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Design Note: While the Paladin and Druid classes are listed as able to learn the spell, of course, they would need to be a specific sub-class archetype of the class (Circle of Spores for example) that allows for the creating of undead, to actually learn the spell, other classes listed below may learn the spell if their alignments allow this sort of gruesome Necromancy.

Grum's Stinky Steed
3rd-level Necromancy (ritual)
Casting time: 10 minutes
Range: 60 feet
Components: V, S, M (see below)
Duration: Permanent

Tragedy has struck, your most favorite and trusty steed has died..
Your mount: a steed not at all alive..
Gentlemen we can rebuild it..
We have the Necrotic Energy..
We have the capability to make the worlds first, "Stinky Steed"
Your old mount will be that Steed
Better than it was before..
Better, Stronger, Faster
Hopefully, anyways...

When cast, the spell attempts to revive one beast of burden the caster knew in life, turning them into a skeletal or zombified version of itself. The creature rolls a Constitution save against your spell casting ability. If successful the creature's spirit will resist the spell and the spell will be negated and the spell slot lost. This spell can be repeated on the same corpse multiple times, but if the creature is already raised and the spell is cast again on the creature the spell just fizzles and does nothing.
The entire body must be present(except for organs), however parts can be replaced by other similar parts(the same limb of a similar creature, a mechanical limb, a wooden sculpture of the part, and other such things). All parts must be within 60 feet of the caster and be in visual range, when successfully cast, the spell will magickly put all the parts back together.
Whenever the creature is raised, the creature's Constitution score decreases by 2, it's Strength increases by 1 (Maximum of 20), it's natural armor class is decreased by 3 (Minimum of 1) and it gains an additional hit die. If the creature's Constitution is ever reduced to 0, it instead becomes 1. If this happens the Stinky Steed will then become a corporeal specter, instead of a skeleton or zombie, and can still function as a mount or beast of burden, but when the next time it dies, the soul enters the Ethereal Plane and cannot be revived again by any means other than the wish spell or other similar powerful magic such as reincarnation that transfers a life force into another body, or traps the life force such as magic jar into something else. (Similar to how a lich is made.)
If the creature raised ever becomes a specter due to this spell, what is left of the physical body disintegrates to ash and dust.
Once the Stinky Steed is raised it is considered Undead, and has all the advantages and disadvantages of being so.
The Stinky Steed will obey simple commands given by the caster and has all the knowledge that it had in life.
The caster can only have one creature raised from the dead in this way at a time.
The creature must have a level or hit dice equal to or less than the caster's level.

At Higher Levels.
As stated above, every time you raise a stinky steed, it's hit dice will raise by 1, so keep that in mind. As stated above, the creature must have hit dice equal to or less than the caster. This also puts the maximum HD the Stinky Steed can have at 20 HD, if the caster is at 20th level. If a Stinky Steed ever has 20 HD, and still has enough Constitution left so as to not yet enter the Ethereal Plane, it may be raised again with the same advantages and disadvantages, but it will not gain anymore hit dice above 20. This spell may be cast with higher level spell slots, but it does not give any bonuses for doing so.

Necromancy is of course a taboo art in many places, be careful how you use this around law abiding people groups. If the Stinky Steed has any flesh left, an offensive odor will emanate from the steed and may attract or repel insects, creatures, and others at the DMs discretion. If the Stinky Steed is a skeleton or a specter, there will be no offensive odor.
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