Dowon's Energy Deflection (5e Spell)

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Dowon's Energy Deflection
2nd-level Abjuration
Casting time: 1 reaction
Range: Self
Components: S, V, M (Flowers of the Lotus or Scorpion Grass Plants)
Duration: Instantaneous

Wrapping yourself in a mystical aura, you redirect hazardous energy away from yourself and allies and back towards your foes.

When you are hit by a spell attack or subjected to damage from an area of effect such as the Lightning Bolt Spell or a white dragon's cold breath, you can use your reaction to cast this spell. When you do so, the damage you take is reduced by 4d8 + your spellcasting modifier, then make a ranged spell attack. If your attack hits, the damage equals the damage reduced in this way. The damage type is of the same type of as you were subjected to, unless changed by an effect such as a sorcerer's metamagic "Transmuted Spell".

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, the damage reduced is increased by an additional 2d8 per level of spell slot used above 2nd.

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