Eilistraee's Moonfire (5e Spell)

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Eilistraee's Moonfire
1st-level Evocation (ritual)
Casting time: Instantaneous
Range: 40 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: 10 minutes (Self)

This spell creates a globe of moonlight, 1 foot in diameter, that orbits around you. It sheds bright light to a distance of 10 feet, and dim light for an additional 15 feet. You may have the globe take on any color you wish when you cast the spell.

On your turn, you may use a bonus action to command the globe to do one of the following:

  • Reduce its intensity, causing the globe shed only dim light to a distance of 10 feet.
  • Revert it back to its normal intensity.
  • Fly back to your position and return to orbiting around you.
  • Fly up to 40 feet in any direction, passing through openings as small as 1 inch. The globe cannot move further than 40 feet away from you.
  • Make a melee spell attack against a creature adjacent to itself, dealing 2d6 cold damage on a hit. Once this attack resolves, the spell ends.

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