Whirligig (5e Spell)

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4th-level evocation
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 150 feet
Components: V, S, M (a spinning top)
Duration: Instantaneous

You create powerful rotational forces in a 30-foot cube centered on a point within range you choose. Each creature in the area must make a Strength saving throw and a Constitution saving throw. A creature that fails the Strength saving throw is pushed 30 feet in a random direction and knocked prone. Roll a d8 for the direction: 1 is North, 2 is South, 3 is East, 4 is West, 5 is Northeast, 6 is Northwest, 7 is Southeast, 8 is Southwest. If the creature strikes a solid object, it takes 6d6 bludgeoning damage. A creature that fails the Constitution saving throw is left extremely dizzy, and cannot move or take actions until the end of your next turn (it's too busy losing its lunch).

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