  • Split Causality Using the Astral Energy that flows around all creatures you can temporarily split the conscious mind from the instinctual mind.
Needs Work

5th-Level Spells

  • Aspect Of the Fallen One You call upon the power of a fallen angel to bolster yourself and attack your enemies.
  • Astral Entity You close your eyes and focus on the Astral Energy around you as your form slowly starts to dissipate in blue flashes until you completely leave the material plane.
  • Frozen Defenses You become a statue of ice for a few seconds, nullifying oncoming attacks and chilling nearby creatures to the core.
  • Hallowed Ground You create an aura of negative energy, which stifles most spells.
  • Helotry Channel magical energies through an ally, allowing them to cast spells using it
  • Perfect Cube Conjure an invincible cube.
  • Stun Monster A creature in range must succeed on a Strength saving throw to break through, or be paralyzed for the duration.
  • Suffocation Suck the air and the life out of your foe
  • Bhahoozun's Maddening Gale Use the power of wind to make your opponents go insane
  • Conjurer Joke
  • Five Sided Shelter 'By completing The Trial of the Green Lion from the Five Faced King, you are granted a space to seek refuge from the elements and rest peacefully'
  • Glitterdust Choose a point within range. A cloud of golden particles covers everyone and everything within a 10-foot radius of that point, blinding creatures.
  • Hado 90 You summon a large black box made of spiritual pressure, and hurt anything that was caught inside of it
  • Lanky's Long Arm You conjure a spectral being which envelops your body, granting you otherwordly punch range.
  • Random Walk Haphazardly teleport a creature away.
  • Riddle You call upon an extraplanar entity, an alien intellect or devious fiend, becoming a conduit for its power as you speak out a complex riddle.
  • Road Roller summon the almighty road roller to flatten your enemies
  • Spike Storm You fire hundreds of needles, daggers and other small blades from your hand, ripping at everything in their way.
  • Summon Hutijin Summon the mighty archdevil Hutijin. He does not take nicely to being interrupted by mortals.
  • Vankodek's Black Widow Sprout several spider-esc limbs, which greatly enhance your combat capabilities.
  • Army of the Dead
  • Carrion Beetles Conjure beetles to eat away at your opponents
  • Create Guardian Using your own essence you create a loyal guardian and companion that will serve you for life... or longer...
  • Create Horror Knight Summon an undead knight to bring terror to your enemies.
  • Dark Transformation You infuse and undead creature within range with power, transforming it into an unstoppable monstrosity
  • Drain Make a melee spell attack against one creature.
  • Enervation, Variant You fire a ray of necrotic energy at a creature within range and attempt to drain its life away.
  • Enlighten Undead A spell that brings the soul back to an undead creature.
  • Fleeing Spirits
  • Flesh Clone Using a sample of blood, you create a temporary clone of a dead or unconscious creature.
  • Ghoul Touch You touch a living creature to imbue a minor magical strain of undeath, paralyzing it.
  • Gruff's Radical Rebirth Don't die when you are killed.
  • Grum's Lesser Mojo Transfer This lesser version of a higher level spell transfers a soul from a character to an object.
  • Imbuing Ritual A ritual, that imbues your body with certain properties of the creature that you sacrifice.
  • Inflict Exhaustion A port of 3.5's ray of exhaustion with a different name
  • Mourning Mist You evoke a cloud of gray mist, which horrifically transforms any creature it comes in contact with.
  • Redemption Restores an undead creature to life.
  • Siphoning Conduit Turn yourself or another into a conduit, draining the life from all nearby enemies.
  • Summon Wight Summon one Wight, which can, in turn, control ghouls.
  • Traitorous Blood "I can make you dance like a puppet, your very blood eager to obey."
  • Undead Artisans You create an undead only capable of craftsmanship
  • Unnerve Turn your fighter into an unfeeling juggernaut of pain. With minor side effects.
  • Vampiric Cloak You cloak yourself in energy that saps the life of those around you and bolsters your health.
  • Withering/Burning A terrible curse that inflicts mortal dependence on light or mortal aversion to light.
  • Zeno's Grim Reaping Invoke the visage of death itself to reap your foes.
  • 10cc of Time Stop Stop time and take a half-turn as a reaction to anything.
  • Accelerate Self Uttering the Astral words for time and accelerate, you feel yourself speed up, to you the world seems to be moving at a snail's pace.
  • Awaken Self Awaken yourself from loss of intelligence, volition, or consciousness, or resume sleep.
  • Baleful Polymorph Transform an enemy into a harmless animal
  • Dalamars Arm of Fire Deamon The caster touches a creatures arm and it becomes wreathed in flame and is the likeness of a fire demon.
  • Decrepit Hands Cripple one of your hands to cripple the hand of your target.
  • Enraged Enhancement Your form balloons, as does your rage.
  • Fire Enchantment You infuse a nonmagical weapon with elemental fire.
  • Giant Size You cause a willing creature within range to grow to a much larger size.
  • Gloom Walk Wreathed in your own shadow, your quiet movements allows you to move with haste through darkness.
  • Imbue Harmlessness
  • Lolth's Bloodline You transform your body, gaining powerful spider-like abilities and features, depending on level this spell was cast at.
  • Repair/Raze Manipulate the age of a certain area, either turning back time or advancing it to dust.
  • Seamless Space Connect two nearby points in space seamlessly.
  • Shape Flesh Permanently change a creature's physical appearance
  • Stamp The study of negative energy has allowed you to understand how to share it's affects with others
  • Time Control You gain control of the passage of time of the environment in an area around you.
Needs Work
  • Astral Communication You split a gateway to the Astral Plane and standing on the other side are the Twins of the Astral plane, they bow gently awaiting your questions

6th-Level Spells

  • Alpha Demiplane you manifest in the ethereal plane using your soul to create or expand a demiplane of limited space risking your own soul.
  • Call Spectator Summon a spectator to guard your loot.
  • Conjure Deep Abomination
  • Conjure Dragon You summon a dragon of challenge rating 6 or lower.
  • Gather Instantly bring selected creatures to you.
  • Misty Gate
  • Suffocate You lift the mote and the air swirls out of it as it teleports the air from a creature's lungs into the Plane of Air and forces them empty.
  • Talisman of Summoning You touch a nonmagical piece of jewelry, and enchant it with the power to summon yourself.
  • Twisting Tendril You create a twisting wreathing tendril of necrotic energy.
  • Woeful Stab A dagger in the back might hurt for some time, but the pain of a woeful dagger never ends.
  • Eldritch Portent You draw upon the timeless knowledge of an elder ancient in order to see the future.
  • Eyes of Time After requesting assistance from the Lord of Time you temporarily have access to the knowledge of the entire history of this world.
  • General Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly itemize a container can help you divide loot, level the field on a negotiation or avoid searching a room for hours for something that isn't there. You'll still have to search for it though, this spell just makes you aware of the contents not it's exact location.
  • Major Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly itemize a container can help you divide loot, level the field on a negotiation or avoid searching a room for hours for something that isn't there. You'll still have to search for it though, this spell just makes you aware of the contents not it's exact location.
  • Sphere of Awareness Project your awareness into the space around you.
  • Dancing Plague You lead a crowd in a frenzied, deadly dance.
  • Forget Cause someone to forget about something.
  • Form Contract Bind a fiend within a weapon, armor, or jewelry.
  • Mind Swap You swap the minds of two creatures you are touching between bodies.
  • Mind Switch You attempt to take control of a nearby living creature, forcing your mind and soul into its body, and its into yours.
  • Cascade of Thunder You summon a virulent thunderstorm that lasts for the duration, damaging creatures in range with electric shocks.
  • Earth Shatter Summon a massive lightning bolt to empower your weapon and shatter the ground in your way.
  • Force Lightning UNLIMITED POWER!!
  • Internal Incineration The bones of a creature start to burn like hot iron, and the target is incinerated from the Inside out.
  • Purge You strain a drop of pure divinity from your god or patron, letting the raw power burst out to consume those around you.
  • Raddik’s Focusing Blast Conjure a weak blast of plasma, which shrinks in size and grows in power.
  • Shadow Axe You conjure in your hand a battleaxe made of shadow.
  • To Ashes Closing your eyes and reaching a hand forward towards a target within range you mutter the Astral words for Time, Accelerate, and End as dark blue light beams out of your hand towards the target
  • Wheel of Fire's Blaze
  • Zone of Power You create a zone of slightly bluish energy that suffuses an area you can see.
  • Aura of Invisibility Magic wraps around you and your surrounding allies, hiding them from the view of others.
  • Irascible Spear You pull shadows together and create a polearm wreathed in the darkness.
  • Landscape of Fear The terrain around the targets appear to be made of its worst nightmares.
  • Amplify Damage Curse enemies to take additional damage from a specific source.
  • Apocryphic Zone You and your target's souls enter a necrotic plane where magic is enhanced, leaving vulnerable physical bodies.
  • Bloodtap You tap into the latent energy inside every being.
  • Chain Pain A dark lightning bolt leaps from your finger towards the target, inducing pain and leaping towards another nearby creature.
  • Death's Touch Drain Life
  • Demonic Visage Your visage suddenly warps and changes to that of a terrifying demon.
  • Essence Siphon You tear a creature's vitality from their body, and use it to bolster your own.
  • Mind Kill Scrambles minds.
  • Risen Life Service Bring a dead creature back to life as a potential life long servant.
  • Vampiric Aura Life-draining energy radiates from you in an aura.
  • Viktor's Brand Of Undeath Become undead and....
Needs Work

7th-Level Spells

  • Last Laugh Your enemy dies of its own laughter.
  • Power Word Pacify You utter a word of power that can compel one creature that you can see within range to immediately cease hostile actions.
  • Shadow Duel For when you want to fight one-on-one or in a group with no outside interference.
  • Gorgon's Glare You create a horrifying illusion, changing your face to that of a horrifying monster.
  • Harrowing Insanity You cause a creature to see horrifying visions in everything.
Needs Work

8th-Level Spells

  • Control Monster You control the mind of a creature, which can only resist with the force of its personality.
  • Greed You corrupt the heart of your enemy, giving them a crippling weakness for wealth of all kinds.
  • Mute With a single gesture and a commanding shush, you attempt to magically silence a creature you can see within range.
  • Ancient Dragon's Lightning Strike A secret incantation of the Dragon Cult from the Lands between that summons a red lightning storm.
  • Blasting Bolt Make a ranged attack roll against a creature or object within range that you can see. On a hit, the target takes 15d10 damage of a type you choose from acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, radiant, or thunder.
  • Destructive Slash a sword of dark energy
  • Elden Stars Creates a stream of golden shooting stars that assail the area.
  • Eradication Flame A beam of white flame sears into your foes.
  • Gamma Radiation You release a radioactive ray of Gamma Radiation.
  • Hræsvelgr's Glory
  • Kraken's Tentacle You conjure a kraken's tentacle that sprouts from a body of liquid and attacks your enemies.
  • Power Power is very powerful
  • Quasar You sweep an area with overwhelming quantities of deadly light.
  • Star Fire Invoke a supernova that crushes nearby opponents with unrelenting Force
  • Eclipse You can create the massive image of a solar eclipse occurring directly overhead.
  • Blood Manipulation You weave your magic into the very blood of a creature, manipulating their body to your will.
  • Boil Blood You point your finger at a creature you can see within range, and its blood begins to boil.
  • Death Blade, Variant You put necrotic power into a weapon.
  • Eviscerate You attack the heart(s) of a creature that you can see within range.
  • Greater Animate Dead This spell creates a powerful undead servant or many weaker servants.
  • Power Word Bleed You speak a word of power that causes the blood of one creature you can see within range to burst forth.
  • Soul Bomb I'm taking you with me.
  • Soul Sunder Cut a soul's silvery cord to its body, snuffing out its life.
  • Substitution A way to cheat death, at the cost of your very soul.
  • Zombie Infection You send out a wave of necrotic energy that may turn creatures that die into zombies.
Needs Work

9th-Level Spells

  • 617 Pages Call upon a creature from somewhere unknown.
  • Abyssal Army Summon a handful of demons
  • Call of Valors Your past achievements and heroism have impressed the God-Emperor himself, deliver his soldiers from the Astronomican.
  • Dragon Knight You summon a dragon of challenge rating 10 or lower.
  • Estate Summons an estate, which you control freely
  • Genesis The spellcaster creates a finite plane with limited access: a demiplane. Demiplanes created by this power are very small, very minor planes.
  • Infernal Rain You throw the pieces of brimstone into the air and they catch fire and grow in size as creatures of living fire take their place.
  • Pillars of Time
  • Power Word Bees Compel a creature to explode into a swarm of bees.
  • Ragnarok Giant flaming swords falling from the sky to destroy your enemies. What could be better?
  • Summon Greater Daemon You summon a greater demon to wreak havoc upon the battlefield.
  • Sword Storm Launch a flurry of spectral swords at your foes.
  • True Seraphim Become more than man.
  • World Eater Summon a world-eating monster whose only goal in life is to consume everything. Become the Hive.
  • Annihilation You tear a hole in the very fabric of space and time. This spell is a conversion of the one in "Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil".
  • Antimatter Beam A beam of dark energy that obliterates all it touches! Ok, not really, but pretty close.
  • Apocalypse from the Sky One of the evilest and most destructive spells a creature could cast.
  • Arthur's Infinite Inferno A powerful explosion, at the cost of the caster's life. Will your gamble truly be worth it?
  • Barrier of the Four Kings of the World
  • Black Hole Beam You create a tiny black sphere in an unoccupied space that you can see within the spell’s range that begins rapidly sucking in everything around it. After some time, a giant laser beam originating from you fires through the sphere, obliterating anything that was sucked in.
  • Blast Everything in That Direction Beam of light that deals 1d4+100 force damage and repels 30 feet.
  • Contained Apocalypse
  • Crowley's Complicated Combustion You create a deep force inside your body and then you combust with a flaming energy.
  • Dark Meteor You hurl a meteor of dark matter from the heavens.
  • Eclipse Life You draw out a creature's life force and turn it into an explosion of magical force.
  • Eldritch Cannon Summoning your eldritch power you take it to a whole new level causing a huge massive beam of eldritch energy to come out of your outstretched hands.
  • Entropy Field Weaken enemies, warp reality and manipulate results
  • Flames of Hephaestus a spell to either make magic items of destroy magic people
  • Greater Purge You strain a drop of pure divinity from your god or patron, letting the raw power burst out to consume those around you.
  • Greatwyrm's Wrath Conjure the flames of a dragon of legend, and wreak devastation upon your foes.
  • Hells Lightning Call forth the most powerful lightning from the deepest and darkest parts of Hell to destroy everything that stands in your way.
  • Last Act As your final act of heroism you channel all of your arcane power into your body and then expel it as a destructive force that proves harmful to your enemies.
  • Mass Immolation You set a whole bunch of creatures on fire.
  • Obliterate Level a blow that can reduce people to nothing.
  • Power Word Bind
  • Power Word Crash You disconnect a creature from the matrix of reality.
  • Power Word Explode You speak a word of power that can compel a creature to explode.
  • Pulverize Lift an enemy into the air and grind them to dust.
  • Quantum Shift You force open the strongest rip in time creating an aging vortex for any enemy inside its area.
  • Star Blazing Summons a giant rainbow star that splits into smaller stars to attack enemies.
  • Tearout
  • Ultimatum A final trump card, for when you know there is no way out.
  • Violet Inferno The deadliest spell of all time. Probably.
  • Wall of Time Create a singularity point in which you twist time to your whim.
  • Weave Warrior When the light dims, hope is not yet lost. It's always darkest before the dawn, and the dawn has come.
  • Dreamworld Create a vivid, surreal dreamscape that slowly wears down the minds of all afflicted.
  • Ice Assassin You create a living, breathing creature that is a near-perfect duplicate of an existing creature, formed entirely out of ice.
  • Abhorrent Colossus You string together pieces from corpses and create a rotting monstrosity of decay.
  • Anti-Static Shield Shift time around a creature to protect them.
  • Brand of Undeath Causes all affected targets to be transformed into the undead should they die while under the spell's effect.
  • Consumptive Touch Drain the soul of a creature, causing it unbearable, deadly agony.
  • Contained Horrors
  • Create Demise Armor You create a bone sentient armor capable of protecting you and fighting at your side. There may be some balance problems, use it under your own responsibility.
  • Create Greater Undead After sacrificing one humanoid you must then choose a corpse within range that corpse becomes undead with the challenge rating of 20 or lower under your control. The corpse cannot be the humanoid sacrifice.
  • Create Greater Undead, Variant After sacrificing one humanoid you must then choose a corpse within range that corpse becomes undead with the challenge rating of 25 or lower under your control. The corpse cannot be the humanoid sacrifice.
  • Curse of the Diminished Soul You curse a creature with a dire curse, giving it a -3 penalty to all saving throws.
  • Cyenzak's Brainworm A parasite that affects the mind.
  • Dark Chant You damn nearby creatures to a void of eternal punishment by performing a chant invoking the power of death.
  • Draconic Skeleton Transforms a willing dragon into a dracolich.
  • Energy Drain Drains hit points equal to hit dice.
  • Eversion
  • Flay Remove all the skin from a creature and keep them alive.
  • Impermanence of Being This spell begins or resumes the aging process on an unaging creature.
  • Miasma of Death You point at a location within range and create a cloud of horrid decay which rises from the location and spreads to an area up to 50 feet.
  • Miasma of Death, Variant To devastate the weakings that dare to stand before you in defiance.
  • Murder of Moths Seas of Moths Spew from your hand and devour your opponents in a merciless slaughter on their hunt for the light.
  • Necropolis you infuse an area with necrotic energy, turning control of the land to the dead.
  • Obliterate Soul A powerful damaging spell that can destroy souls.
  • Soul Inferno Collapse you soul and take everyone around you with you
  • Soul Slice You extend your mystical powers and grasp at the soul of your enemy, cutting it in two obliterating half.
  • Soul Strike You assault the soul of a creature within range, attempting to rend it from the body and disperse it into the ether.
  • Tribute to the Dark Ones Your blade becomes a portal straight to your dark patron, and in your prey's place rises undead.
  • True Annihilation You attempt to truly annihilate a creature, wiping them from existence.
  • Unleashed Shadows You unleash a powerfull wave of shadows that damages your enemies and heals you and your undead minions.
Needs Work
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