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Ranger Spells

1st-Level Spells

  • Endure Elements Protection from normal environmental hazards.
  • False Blade Afraid your 9th level spell might actually kill someone? Well no more!
  • Protector's Mark You are the sword and shield of your companions. This spell lets you use divine magic to reduce damage and protect your allies from peril.
  • Air Wave With a swing of your weapon, you attack a target within range with a wave of cutting air.
  • Armor of Thorns You touch a willing creature and cause thorny vines to grow over its body.
  • Barrage You fire an arrow that multiplies into four more, falling from the sky.
  • Blade Shift You teleport your blade into your enemy's flesh.
  • Bound Weapon, Variant You create a weapon of your choosing to bind to yourself.
  • Bullet Channel the power of Gun Magic™!
  • Call Bird Call one bird to aid you as a pet.
  • Conjure Ammunition Conjure a handful of ammunition.
  • Conjure Spirit Wolf You summon the fey spirit of a wolf to aid you.
  • Dartboard You throw a dart that multiplies into a barrage falling upon your enemies.
  • Diamond Storm A cone of "diamonds" shot into the air at your enemies to tear them apart.
  • Drop Bass Drop the bass. On their head.
  • Feather Glide You conjure a chicken to help stop your fall.
  • Find Animal Companion Allow you to conjure the help of a wild animal.
  • Hyetomancy Conjure localized rain around yourself.
  • Isaz the Ice Rune A Rune that when infused with magic can create several effects related to cold energy.
  • Kaunan the Fire Rune A powerful sentient fire Rune which can create explosive traps, bless weapons and armor or curse enemies
  • Magic Scimitar
  • Mordenkainen's Buzzing Bee Conjure a small phantasmal bee to annoy opponent spellcasters
  • Planar Calling You summon creatures from other worlds to fight by your side.
  • Raven Bolt Summon a bolt of dark energy in the form of a raven and send it flying at a creature or object within range.
  • Razor Storm You are the Storm. A flash of metal as you hold your weapon out between your hands and magical copies of it strike out against all around you.
  • Root Walk Blink from tree to tree
  • Shell Kick
  • Smoke Bomb You throw a toxic smoke bomb.
  • Summon Dog You conjure a mastiff that fights by your side.
  • Summon Garlic Bread Summon Garlic Bread
  • Summon Weapon Summon a weapon or object from a pocket dimension into your hand.
  • Swarm of Pests You cause a cloud of mites, fleas, and other parasites to appear in a 15-foot-radius sphere centered on yourself.
  • Throwing Knife
  • Uncanny Outfitting Any armor or attire you are wearing is instantly doffed, and at your option any armor or attire stowed on your person is instantly donned in its place.
  • Analyze Analyze grants valuable info for enemies and items.
  • Bone Read You attempt to perceive the past, using the bones of the deceased to get some insight into what its last moments of its life was.
  • Calder's Starry Sky You project a map of the stars into the air.
  • Clear Thought You touch a creature to bestow it pristine thought.
  • Detect Fire Scan the area for traces of anything related to fire
  • Discern You detect some of a creature's vulnerabilities and immunities.
  • Find Quest Helps you find quests to go on.
  • Flower Requiem A flower crown that damages the creature.
  • Glyph of Tracking A more tracking and utility efficient glyph of warding.
  • Missile Lore Touch a spent missile to sense where it came from, both tactically from where shot, and the race and group of the shooter.
  • Scan Check for the presence of certain things.
  • Speak with David Allows you to speak telepathically with David's past present or future.
  • Acidic Smite You strike with a weapon covered in acidic slime
  • Blast Cast Blast your enemies with elemental power, using the most generic of spells.
  • Blink Strike You teleport up to 10 feet, then make a lightning-infused unarmed strike.
  • Dongle's All-Purpose Mending A general purpose spell, invented by Dongle, that combines the effects of Cure Wounds and Mending, to a certain extent.
  • Fire Spin Fire bursts from your hands as you rapidly spin in a circle, blasting enemies
  • Magic Brand You mark a creature with a magical brand that deals fire damage.
  • Spin Attack
  • Step Into Darkness Shift through darkness with pretanutral speed.
  • Water Jet A jet of steaming hot water launches forth from your wrist
  • Water of Life A creature you touch, which must be in a body of running water, regains a number of hit points equal to 1d12 + your spellcasting ability modifier.
  • Zodiac Strike The raw power of the zodiac ring and its components placed into a small orb.
  • Avian Assault You summon a small bird and send it flying at a a creature.
  • Chameleon You change yourself to blend into your environment.
  • False Tracks For the duration of this spell, your footprints are those of a normal animal of your choice.
  • Hush You touch a creature and imbue it with silence.
  • Muffle A spell that hushes a creature, making it more difficult to detect.
  • Silhouette Cause a creature to appear as a stark black silhouette of itself
  • Silhouette, Variant Cause a creature to appear as a translucent black silhouette of itself
  • Turning Tables
  • Blood Lust You sacrifice some blood to increase the power of your weapon attacks.
  • Grasping Souls with a sacrifice of blood you pull hundreds of undead hands from the ground, grasping and dashing toward any life they feel.
  • Heart Strike
  • Alter Object Alter an object to make it a useful tool on the spot.
  • Arc Bolt Grenade A grenade that explodes with lightning in a 10 foot cube.
  • Aspect of the Hunter call upon nature to help you hide from and seek your target
  • Bestial Empowerment You channel the bestial energies of nature within or around you to magically enhance your natural ability.
  • Earth's Crush A spell for earth benders
  • Elemental Arrows A random elemental arrow or an elemental arrow of your choice
  • Fling Self You fling yourself in a direction with considerable force.
  • Flurry of Missiles You touch your weapon and unleash a torrent of projectiles to a creature of your choice... or several creatures if you so choose.
  • Flux Grenade You throw a magical lightning grenade.
  • Gordian's Tripwire You command a tripwire to string itself up, ready to confound your foes.
  • Magic Fang Whenever the target makes an attack or damage roll with an unarmed strike, the target can roll a d4 and add the result to its roll.
  • Midwife's Spell A collection of folk magic intended to help with conception and childbirth.
  • Nurture Nurture a plant or animal
  • Poison Blood The blood flowing trough the creature's body becomes poison.
  • Promised Walk of Peace
  • Regrowth You infuse a creature with natural magic, increasing its ability to recover from wounds.
  • Stone Tent
  • Summon Rain Cause a light rain with cloud cover and harmless thunder and lightning.
  • Surge You channel harmless electrical energies in a willing creature you touch, heightening its speed and senses.
  • Swarm Grenade, Variant You throw a grenade that explodes into magical caltrops.
  • Swift Strike You infuse a weapon with the ability to be swing slightly quicker.
  • Sword Split You split a sword into two smaller swords or fuse two smaller swords into one larger one.
  • Tablehopper Craft a line of decent cover in the midst of combat.
  • Thornskin Wooden spikes and thorns grow on the target's body.
  • Vortex Grenade You throw a grenade that spreads a dangerous void.
  • Xenae's Aquaforme Turns a target ground area into water.
Needs Work

2nd-Level Spells

  • Bound Item An Item you have previously bound returns to you from a long distance.
  • Bound Weapon A weapon you have previously bound to you returns to you from almost any distance.
  • Hydra You conjure three poison breathing hydra heads.
  • Implode Poison You conjure a strain of poison within a creature you can see within range, which then explodes within the target
  • Shuriken of Darkness A shuriken infused with shadow magic that clouds the target with magical shadows.
  • Spore Stick a multi-purpose spore to an enemy.
  • Steal You attempt to rob a creature you can see within range of one of its possessions.
  • Summon Fungal Warrior Conjure a servant made of mushrooms to aid you in battle.
  • Summon Mount Summon a mount that grows more resilient as you grow your magical abilities.
  • Air Bubble, Variant An object or creature in range is surrounded with a 2-foot-diameter sphere of clean, pure air for the duration, which suppresses water or unclean air.
  • Cold Flame Throw flames of extreme cold.
  • Cutter Boomerang Throw a spinning blade, which flies straight back to you.
  • Darude Sand sprays from your outstretched palm with enough force to strip flesh from bone and scour surfaces
  • Dorsatum's Deterrent A cacophony of sharp bolts jolt from your body, being most effective at close range. Handily, it doesn't require arms.
  • Elemental Blade You create a weapon of ice, fire, or lightning in your hand.
  • Elemental Weapon, Variant You create a weapon made of pure elemental power.
  • Hado 58 Summon a huge gust of wind from your sword to stop incoming attacks.
  • Healing Spores Release a puff of spores around you that provide slow but steady healing.
  • Kunai of Ice A kunai infused with cold energy that freezes an opponents legs or arms to a location.
  • Raddik's Weakest Link Launch a small bolt of homing lightning, which goes after the easiest target first.
  • Rejuvenate Convert temporary hit points into recovered hit points.
  • Sky-Pierce Lance Conjure a bolt of power which can reach for miles.
  • Venomous Succor Your touch causes a searing poison to burn quickly through a creature’s wounds, knitting them shut as it goes.
  • Beastmask
  • Circle of Privacy Make your campsite hidden from the ears and noses of predators.
  • Dazzling Glare Blind surrounding foes with intense light, possibly interrupting their concentration.
  • Drawmij's Scent Mask One creature you touch is rendered scentless and cannot be tracked by smell.
  • Leomund's Trap You place a false trap which is covered with an illusion to make it look like any sort of trap you like.
  • Quiet Armor Remove the stealth disadvantage of your noisy armor by canceling the noise.
  • Shadow Blink Gain the ability to walk through shadow and reappear instantly at a new location within shadow.
  • Smoke Screen You create a smokescreen that blocks vision and harms those within it.
Needs Work

3rd-Level Spells

  • Conjure Plant Creatures You summon spirits that take the form of plant creatures.
  • Elusive You can dart suddenly to and fro, becoming uncannily nimble and hard to pin down.
  • Fog Bank You create a 20-foot-radius, 20-foot-high cylinder of fog centered on a point within range.
  • Lunar Spirit Manifest a companion spirit from moonlight.
  • Magic Speed You move in the blink of an eye, literally, you can blink twice your movement speed.
  • Red-Hot Chains Create flaming chain links to restrict your enemies!
  • Serrated Gust Conjure bolts of wind to cut your enemies
  • Venomous Web You summon thick sticky strands of webbing which emit poisonous vapors.
  • Wall of Vines You create a wall of vines on a solid surface within range. You can make the wall up to 60 feet long, 20 feet high, and 1 foot thick, or a ringed wall up to 20 feet in diameter, 20 feet high, and 1 foot thick.
  • Wrath of Morass Summon a carpet of moss that, when disturbed, releases toxic spores and slows those who dare trek within.
  • Arcane Barrage You conjure a barrage of magical bullets to assault your enemies.
  • Frigid Rebuke You utter a string of magical words and a momentary blizzard surrounds the creature that attacked you.
  • Hado 31 You launch a Ball Made of spiritual pressure, exploding in a large wave of fire.
  • Ice Eruption A bright blue streak flashes from your pointing finger, spreading jagged ice across the ground in a 30-foot square centered on a point within range.
  • Ice Rupture Touching one frozen creature, their body is irreparably shattered
  • Lightning Charge Turn into a furious bolt of lightning and strike all foes in a direct line then reappear behind one of them.
  • Mini Tornado A small tornado that can suck up creatures
  • Quietus Beam You create several beams of magical force.
  • Virgil's Blade Flash You weave between your enemies in a flash of lightning, striking every foe you pass.
  • Salvi's Ward Disguise an area and subtly dissuade creatures from entering it.
  • Animal Resurrection You touch a beast that has died with the last 24 hours, and return it to life.
  • Curse Weapon Imbue weapons with the power to curse both the wielder and those they harm
  • Deathtouch Your being is filled with necrotic energy, extending to your physical touch and your attacks for the duration.
  • Scarecrow A scarecrow imbued with fear magic that seeps into the surrounding area appears in an unoccupied space of your choice that you can see within range and lasts for the duration.
Needs Work

4th-Level Spells

  • No U Sends any spell cast at you back at the caster lmao
  • Web of Alarms This spell allows the caster to place 6 advanced alarms within 300 feet.
  • Dowse Location You create a tool which guides its holder to the location from which you cast this spell.
  • Know the True Form One creature you touch gains the ability to see the original form of any creature that has changed its shape or had its shape changed by another effect, such as through shapeshifting, polymorphing, or transformation via lycanthropy.
  • Bane Bow You touch a nonmagical ranged weapon that uses ammunition, infusing it with nature's power.
  • Lightning Leap You launch a lightning blast and teleport through it.
  • Radiant Aura A brilliant light erupts from your hand, rejuvenating your allies and castigating your enemies.
  • Sasha's Rapid Bolts Rapidly, and consistently, fire off swarms of inaccurate bolts.
  • Winds of Change Move creatures around using the power of wind
  • Poof, Variant When a hostile creature approaches you, you momentarily become invisible.
  • Shadow Blur You shift between the shadows, becoming untouchable.
  • Black Arrow Deal more damage with your arrows and potentially raise those slain by them as skeletons
  • Elixir of Life Very effective healing Elixir
  • Arachnid Transformation Transform yourself into an arachnid visage.
  • Bane Shot You touch three pieces of ammunition, infusing it with the power of time.
  • Leafify Transform a Large or smaller unattended object into a Tiny, pocket-able leaf.
  • Medusa's Gaze Harness the legendary and deadly power of a medusa's petrifying gaze.
  • Pebble Blink Blink with the party to the place where you picked up a pebble earlier in the adventure.
Needs Work

5th-Level Spells

  • Energy Immunity Give a willing creature immunity to one type of elemental damage
  • Freedom of the Winds Wind wraps around your body, tugging at your hair and clothing as your feet lift off the ground.
  • Iron Flesh This spell turns your flesh to an iron-like substance for protection.
  • Delta Divide Two copies of yourself are created to fight for you
  • Field of Vineyards A field of vines emerge around you, striking nearby targets.
  • Monolith You create a stone pillar and imbue it with restorative nature magic.
  • Summon Plant Call forth an ally of flora to assist you.
  • Direct Strike You gain insight into the target's defenses, making it easier to land critical hits.
  • Shadow Record You create shadows of all sorts of creatures.
  • Blinding Flash A creature within range is subjected to a blinding flash before its eyes.
Needs Work
  • Power Of The Forest While in a forest you may take control of one species of animal any creature of that species living in the forest where you cast this spell will obey any command you give them.
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