Thornskin (5e Spell)

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1st-level Transmutation
Casting time: 1 action
Range: touch
Components: S, M (dried bramble bush stalk)
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You touch a creature, making wooden thorns and spines grow all over its body. Until the spell ends, whenever the target of the spell takes damage from melee attacks, it can use its reaction to deal damage against the attacker equal to your spellcasting ability. The damage is piercing.

When the target of this spell makes a unarmed strike, it deals additional damage equal to your spellcasting ability on a hit, instead of the normal damage for unarmed strikes.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the damage of the reaction increases by 1d4 for each slot above 1st.

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