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Channel Divine
9th-level Divination
Casting time: Concentration, One full round
Range: Self
Components: Divine Creature's Mark, Blessing and/or Acrcane Focus linked to Deity.
Duration: 30 minutes

Your devotion to your God(s) knows no bounds and holds no doubts. You imbue their powers directly as an avatar of their essence. While your body remains as is, your capabilities in skills, spells and various other abilities not including your base stats are brought to their maximum potential.

After spending one full round/turn in deep prayer, the spell caster opens their very being as a vessel for their followed Deity. All hostile creatures within 30 feet must make a Strength saving throw of DC 5 + spell caster level or be knocked back 10 additional feet and knocked prone.

The spell caster now hosts their chosen Deity's mind and persona, granting the now Deity access to spells, spell slots, ki, ammunition or any other internal resource at their maximum value. For the duration, all spells, are considered Divination in addition to their basic nature. All non magical attacks deal an additional 1d6 of the Deity's base nature (A fire God would deal + 1d6 fire damage, while a holy God would deal + 1d6 radiant). After the spell ends, the Deity returns to its realm and the spell caster is left spiritually recharged, but physically exhausted. Player character suffers 1 point of exhaustion per 10 minutes spent using Channel Divine. The spell caster must also make a Constitution save of DC 25. On a failed save, they are unable to comprehend the power they embodied and fall prone and incapacitated until their next turn. In addition however, the spell caster's spell slots, energy, ki, and any other rechargeable resource revert to their values before Channel Divine was cast.

This spell cannot be used more than once per week. Each subsequent use beyond the 1st regardless of time passed, reduces the caster's maximum hit points by 50%.

The DM may provide additional benefits or restrictions pending the chosen Deity and the rules and alignments they follow.

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