Imbue Personality (5e Spell)

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Imbue Personality
4th-level Enchantment
Casting time: 1 Action
Range: Touch
Components: V, M (A bone with the desired name carved into it, which the spell consumes)
Duration: Until Dispelled

This spell causes the targeted undead to develop a personality. The caster lays their hands on the target and says 3 adjectives aloud. These adjectives will form the basis of the target's personality. For example, If Cheerful, Intelligent, and Wise, then the undead will become a cheerful and smart person. The DM may decide to increase the wisdom, charisma, or intelligence of the target (If, for example, "strong" is chosen as a personality trait, the target's strength score will not increase, but the target may think they are stronger than they are). The undead will still obey its master without hesitation, but they may offer their opinion on orders. For example, if "Kind" was chosen as a trait, and they are ordered to slaughter all innocents in a village, they will verbally object to what they were ordered to do. Any personality traits may be inserted as necessary by the DM, but the 3 adjectives it is originally given trump any DM-given traits.

If a creature is targeted that could not previously speak, it gains this ability. It cannot learn any new languages this way.

An undead with a personality from this spell maintains its form after its master's demise, enacting any wishes it has independently. It retains any personality traits it was originally given.

If the caster of this spell uses it again, they may not use the same adjective again until the first instance of that adjective has been destroyed or dispelled.

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