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Soul Reading
3rd-level Divination
Casting time: Instantaneous
Range: Line of Sight for Casting, Reaches out 15 feet from Casted Area.
Components: Requires a Focus (Depending on Class) or a piece of quartz touched by mortal blood.
Duration: Concentration, Up to 1 minute.

You target a focal point in sight and read the souls of any being within a radius around it. The Caster can sense and read the souls of others in a targeted area of 15 feet and may select any location, creature, or object in their sight as the place of the Spell's Origin.

Souls detected include free (ie. dead, astral projection, etc...) souls or contained such as those in a body or object. The Caster will learn what type of soul (if any) a creature, area, or object they target may have as well as its alignment.

Any further knowledge requires focusing in on a Specific Entity and first performing an investigation roll. The DC is 15 though you gain not only your Investigation Bonus (If Any) but also your SpellCasting Bonus. This may reveal the basic history, personality, or memories of the soul if successful, and allows for an even deeper probe of the Entity's Soul as detailed below.

To obtain even further knowledge lets the target know their Soul is being felt, and they make a Wisdom Saving throw versus your SpellCasting DC, if they are successful the Spell ends. If they fail the throw you obtain one specific piece of information before they receive another saving throw. This process can continue for up to 3 turns or 1 minute, whichever comes first. (You can target specific kinds of information with this spell, but need to inform your DM of what kind of information your looking for to increase your odds of success. Otherwise rather than learning where the Firbolg keeps their Key you might just learn that they have a penchant for collecting ceramic ponies.)

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