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Call Society
2nd-level Illusion
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 1 mile
Components: V,S,M (a badge, letter, or other symbol of membership, which is not consumed but must be on your person while casting this spell)
Duration: Instantaneous

Alerts other to your plight. You point in a direction and cast this spell to alert other members of an organization you belong to, such as a Mages’ Guild, that you require aid. The spell will travel in that direction. If it passes within 1 mile of a fellow member of your organization, it will divert to meet that creature and alert him or her as to your plight, giving that person a rough estimate of your location and a brief image of your situation. If it hits the end of its range without locating a fellow member, the spell will dissipate. This spell does not compel the recipient to aid you, but members of your organization are likely to be willing to help.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, the range increases by one mile for every two slot levels above the 2nd.

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