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Druid Spells

0-Level Spells

  • Furious Charge You create a shield of force on your shoulder and ram it into your foes.
  • Haptic Counter You focus on the energy kept within you and release it in a defensive manner.
  • Hydro Barrier Throw water in front of yourself to blunt an incoming attack.
  • Nature's Ward You imbue a creature with protection against natural forces.
  • Acidic Bolt You shoot a solid bolt of acid at a target, dealing piercing and possibly acid damage too.
  • Aerostrike You enhance your next attack with condensed air.
  • Air Cushion Creates a blast of air to negate fall damage
  • Air Slash You form a blade of air and launch it at incredible speeds at a creature or object within range.
  • Almighty Strike You clap your hands and create an almighty aura that sends a blast wave out in a 30-foot sphere centered on you.
  • Arcane Sneak Attack Charge a weapon with mischievous energy to make Sneak Attacks more deadly.
  • Blast You create a blast of pure destructive force.
  • Blast Cantrip Blast your enemies with elemental power, using the most generic of cantrips.
  • Bolt Strike You enhance your next attack with electric energy.
  • Boom Beat Arrow
  • Boreal Strike Your weapon emanates a misty cold aura of subtle and scintillating colors, freezing all in its path.
  • Bounding Flame You create a magical flame that travels along the ground and autonomously seeks out targets.
  • Brutal Blade Just hit extra hard with your weapon
  • Bubble Blast You shoot bubbles out of your mouth
  • Chill Boomerang You launch a gust of freezing air at an opponent, after which it comes back to your hand.
  • Coldslinger Spin up a bowling ball of ice before slinging it right at a target.
  • Conduct You channel lightning through your hand to smite a creature or object you can touch.
  • Coral Blast You hurl a sharp chunk of neurotoxin-laced coral.
  • Corroding Strike You enhance your next attack with Acidic energy.
  • Drago Bolt A bolt with the face of a dragon flies through the air damaging anything in its path.
  • Earth Spike
  • Earthen Onslaught, Dagger
  • Earthen Onslaught, Handaxe
  • Earthen Onslaught, Mace
  • Earthen Onslaught, Quarterstaff
  • Ebb And Flow, Dagger
  • Ebb And Flow, Handaxe
  • Ebb And Flow, Quarterstaff
  • Ebb And Flow. Mace
  • Elemental Arrow You throw an arrow made of elemental energy on your target.
  • Elemental Blast You form a ball of energy that gathers elemental energy around it and then sends that elemental blast at a creature or object.
  • Ember Strike You infuse your next weapon with the embers of a fire.
  • Emit Spores You cover the area around you in a fine toxic cloud of fungal spores.
  • Entropy You create a point of entropy in your hand and touch it to a creature or object within range.
  • Faerie Glitter You hurl a mote of sparkling energy at a creature within range.
  • Final Stroke The fury of the tranquil, wielded only as a last resort.
  • Force Arrow Enhance an arrow, dart, or other such weapon with raw magical power
  • Force Streak You fill your weapon and ammunition with raw magical energy that repels or draws in those stricken by your projectiles.
  • Froststrike You enhance your next attack with frost energy.
  • Gravity Force You use gravitational energy to forcefully push or pull an object or creature within range.
  • Healing Touch Using your well practiced knowledge of how to add great amounts of entropy to enemies, you are able to logically reverse the most minor injuries by magic, with slight risk.
  • Heat Beam You concentrate your firepower into a single beam and shoot toward an enemy within range.
  • Heated Hands You touch a sheet of ice up to 6 inches thick and no larger than 5 feet in any dimension, which instantly melts.
  • Hershey Squirt You cause the target to lose control of their bowels.
  • Hoarfrost Blade Your weapon is coated in fractalline frost as you attack.
  • Hurricane Blade Whirling winds whip around you and your weapon that threatens to force away any in its path.
  • Ice Blade You deftly pull moisture from the air, which briefly solidifies into a blade you use to strike a creature or object within 5 feet of you.
  • Ice Shards You evoke shards of ice to rain into an area.
  • Ignite Create a burst of heat within a cube in front of you.
  • Ignite, Variant You extend your hand and a volcanic explosion sears your foe, taking more damage if they took fire damage previously.
  • Ignitions You extend your hand and a volcanic ignition sears your foe, making them more vulnerable to fire.
  • Illumination, Variant You conjure a globe of light, illuminating an area and blinding an enemy.
  • Inferno
  • Kinetic Garrote You create and attack with a garrote made out of force.
  • Kinetic Throw You manipulate the power of force to toss your target.
  • Leaf Barrage
  • León's Small Wind Creates a small sphere of wind to target an opponent
  • Liberate Flame Make a flame within range burst, damaging foes nearby
  • Life Flare
  • Light Arc You conjure a beam of pure light and throw it at our enemy, briefly blinding them.
  • Lightning Tendrils Summon tendrils of electricity to shock multiple opponents.
  • Lightning Whip You create a lash of lightning energy that strikes at one creature of your choice that you can see within range.
  • Minor Implosion
  • Moonbeam Bolt Hurl a shard of moonlight against a target, can potentially revert shapechangers to their original form.
  • Moonlight You create a source of dim moonlight, capable of revealing the true form of things.
  • One Inch Punch You deliver a ki-infused close quarter unarmed strike
  • Pillar of Sand You cause a small pillar of sand to erupt from the ground in a 5-foot cube originating from a point you can see within range.
  • Plague Blast
  • Pleasant Breeze You create a pleasant breeze of air around a creature, giving it slight protection against heat and gasses.
  • Poison Bolt You hurl a bolt of toxic energy from your fingertips.
  • Power Beam You project a beam of force from your melee weapon to attack from a distance.
  • Produce Electricity Send out an arc of electricity, and manipulate it in various ways.
  • Pyrokinesis Manifest your magical power by igniting a fire.
  • Radiant Flame Blade You make a weapon attack that rings the target in radiant flames.
  • Rain Blast Hard wind and driving rain descends on a creature that you can see within range.
  • Red-Flame Missile You unleashed fiery fury upon your foe using ranged weaponry.
  • Rimeward Strike Water and icy winds collect around your weapon to turn it into magical frost.
  • Salamander Communion
  • Sandcast You throw sand at an enemy.
  • Scald You burn a creature with boiling steam.
  • Shartrund's Energy Blade The caster raises her hand, a sword of flame forms in her grip and she strikes the goblin that is hurtling up the path, igniting it. Screeching in pain, the goblin jumps back and frantically pats himself out as the wizard readies herself for another strike.
  • Shocking Bolt You hurl a small bolt of lightning at a creature or object in range.
  • Solar Bolt You launch a brilliant bolt of light to sear the eyes of your opponents.
  • Spark Shower You bring down sparks of lightning in a small area centered to a point you choose within range.
  • Spellfire You conjure arcane fire in your hand that can be used for light and combat.
  • Spellstrike You increase the accuracy of your attacks using your magic power.
  • Stalagmite A spike of stone and earth rises up from below to strike a creature for 1d8 piercing damage. A burrowing creature has disadvantage on this spell's save.
  • Static Shock Strike Charge your weapon with electric magic to fend off foes with a strike of your weapon
  • Static Shot Imbue a weapon or piece of ammunition with arcing lightning
  • Sun Gleam A weak beam of sunlight
  • Twilight Blast A brilliant swirl of dark and light energy swirl towards your targets in a starry fashion.
  • Venomous Spit
  • Vent Anger You vent your anger and pulse out hot air in a 15-foot sphere centered on yourself to cool yourself down.
  • Water Blast
  • Water Bolt You hurl a bolt of water at a creature or object within range.
  • White-Frost Weapon You brandish a weapon coated in unnatural frost and swing.
  • Wind Slash Basicaly a firebolt that can snuff-out candles
  • Winds Of Chaos, Dagger
  • Winds Of Chaos, Handaxe
  • Winds Of Chaos, Mace
  • Winds Of Chaos, Quarterstaff
  • Withering Thorn Weave darkness into your weapon to drain your opponent's vitality with a hefty strike.
  • Word of Virulence You utter a divine word, and corrupting virulence erupts from you.
  • Zephyr-Burst Strike An empowering strike that bursts with slicing winds.
  • Chloromorpho You change the color of a touched object or willing creature for the duration of this spell.
  • Grain of Sand Make grains of sand appear to be grains of wheat.
  • Label Place a small permanent magical label on an item. The label can be seen by any spell caster or magical creature.
  • Shadow Mist You conjure an illusory swarm of inky black clouds.
Needs Work

1st-Level Spells

  • Blood Moon's Blessing While illuminated by red light from an unknown source above your head, you add your Wisdom modifier to your damage.
  • Earth Barrier You call forth a pillar of earth to provide some much-needed cover.
  • Elemental Shield You create a magical barrier to protect you from elemental attacks
  • Endure Elements Protection from normal environmental hazards.
  • False Blade Afraid your 9th level spell might actually kill someone? Well no more!
  • Flame Cloak Hurl yourself into a cloak made of fire that damages nearby creatures.
  • Flash Sweat You produce a burst of localized heat, drenching you in sweat.
  • Leomund's Shield A shield that defends the user from harsh elements and the small inconveniences of life.
  • Mist of Inhibition A translucent magical fog settles around you, impeding motion.
  • Paradoxal Grotto You uses the power of earth to heal you when you're hurt.
  • Radiant Shield As a reaction, you create a radiant shield that protects you from harm.
  • Bone Read You attempt to perceive the past, using the bones of the deceased to get some insight into what its last moments of its life was.
  • Calder's Starry Sky You project a map of the stars into the air.
  • Clear Thought You touch a creature to bestow it pristine thought.
  • Flame Tongue You gain the ability to speak with flame, which relate to you who or what has been within their light radius.
  • Morgrave's Clear Mind You embed a psychic mote in a creature's mind and force it to broadcast its thoughts to those nearby.
  • Speak with David Allows you to speak telepathically with David's past present or future.
  • Babu Slime
  • Blast Cast Blast your enemies with elemental power, using the most generic of spells.
  • Burning Orbs Summon and fling a barrage of flaming missiles.
  • Corrosive Flame You snap your fingers, invoking chaotic green flames to engulf your target.
  • Cyclone A spell that sends a cylinder of air around an area moving creatures about.
  • Deliberate Surge You pull magic from the weave and release it into the world, causing a surge.
  • Dongle's All-Purpose Mending A general purpose spell, invented by Dongle, that combines the effects of Cure Wounds and Mending, to a certain extent.
  • Eilistraee's Moonfire
  • Elemental Armor You cover yourself with a layer of elemental energy that shields you from incoming attacks.
  • Final Gambit Release a quick, and last, burst of power.
  • Fire Shot Poor man's fireball.
  • Fire Spin Fire bursts from your hands as you rapidly spin in a circle, blasting enemies
  • Fox Fire The caster gains a burst of speed as three separate kitsunebi seek out enemies.
  • Freezing Burst Emit a blast of chilling energy that stops enemies in their tracks.
  • Frost Strike Infuses your weapon with the power of frost.
  • Frostwave
  • Gorgath's Rock-Volver High Nooning with some cheap stones. David and Goliath these dudes.
  • Healing Dagger Creates a shining dagger which heals those that gets hit by it, instead of inflicting damage.
  • Healing Wind You speak a word of power, and gentle wind envelops a number of creatures of your choice up to your spellcasting ability modifier that you can see within range.
  • Ice Spike A spike made of ice thrusts from the ground towards target creature.
  • Icicle Crash With a loud smashing sound, you shower the area in front of you with shattered ice.
  • Kiss of the Petals You create a pretty cone of projectiles that can nonlethally disable your opponents.
  • Lee's Fume Punch Channel forth your anger in the form of a pillar of flame from your fist.
  • Orion's Bolts You point at a creature you can see within range, speaking an invocation to the celestial hunter. Clubs imbued with starlike radiance fly from somewhere behind you, burning and bludgeoning the target creature.
  • Pixie's Gale Evoke the power of wind to fling creatures and objects away from yourself.
  • PK Fire (5e spell)Earthbound’s PK fire, A short ranged evocation with a supportive roll.
  • Rock Splash Chuck a big rock at somebody and hit them with shrapnel.
  • Rock Toss You lift up a small rock and throw it at a target within range.
  • Rock Wave You create a storm of razor-sharp stones that forms a line that is 30 feet long and 5 feet wide.
  • Sand Impact
  • Sand Shurikens Magic Missile, but sand!
  • Sandblast
  • Skysmite Summons a lightning bolt to deal Lightning and Radiant damage
  • Splashing Spit You twist your body back then snap forward with a twist of the neck releasing a glob of enchanted spit that splashes out from its target.
  • Stone Bolt You fire a piece of stone at an enemy, much harder than normally possible.
  • Thunder Shock Last Resort An extremely powerful lighting spell last resort option.
  • Thundershock Unleash paralyzing shocks of electricity.
  • Waist-High Wave You conjure a rolling wave of elemental force.
  • Water Jet A jet of steaming hot water launches forth from your wrist
  • Water of Life A creature you touch, which must be in a body of running water, regains a number of hit points equal to 1d12 + your spellcasting ability modifier.
  • Water Whip
  • Zap Bolt You fire a small, but concentrated electric current from your hand to zap a creature or object in range.
  • Zodiac Strike The raw power of the zodiac ring and its components placed into a small orb.
  • Amorphous Pixie Channeling your magical flow you animate a small portion of helpful glowing dust
  • Avian Assault You summon a small bird and send it flying at a a creature.
  • False Tracks For the duration of this spell, your footprints are those of a normal animal of your choice.
  • Mirror Variant
  • Silhouette Cause a creature to appear as a stark black silhouette of itself
  • Silhouette, Variant Cause a creature to appear as a translucent black silhouette of itself
  • Drain Warmth Take the warmth and lifeforce of a creature for yourself
  • Essence Theft The caster absorbs the essence of a creature during its final moments of life.
  • Flame of Life Reignite a creature's inner spark with literal fire.
  • Grum's Greater Fix 'em/Hurt 'em Caster chooses to either heal or damage a target, using their own lifeforce.
  • Lesser Animate Dead This spell creates a temporary undead servant.
  • Raise Flesh You raise an incomplete, amateur undead being.
  • Venomous Ray A venomous ray or fang lashes out to infect the target creature, dealing 1d4 piercing damage and 3d4 poison damage on a hit.
Needs Work

2nd-Level Spells

  • Attribute Shield Add a target/caster’s ability score as temporary health through sacrificing one for the other.
  • Curing Mist Send out a mist to remove debilitating effects on your allies.
  • Denial You pray to your gods, and live to fight again.
  • Dowon's Energy Deflection Redirect damage from a spell or magical effect such as dragon's breath.
  • Hallowed Armor You make a prayer for protection, and divine energy covers your body.
  • Icebound Fortitude Fortify your defenses with the power of cold.
  • Lesser Reflection A spell that reflects some effects.
  • Projectile Protection For the duration, the willing creature you touch has resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical ranged weapons.
  • Redemption, Variant You touch up to three willing creatures. For the duration, any damage taken by these creatures is halved, and you take the other half of the damage.
  • Redistribute Impact When you strike the ground, yiu create a transfer which moves all of the force into the ground surrounding you.
  • Redistribute Impact, Variant When you strike the ground, you transfer all the force you create and shift it into your surroundings.
  • Sand Armor Armor up a creature with a layer of sand.
  • Storm Skin
  • Stun Person A humanoid target must succeed on a Strength saving throw to break through, or be paralyzed for the duration.
  • Weather Warding
  • Wolfsbane Whenever creature uses a spell or effect that would change its form, that creature must make a Constitution saving throw.
  • Zone of Sweet Air Protects yourself from poisonous air
  • Bone Rush
  • Bound Item An Item you have previously bound returns to you from a long distance.
  • Bound Weapon A weapon you have previously bound to you returns to you from almost any distance.
  • Conjure Twin Foxes You summon 2 spirit foxes to your side
  • Conjure Zora You conjure Zora, a large riding wolf capable of competing with most horses
  • Corrosive Bile You lose your lunch, as it turns corrosive on the way up. Ew.
  • Cradle of Jade The caster calls forth a multitude of jades that encases them from harm.
  • Hydra You conjure three poison breathing hydra heads.
  • Implode Poison You conjure a strain of poison within a creature you can see within range, which then explodes within the target
  • LSD Arrow An attack packed full with psychedelic poison.
  • Moving Platform A rock is thrown and grows into a platform that can support up to 3 average sized humanoids.
  • Poison Mist You create a poisonous purple mist that damages its victims' innards over time.
  • Ray of Frog 3 brightly colored frogs are launched at a single creature within range.
  • Spore Stick a multi-purpose spore to an enemy.
  • Storm Shield A shield of lightning protects you from harm, and harms those who would harm you. (Basically a stronger version of Shield
  • Summon Fungal Warrior Conjure a servant made of mushrooms to aid you in battle.
  • Water Cube You summon a cubical mass of water in any unoccupied space within range, where it remains and retains its shape for the duration.
  • Concussion There ain't nothing like a magically induced concussion to remove an opponent from the field!
  • Light Inversion You can invert a creature's perception of light.
  • Omen A way to give a creature cryptic messages via dreams.
  • Air Bubble, Variant An object or creature in range is surrounded with a 2-foot-diameter sphere of clean, pure air for the duration, which suppresses water or unclean air.
  • Ball Lightning You conjure a ball of electricity that shocks multiple targets per turn.
  • Darude Sand sprays from your outstretched palm with enough force to strip flesh from bone and scour surfaces
  • Dorsatum's Deterrent A cacophony of sharp bolts jolt from your body, being most effective at close range. Handily, it doesn't require arms.
  • Elemental Blade You create a weapon of ice, fire, or lightning in your hand.
  • Elemental Bolt You fire a bolt of raw elemental energy at a creature within range.
  • Elemental Weapon, Variant You create a weapon made of pure elemental power.
  • Enchantment of the Wind Until the start of your next turn, wind swirls around you, acting as an extension of your own body.
  • Eruption, Grisaire Supplement Using the powers of nature, you force a volcanic explosion from a smaller shard of laval energy.
  • Fire Orb
  • Flame Mastery A flickering flame flies from your in your hand or is drawn from a nearby source of fire, to harm a foe.
  • Flight of Fire You thrust out your arms and flames burst from the undersides of your arms, propelling you into the air.
  • Geyser Create a mostly harmless pillar of water rushing up out of the create.
  • Hailstone A large hailstone shoots from your hands towards a creature within range.
  • Halo of Rejuvenation A small circle of blue light appears over the head of a creature of your choice within range and lasts for the duration.
  • Healing Spores Release a puff of spores around you that provide slow but steady healing.
  • Luminous Globe Create a luminous globe of crackling electricity that acts as an aerial mine.
  • Moon Pulse
  • Needle Hex You create spectral needles in the air around a creature you can see within range, which prick at it as it moves.
  • Orb of Charm The caster sends out an orb which upon contact makes a creature harmlessly infatuated.
  • Phoenix Strike Harness the power of the phoenix to create a huge blast of flame energy
  • Pressure Sphere Use the surrounding water to crush your opponents in a brutal way
  • Rejuvenate Convert temporary hit points into recovered hit points.
  • Repartition Spell Divide a higher level spell slot into three lower level spell slots
  • Rumplestiltskin´s Rainbow Blast <!-.-->Scorching ray is terrible, so use this instead!
  • Sapphire Hail
  • Serac A freezing wave of ice explodes in a 15-foot cube centred on yourself.
  • Thunder Down Under
  • Thunderwhip You evoke a vibrating whip in your free hand, whose whipcrack is most disturbing to animals.
  • Twin Sand Attack
  • Venomous Succor Your touch causes a searing poison to burn quickly through a creature’s wounds, knitting them shut as it goes.
  • Alter Size
  • Brambles Infuse brambles to your weapon for extra damage
  • Chitin Chain Build a network of defensive barriers for noncombatants.
  • Ciao's Corrosive Coating Coat yourself in a corrosive acid to destroy enemy weapons.
  • Delay, Variant Cast a spell, later.
  • Empowered Temporarily boost your powers in combat
  • From the Brink
  • Grum's Flavorable Flesh As a wise Orc once said.. "What about their legs? They don't need those.."
  • Hand of Winter Layers of frost grow up your arm and your fingers turn into razor-sharp icicles.
  • Heal Minor Injury You imbue a creature you can touch with healing magic to heal minor lasting injuries.
  • Heatvision You touch a willing creature and grant it the ability to see heat.
  • Horace's Hirsute Binding
  • Illusory Torrent The user delves into water allowing for high-speed movement in a torrent form.
  • Ivory Flesh Like Barkskin but visibly alters your skin
  • León’s Imbuement of Air Infuse an ally’s attacks with the power of wind for additional damage
  • Liquid Arrow "Turn a potion into ranged ammunition."
  • Lungs To Gills Converts a person's lungs into gills.
  • Metabolic Control Gives a target control over their metabolic state.
  • Minor Polymorph
  • Moon-Touched Weapon Imbue the energy of the moon into a weapon or ammunition temporarily.
  • Ommon's Heat Exchange Drain heat from an area and creatures in it, and direct it into a metal object or into another spell.
  • Peltskin Until the spell ends, the target's skin has a wooly, fur-like appearance, and the target's AC can't be less than 13, regardless of what kind of armor it is wearing.
  • Pomodoro
  • Quicksand You point at a 10-foot square patch of rock, dirt or sand centered on a point within range. The area becomes quicksand for the duration.
  • Reinforcement A spell that reinforces the body and muscles of its targets
  • Reinforcement, Variant A spell that reinforces the body and muscles of its targets
  • Respirance Draw upon the power of elemental air to save yourself from suffocation.
  • Reversal You reverse the effects of one spell affecting a willing creature or an object.
  • Sea of Fire Transform part of floor into flames that deal damage while passing through.
  • Spit Venom Convert saliva to venom and spit it at an opponent
  • Tree Shape For the duration, you assume the form of a Large living tree or shrub or a Large dead tree trunk with a small number of limbs.
  • Vala's Red Powder Blind your targets using red powder
  • Vengeful Roots The ground in a 20-foot radius centered on a point within range causes foliage and roots to grab and strangles foes.
  • Wood Shape You touch a piece of wood, which may be a Large or smaller tree or wooden object or a section of wood that fits entirely within a 10-foot cube, and cause it to twist into any shape you desire.
  • Xenae's Aquabind You call forth a watery appendage from a body of water to bind a nearby creature.
Needs Work
  • Spell Mine A spell that enfuses a violent force of magical energy into a hole into ground and is sealed, ready to explode when stepped on.

3rd-Level Spells

  • Azrael's Vicious Flock Summon a vicious flock of ravens and crows from The Void to swarm an area.
  • Barrak's Black Fangs Black fangs erupt from the ground and assault your enemies.
  • Call Spirit Swarm You call four swarms of small butterfly spirits to aid you and your allies in battle.
  • Cobra's Spit You grow a set of poison-producing organs in the back of your throat.
  • Conjure Mannequin You create a glyph which summons simple humanoid constructs if triggered.
  • Conjure Plant Creatures You summon spirits that take the form of plant creatures.
  • Convalescence A wave of warm, blue healing energy washes over a creature within range, healing its wounds.
  • Elusive You can dart suddenly to and fro, becoming uncannily nimble and hard to pin down.
  • Explosive Frog A frog constructed from magic appears at the casting location. It can be remotely detonated to poison foes from afar.
  • Flame Charge, Variant Cloak yourself in flame and rush forward in a line, dealing damage to any creature you pass through and potentially knocks them prone.
  • Fog Bank You create a 20-foot-radius, 20-foot-high cylinder of fog centered on a point within range.
  • Invoke Wolfgeist You summon the spirit of a slain Werewolf.
  • Lunar Spirit Manifest a companion spirit from moonlight.
  • Mitotic spindle You conjure a Small, translucent orb, dry to the touch but filled with viscous fluid and thin blue spindles, in an unoccupied space you can see within range, which floats in midair and lasts the duration.
  • Rocks Fall Rocks rain down from above
  • Rotting Root Lord's Rot
  • Scatter Banish You attempt to send one creature to a location within 60 feet. The target must succeed on a Charisma saving throw or be teleported.
  • Serrated Gust Conjure bolts of wind to cut your enemies
  • Summon Anthill Call forth ants from far and wide to spew from a new anthill.
  • Venomous Web You summon thick sticky strands of webbing which emit poisonous vapors.
  • Wall of Vines You create a wall of vines on a solid surface within range. You can make the wall up to 60 feet long, 20 feet high, and 1 foot thick, or a ringed wall up to 20 feet in diameter, 20 feet high, and 1 foot thick.
  • Warmth Create a calming flame that heals creatures near it.
  • Wrath of Morass Summon a carpet of moss that, when disturbed, releases toxic spores and slows those who dare trek within.
  • Dire Charm You magically infect a living creature with murderous impulses, unless that creature makes a successful Wisdom saving throw.
  • Invoke Scarecrow You invoke the powers of a scarecrow to help you deal with plants easier.
  • Chain Heal You cast a bolt of healing mist that hits to up to 3 allies
  • Crushing Wave A wave of water rushes out from you, sweeping creatures off their feet.
  • Cry of the Ancestral Druids
  • Cure Disease Use this spell to help those that are sick with the simple cold up to the plague
  • Freezing Gale Channel the essence of a blizzard in a line of effect.
  • Frigid Rebuke You utter a string of magical words and a momentary blizzard surrounds the creature that attacked you.
  • Glacial Pass You create a wave of ice shards that rise out of the ground along a line 5 feet wide and 30 feet long.
  • Heal Major Injury You imbue a creature you touch with restorative magic potent enough to heal even potentially lasting injuries.
  • Ice Eruption A bright blue streak flashes from your pointing finger, spreading jagged ice across the ground in a 30-foot square centered on a point within range.
  • Ice Rupture Touching one frozen creature, their body is irreparably shattered
  • Imperil Momentarily invoke the powers of the elemental chaos & rip asunder a sentient beings elemental defensives.
  • Isband's Freezing Chains You summon a mass of icy chains to bind your enemies, which burst into existence around a creature you can see within range.
  • Kaleido Star Cannon The star is concentrated and pressed into a fist sized ball, then several rings are created, the size of 3 feet, in front of you in the predetermined direction and you discharge a beam of light 5 feet wide and envelopes everything in a 1000 feet line, any creature caught in its trajectory makes a Dexterity saving throw . A creature that fails the save takes radiant damage + fire damage + force damage, or takes only half as much damage on a successful one.
  • Lesser Purge You strain a drop of pure divinity from your god or patron, letting the raw power burst out to consume those around you.
  • Life Seed You create a seed of positive energy that buries into the ground at a point within range, and blossoms into a 10-foot radius sphere of golden energy.
  • Lightning Cloak Coat yourself in a shield of lightning, making yourself massively faster at the cost of limiting your magic.
  • Lightning Stake Stake an enemy with a bolt of explosive lightning.
  • Lunar Blast Harness the power of the moon to weaken your foes and reveal their true natures
  • Lunar Serenity You summon the moon's serene grace or the sun's healing rays, creating a sphere of purplish light or incandescent yellow light.
  • Mini Tornado A small tornado that can suck up creatures
  • Niflbolt A ray of glowing blue ice shoots from your palm at a creature you can see within range.
  • Noxious Blast Blast enemies with deadly fumes.
  • Nyan's Ball Lightning Based on an actual natural phenomenon! Basically fireball with lightning.
  • Orb of Deception The caster conjures a blue orb of their spiritual essence and launches it before it returns to them.
  • Orb of Discord You create an orb of chaos that floats over the head of an enemy within range.
  • Orb of Harmony Bless a creature with a continuous healing orb.
  • Orb of Sacred Fire A brilliant golden orb of sentient divine fire springs from the casters hand and when flung explodes, damaging enemies and healing allies in explosion.
  • Rejuvenation Natural healing energies wash over a creature of your choice within range, taking the form of spectral raindrops and leaves.
  • Royal Flare A brilliant streak of sunlight flashes from your pointing finger to a point you choose within range then blossoms with a high-pitched "flash" sound into a radiant ball of sunlight energy.
  • Sandblast, variant Create a blast of sand that erodes enemies and objects.
  • Solid Freeze You cast a line of frost witch will instantly freeze any liquid even blood leaving a trail of frost on the ground.
  • Storm Front You fire a thin bolt of lightning at a creature or object within range.
  • Sunlight You touch one object that is no larger than 15 feet in any dimension and cause it to shed sunlight. An upgraded form of the light cantrip.
  • Sunspark You create a brilliant, blinding glowing orb to illuminate the way before you.
  • Venomous Spite You fire several poisonous darts.
  • Wings of the Phoenix As your vision begins to fade, your magical power surges as you are granted wings of fire.
  • Illusory Phantom The user creates a water phantom to distract their foes.
  • Salvi's Ward Disguise an area and subtly dissuade creatures from entering it.
  • Animal Resurrection You touch a beast that has died with the last 24 hours, and return it to life.
  • Animate Army you pull undead souls from the ground you stand and command them to do your bidding while they so struggle to be free of your grasp.
  • Blood Casting You spill your own blood instead of your spell slots... how gruesome.
  • Bloody Sacrifice You point your finger at a corpse or undead within range and cause it to explode in a burst of vile energy which harms your enemies but heals your allies.
  • Curse Weapon Imbue weapons with the power to curse both the wielder and those they harm
  • Death Cloud You fill the lungs of your foes with the stench of death.
  • Grum's Stinky Steed Your trusty steed has died, no problem, it will now serve you in death! We have the Necrotic Energy!
  • Parasitic Link A strained whip of flesh extends from your body, the target forced to take your pain.
  • Scarecrow A scarecrow imbued with fear magic that seeps into the surrounding area appears in an unoccupied space of your choice that you can see within range and lasts for the duration.
  • Soul Puppet, Variant you pull undead souls from the ground you stand and command them to do your bidding while they so struggle to be free of your grasp.
  • Undead Non-Living Bomb Send out spores to make the undead go BOOM.
  • Wither Time ends all things.
Needs Work

4th-Level Spells

  • Mind Freeze Touch another creature with the power of cold and freeze its mind
  • Sheikah Meditation A willing creature you touch enters a potentially endless meditative state.
  • Sun Ward You call upon the life-giving power of the sun to protect yourself.
  • Web of Alarms This spell allows the caster to place 6 advanced alarms within 300 feet.
  • Windflower Wind Barrier A protective wind barrier protects the caster from damage.
  • Dowse Location You create a tool which guides its holder to the location from which you cast this spell.
  • Know the True Form One creature you touch gains the ability to see the original form of any creature that has changed its shape or had its shape changed by another effect, such as through shapeshifting, polymorphing, or transformation via lycanthropy.
  • Stone Tell You gain the ability to speak with stones, which relate to you who or what has touched them as well as revealing what is covered or concealed behind or under them.
  • Lethargy You touch a creature and cause a wave of lethargy to wash over them, slowing them down.
  • Poof, Variant When a hostile creature approaches you, you momentarily become invisible.
  • Starry Revelations You surround yourself in a stargazing umbrella of shadowy twilight.
  • Consume the Fallen Call upon the rotting power of spores to grant you vitality.
  • Hunger/Thirst A cruel curse that inflicts unending hunger or thirst
  • Jumpstart Temporarily cause a person to die in order to fully revive them.
  • Mummify Embalm a corpse, protecting it from tampering indefintely.
  • Putrid Gale You summon a necrotic storm which heals undead and deals AoE damage
  • Shell Bomb Send forth an animated explosive shell to decimate a far-away foe.
  • Virion's Viscous Diarrhea A creature of your choice that you can see within range suddenly experiences uncontrollable, explosive bowel movements.
  • Virulent Plague Conjure a rapidly spreading disease.
  • Arachnid Transformation Transform yourself into an arachnid visage.
  • Control Air Manipulate air to your advantage
  • Creation of Wings Grants you and only you easily destroyed wings for 1 hour.
  • Enroot You invoke the power of the forest in order to root creatures in place.
  • Enspell Empower allies' weapons with the power of the elements.
  • Gender Bend Forcefully change the gender of the target
  • Gravity Hammer Crush your foes to death with highly localized gravity fields.
  • Leafify Transform a Large or smaller unattended object into a Tiny, pocket-able leaf.
  • Medusa's Gaze Harness the legendary and deadly power of a medusa's petrifying gaze.
  • Might of Giants A creature you touch gains the strength of a giant for a limited time.
  • Reshape Terrain You reshape the terrain to your will.
  • Rusting Grasp You touch a creature or a nonmagical object no more than 5 feet in any dimension composed primarily of metal and cause it to become rusted and pitted, effectively destroying it.
  • Softwood Choose one humanoid you can see within the spell's range. The target is encased in a layer of wood.
  • Spike Stones Rocky ground, stone floors, and similar surfaces shape themselves into long, sharp points that blend into the background.
  • Un-Blight Transmutation energy covers a creature of your choice that you can see within range, moisturizing and giving vitality to it or causing entropic creatures to be damaged.
  • Xenae's Waterspout Creates a large waterspout.
Needs Work

5th-Level Spells

  • Acid Rain Create a magical cloud of acid rain to cause damage over large amounts of area
  • Camel's Drink You fill an open container within range with up to 5 gallons of magically cool and refreshing drinking water.
  • Delta Divide Two copies of yourself are created to fight for you
  • Earthen Prison You conjure a grasping vine from the earth that snatches your target and drags the creature beneath the earth.
  • Far Jaunt Teleport a very large distance.
  • Field of Vineyards A field of vines emerge around you, striking nearby targets.
  • Monolith You create a stone pillar and imbue it with restorative nature magic.
  • Spike Storm You fire hundreds of needles, daggers and other small blades from your hand, ripping at everything in their way.
  • Summon Plant Call forth an ally of flora to assist you.
  • Astromancy By studying the patterns of the stars, you are granted cosmic insight and gain knowledge of the locale and its people.
  • Shadow Record You create shadows of all sorts of creatures.
  • Assquake
  • Aura Pulse You create an explosive energy sphere with your soul.
  • Exploding Spaghetti Meteor You summon a giant flaming bowl of spaghetti from the heavens, which explodes into a burst of radiance when it strikes the ground.
  • Fiery Dance Cloak yourself in flames and shoot three puddles of flames that damage creatures and leave damaging difficult terrain behind.
  • Final Move Fall unconscious to protect allies, or to destroy enemies.
  • Fire Flow A stroke of flowing fire forming a line 100 feet long and 15 feet wide blasts out from you in a direction you choose.
  • Goldweaver's Ray You charge for a few seconds, and release a massive swarm of force bolts.
  • Hellfire Wisps of gel-like flame encompass your arm and coalesce in your hand, quickly arching along a curved path towards a creature you can see within range.
  • Moonblast You conjure a pillar of moonlight to strike your foes with lunar power.
  • Mùspelflame You summon a comet from the heavens, which explodes into a burst of radiance when it strikes the ground.
  • Remorseless Winter Release an icy storm around you.
  • Righteous Storm Three pillars of fire erupt on a place of your choosing.
  • Sand Tornado A great tornado of sand causes chaos and devastation at your whim.
  • Spirit Rush The caster emits an ephemeral aura allowing high-speed dashes.
  • Stone Drill This spell allows you to bore through natural rock.
  • Swarm of Harpy Talons
  • Swirling Storm
  • Water Volley For the duration of the spell, you can repeatedly shoot bolts of water.
  • Wave of Obliteration
  • Blinding Flash A creature within range is subjected to a blinding flash before its eyes.
  • Phoenix's Rebirth
  • Reincarnate Skeleton Provided that the creature which had the skeleton has been dead no longer than 2 weeks, the spell forms a new adult body for it and then calls the soul to enter that body.
  • Withering/Burning A terrible curse that inflicts mortal dependence on light or mortal aversion to light.
Needs Work

6th-Level Spells

  • Lucky Charm Choose up to six creatures that you can see within range to bestow incredible luck upon.
  • Mind Swap You swap the minds of two creatures you are touching between bodies.
  • Antimodes Greater Fireball You create a blazing purple ball, infused with both freezing cold and sweltering heat.
  • Avalanche
  • Cascade of Thunder You summon a virulent thunderstorm that lasts for the duration, damaging creatures in range with electric shocks.
  • Guardian of the Living A creature of your choice that you can see within range and that took damage during this turn regains hit points equal to 5d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier.
  • Magma Storm Create a cylinder of storming magma and flames that traps creatures inside and deals continous damage.
  • Purge You strain a drop of pure divinity from your god or patron, letting the raw power burst out to consume those around you.
  • Regeneration You infuse a creature with positive energy, granting it the ability to rapidly regenerate from damage.
  • Solar/Lunar Blast You summon the power of the sun or moon to obliterate your enemies.
  • Essence Siphon You tear a creature's vitality from their body, and use it to bolster your own.
Needs Work

7th-Level Spells

  • Call Guardian You summon a creature which guards a limited area for a year and a day.
  • Elfin Wave A wave, tipped with shapes sweeps forward and pushes back enemies
  • Hive Leech Take the life from your foes with insects.
  • Oblivion Mirror Fastening together different exotic planes with the Outlands, you conjure the oblivion mirror, a crimson moon shining like a mirror held up by aberrant deities, in the sky.
  • Summon Giant Call forth the spirit of a giant to your aid.
  • Summon Treant You summon a Treant to attack you opponent
  • Tree of Life Conjure a tree for 1 minute that can heal or harm those in the bask of its luminescence.
  • Wake of Buzzards You cause buzzards to descend onto a 30-foot radius around yourself, attacking creatures.
  • Animal Madness Make animals go mad
  • Animate Plants You imbue plants with mobility and a semblance of life.
  • Changestaff You plant a specially prepared staff in the ground and cause it to animate into a mighty tree-like creature.
  • Deathly Polymorph Transform yourself into an undead creature.
  • Dendromorph You attempt to transform a creature into a tree for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Form of Sea, Air, and Land You touch a willing creature, granting it the ability to travel at a high speed through any environment.
  • Golem Cause the earth itself to sprout legs and obey your command.
  • Grove Enroot Casting this spell, will turn a group of enemies into a grove of trees.
  • Metal to Wood Everything made out of metal around you is turned into wood.
  • Updrafts Summon the power of wind to boost your allies
  • Vitrify This spell transforms normal sand of any depth into crude glass. 10d6 fire damage, plus trapping creatures.
Needs Work
  • Soulcraft You create an artificial soul with profane methods.

8th-Level Spells

  • Air Removal You remove breathable air from within the body of a creature within range, potentially suffocating it.
  • Conjure Monster Create a new being out of raw magic.
  • Druidhome You create an area inaccessible to anyone but you and your compatriots at the heart of a wilderness.
  • Tornado You conjure an spiraling cylinder of wind in range, which has a 20 foot radius and 40 foot height.
  • Healing Rain Summons a cloud of healing rain.
  • Kraken's Tentacle You conjure a kraken's tentacle that sprouts from a body of liquid and attacks your enemies.
  • Polar Ray A blue-white ray of freezing air and ice springs from your hand and towards a creature within range.
  • Eclipse You can create the massive image of a solar eclipse occurring directly overhead.
  • Blood Manipulation You weave your magic into the very blood of a creature, manipulating their body to your will.
  • Earth Glide You give the subject the ability to glide through earth and stone as easily as an earth elemental does.
  • Fusion
  • Glacial Armor You grow in size and at the same time, your flesh turns into animate ice, making you into a living glacier.
  • Gravity Surge
  • Otherworldly Polymorph
  • Permanence of Being A spell which makes a creature cease the aging process.
  • Quincy's Investiture You call upon the power of investing to invest in investitures.
  • Reforestation You plant the heart of an ent, using it to channel massive amounts of positive energy into the vegetation within range.
  • Touch of the Void Go back in time to the creation of the universe to boost your powers temporarily.
  • Warclaw You grow devastatingly powerful claws which can tear a tank apart or rip off the heads of enemies with ease.
Needs Work

9th-Level Spells

Needs Work
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