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Sword Split
1st-level Transmutation
Casting time: 1 bonus action
Range: Touch
Components: S
Duration: 1 minute

You touch a non-sentient, non-artifact melee weapon that deals no less than 1d6 piercing or slashing damage. That weapon splits into two smaller melee weapons, each dealing piercing or slashing damage one die size less. For example, you could split a shortsword (1d6) into two daggers (1d4). For the duration of the spell, the weapons are considered magical, and can be fused back together by holding them together as a bonus action, ending the spell early. If the spell expires on its own, the weapons become nonmagical and lose the ability to be fused back together.

Alternatively, you may use this spell to fuse two smaller weapons into one larger one. For example, you may fuse two longswords into one greatsword. The same restrictions and effects of splitting a weapon apply to fusing them. If the spell expires on its own, the weapon becomes nonmagical and lose the ability to be split back apart.

If the weapon was originally magical, at the expiration of the spell, the two weapons forcibly fuse back together (or split apart), appearing back into the hand of the one who originally cast the spell.

Weapon Die Size
Original Result Example
2d6 or 1d12 1d10 A greatsword (2d6) into two longswords (1d10)1
1d10 1d8 or 2d4 A longsword (1d10)1 into two broadswords (2d4)
1d8 or 2d4 1d6 A longsword (1d8)1 into two shortswords (1d6)
1d6 1d4 A shortsword (1d6) into two daggers (1d4)

1 Versatile weapons use their higher damage die for the purposes of what forms them, but can use either damage die for determining what they split or fuse into.

At Higher Levels. Casting this spell with a higher level spell slot increases the duration of the spell. The duration becomes 10 minutes with a 3rd-level or higher slot, 1 hour with a 5th-level or higher slot, 8 hours with a 7th-level or higher slot, and 1 day with a 9th-level slot.

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