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Paladin Spells[edit]

1st-Level Spells[edit]

  • Anti-Evil-Protection You create a magical holy barrier that protects anyone inside of it from evil creatures. No 3rd grade bully will bother you and your friends ever again.
  • Armor of Othrys The creature you touch glows with an aura that resembles moving spectral magma, creating a burning shield.
  • Armour of Jenova You summon a colourful aura of aberrant energy around you that harms creatures close to you.
  • Divine Armor When the divines themselves grant you their blessings, none shall ever harm those they protect.
  • Endure Elements Protection from normal environmental hazards.
  • Enhanced Durability A useful spell for temporarily increasing durability by increasing AC and granting temp HP.
  • False Blade Afraid your 9th level spell might actually kill someone? Well no more!
  • Mist of Inhibition A translucent magical fog settles around you, impeding motion.
  • Protector's Mark You are the sword and shield of your companions. This spell lets you use divine magic to reduce damage and protect your allies from peril.
  • Resistance, Variant The targeted creature can add 1d4 to a Saving Throw once before the spell ends.
  • Rune Strike Add your charisma modifier to a melee weapon attack damage roll
  • Shield of Darkness
  • Shield of Stasis You create an invisible barrier of stasis in front of a creature or object that intercepts spells, creatures, projectiles, etc. and traps them in time.
  • Suppress Pain
  • Calder's Starry Sky You project a map of the stars into the air.
  • Detect Fire Scan the area for traces of anything related to fire
  • Detect Outsider This spell allows its user to detect whether a creature or object is native to the plane they are in while casting it.
  • Detect Weapons For the duration, you sense the presence of manufactured weapons within 30 feet of you.
  • Divine Empowerment A willing creature is imbued with the power of a god
  • Find Quest Helps you find quests to go on.
  • Minor Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly itemize a container can help you divide loot, level the field on a negotiation or avoid searching a room for hours for something that isn't there. You'll still have to search for it though, this spell just makes you aware of the contents not it's exact location.
  • Speak with David Allows you to speak telepathically with David's past present or future.
  • Acidic Smite You strike with a weapon covered in acidic slime
  • Aether: Ascent A blast of wind magic allows you to throw your sword upwards with great strength, lifting your target off the ground or ascending great heights.
  • Aether: Quickdraw By invoking wind magic around the blade in you hand, you are given a moment of intense speed as you slash; propelling yourself forward to strike a distant target.
  • Apostle's Black Flame The go-to spell of the Godskin Apostles
  • Blast Cast Blast your enemies with elemental power, using the most generic of spells.
  • Blink Slash By channeling magic around you, and your blade, you teleport yourself to strike a distant target.
  • Chilling Smite Attack with a powerful hit that is chilling to the touch, possibly slowing targets.
  • Death Strike your attack does 1d6 additional necrotic damage and heals half of the total damage done
  • Dongle's All-Purpose Mending A general purpose spell, invented by Dongle, that combines the effects of Cure Wounds and Mending, to a certain extent.
  • Double-Edge Dance, Variant You unleash a quick slash of fire which as you progress in strength, results in a series of fiery slashes.
  • Energy Beat You create a mote of radiant light that hovers above your head. It lasts for the duration.
  • Eruption Counter You prepare yourself for an oncoming strike, and counter it.
  • Healing Dagger Creates a shining dagger which heals those that gets hit by it, instead of inflicting damage.
  • Imperial Bolt You shoot a pure beam of radiant energy that weakens your target's will.
  • Last Words Go out with a witty one-liner and a bang. Or just a bang, that works too.
  • Light Drive An orb of radiant power forming a line 60 feet long and 5 feet wide blasts out from you in a direction you choose.
  • Lightning Spear, Variant The primary offensive spell for members of the Dragon Cult in the Lands Between.
  • Metaphysical Smite
  • Pain Share Heal others by taking their pain
  • Phoenix Wave You put your hand out in front of you or you focus this spell onto a weapon you move your hand or weapon in a sideways slashing motion causes a firey wave to apear from your weapon or hands then sendng the firey wave out 20 feet infront of you.
  • Pity of Acherus A creature you touch regains a number of hit points equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier. Alternatively, when you cast this spell you can make a melee spell attack roll against an undead creature within your reach.
  • Skysmite Summons a lightning bolt to deal Lightning and Radiant damage
  • Skyward Strike A weapon you're wielding is sheathed in heavenly light, which you can use to smite your foes.
  • Spin Attack You brandish the weapon used in the spell's casting and whirl around in circles, striking foes all around.
  • Spirit Excalibur Summon an obscenely long sword of energy.
  • Star's Saint's Hand Share a helping hand...Saint =)
  • Water of Life A creature you touch, which must be in a body of running water, regains a number of hit points equal to 1d12 + your spellcasting ability modifier.
  • Will Charge The user has learned to channel his will into his weapon for a short period of time.
  • Argent Blessing Temporarily gives a weapon the properties of a silver weapon.
  • Consecrate Weapon Imbue your melee weapon with holy might.
  • Fling Self You fling yourself in a direction with considerable force.
  • Flurry of Missiles You touch your weapon and unleash a torrent of projectiles to a creature of your choice... or several creatures if you so choose.
  • Medicinal Prayer Seeing an inured ally within your spells range you channel the magic power of your faith to heal their wounds at cost to yourself.
  • Restore You repair a small item or restore a magical effect on an object, depending on its type.
  • Speed of Light Channel the powers of the Light to make a creature move at near-blinding speeds
  • Surge You channel harmless electrical energies in a willing creature you touch, heightening its speed and senses.
  • Swift Strike You infuse a weapon with the ability to be swing slightly quicker.
  • Sword Split You split a sword into two smaller swords or fuse two smaller swords into one larger one.
  • Sword Trap Defensive spell that allows you to stop enemies from using weapons, like a different version of the shield spell.
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2nd-Level Spells[edit]

  • Bound Item An Item you have previously bound returns to you from a long distance.
  • Bound Weapon A weapon you have previously bound to you returns to you from almost any distance.
  • Dancing Rune Weapon You conjure a ghostly replica of your weapon, which hovers alongside you.
  • Ethereal Limbs
  • Radiant Swords A glowing-radiant short sword that can be use to have resistance against necrotic damage and can be used as a last resort option when you lose your weapons!
  • Spaghetti Spaghetti. Mix some flour with some water and shout "Spaghetti!" at it, roll a d6 to determine the outcome!
  • Summon Humanoid Call forth the common militia to aid you.
  • Summon Mount Summon a mount that grows more resilient as you grow your magical abilities.
  • Switcheroo You magically twist space around another creature and yourself that you can see within range.
  • Warden's Step Teleport a short distance to protect another creature.
  • Air Bubble, Variant An object or creature in range is surrounded with a 2-foot-diameter sphere of clean, pure air for the duration, which suppresses water or unclean air.
  • Anointment You call upon a higher level of divine power.
  • Control Sunlight You create a lingering burst of sunlight which blinds creatures and deals radiant damage.
  • Crono's Energy Invoke divine time magic to hasten a cantrip.
  • Elemental Blade You create a weapon of ice, fire, or lightning in your hand.
  • Eruption Create an explosion of blue fire erupting from your greatsword.
  • Hado 58 Summon a huge gust of wind from your sword to stop incoming attacks.
  • Holy Spear You hurl a spear that glows bright yellow at a creature or object within range.
  • Omega Finishing Blow Focused arcane energy into the fist, released into a a strong blow.
  • Pixies's Blade
  • Radiant Splash Your divine energy assaults & lowers enemy accuracy.
  • Recite Scripture Reading from a holy text, the caster greatly disables the subjects of evil that hear it.
  • Rejuvenate Convert temporary hit points into recovered hit points.
  • Sun Strike Your weapon flares up with the light of the sun.
  • Dazzling Glare Blind surrounding foes with intense light, possibly interrupting their concentration.
  • Blinding Necrostrike You conjure dark magic to sap the vision of your enemy.
  • Death’s March Letting loose a bolstering cry, your allies are imbued with newfound durability.
  • Faithful Dead For a short time, you can return a companion.
  • Revitalize A desperate resort to bring an ally that has fallen within the last 6 seconds from the dead
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3rd-Level Spells[edit]

  • Blocking Blade You summon a blade of mystical energy to protect creatures around you.
  • Chains of Justice You conjure magical golden chains, that strike and ensnare your foes.
  • Conjure Potion of Healing Summon a potion of healing!
  • Convalescence A wave of warm, blue healing energy washes over a creature within range, healing its wounds.
  • Judge's Familiar Summon the judge's familiar, the preferred familiar of Azorius lawmages.
  • Magic Speed You move in the blink of an eye, literally, you can blink twice your movement speed.
  • Teleport Slash Summon an ethereal blade capable of slicing through space to hit its target.
  • Tide of Steel Conjure the spirits of war to aid you in combat and mow down your enemies.
  • Verdant Reanimation Strengthen your undead allies using plantlife.
  • Warmth Create a calming flame that heals creatures near it.
  • Ascertain Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly ascertain the general contents of nearby containers.
  • Local Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly itemize a container can help you divide loot, level the field on a negotiation or avoid searching a room for hours for something that isn't there. You'll still have to search for it though, this spell just makes you aware of the contents, not its exact location.
  • Soul Reading You target a focal point in sight and read the souls of any being within a radius around it.
  • Zone of Faith Create a zone to bolster those of your faith
  • Knight of Honor "The Knight Does Not Die With Empty Hands" were the words of Bladesinger Lancelot, this is a spell that is the embodiment of the incident in which he was forced to fight his squad unarmed and proved his fighting prowess by claiming victory with a stick of elm.
  • Lesser Zone of Euphemisms Twisting the framework of communication itself, you create a space where proper etiquette is compulsory.
  • Shard of Hope You cause motes of light to radiate from an ally, strengthening the resolve of allies.
  • Apostle's Black Flame Blade A spell used by the Godskin Apostles to amplify their weaponry with Black Flame.
  • Blazing Smite The next time you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack during this spell's duration, your weapon roars with divine flame.
  • Catastrophic Devastation "You brought judgement upon yourself, once you accept your life is at end, you are at peace"
  • Chaotic Smite You call upon chaos & draw forth divine power from its tempestuous depths.
  • Cure Heavy Wounds A creature you touch regains a number of hit points equal to 4d8 + your spellcasting modifier and gains 1d6 temporary hit points.
  • Energizing Smite The next time you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack before this spell ends, the weapon sends electrifying energy through the target's body, and the attack deals an extra 3d8 lightning damage to the target.
  • Freidyne With a somatic gesture, you evoke a spherical blast of white light at a point within range.
  • Frigid Smite The next time you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack before this spell ends, the weapon is enshrouded in freezing energy, and the attack deals an extra 3d8 cold damage to the target.
  • Imperial Blight Blast an creature with radiant energy, consuming its body with flames of pure light.
  • Kaleido Star Cannon The star is concentrated and pressed, then several rings are created, the size of 3 feet, in front of you in the predetermined direction and you discharge a beam of light 360 feet from you that invests everything, whoever in the trajectory makes a Dexterity saving throw . A creature that fails the save takes radiant damage + fire damage + force damage, or takes only half as much damage on a successful one.
  • Lesser Purge You strain a drop of pure divinity from your god or patron, letting the raw power burst out to consume those around you.
  • Light of Celestia Your body glows with a celestial light that can be expended as an attack.
  • Lightning Stake Stake an enemy with a bolt of explosive lightning.
  • Mass Arcane Cure With the power of the arcane arts of a Magister you can heal more than 1 creature at a time
  • Positive Energy Blast Cause an explosion of raw positive energy.
  • Radiant Death Overload a creature with positive energy, potentially killing them.
  • Radiant Pulse You channel divine power directly down from the heavens on a target or a point in range.
  • Sigil Sword Strike A destructive spell developed by a legendary enchantress. Call down a spectral blade to damage enemies and slow them down with special effects.
  • Spellbreaking Smite The next time you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack during this spell's duration, your weapon sunders a spellcaster's ability to cast spells.
  • Sunspark You create a brilliant, blinding glowing orb to illuminate the way before you.
  • Bloody Sacrifice You point your finger at a corpse or undead within range and cause it to explode in a burst of vile energy which harms your enemies but heals your allies.
  • Deathtouch Your being is filled with necrotic energy, extending to your physical touch and your attacks for the duration.
  • Greater Necrostrike
  • Grum's Stinky Steed Your trusty steed has died, no problem, it will now serve you in death! We have the Necrotic Energy!
  • Life Boost You create an aura that enhances healing.
  • Shadow Lord This spell is divided into different benefits and provides the user with the probability of generating their own personal army of Shadows.
  • Aspect of the Crucible: Horns One of the more abrasive spells of the Crucible Knights.
  • Bless Water You touch a body of water with a surface area up to 100 feet square and imbue it with divine magic.
  • Blessing of Kings Channel the powers of the Light to empower a target with the knowledge, power, and guidance of kings of old.
  • Enchant Item This spell both adds progress to crafting magic items and can be required to finish the enchantment of an item.
  • Erode Defenses You thin down at the natural and unnatural defenses of your enemies, opening up a weakness within them.
  • Grant Power You give a willing creature you can see within 30 feet incredible destructive powers.
  • Magic Vestment You touch a suit of nonmagical armor or nonmagical shield. For the duration, that armor or shield becomes a magic item that provides a +1 bonus to the wearer's or wielder's AC.
  • Spiritual Arsenal You are bestowed with divine power in order to wage war with evil & protect the innocent.
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4th-Level Spells[edit]

  • Aura of Embers You radiate an aura of comforting warmth out to a range of 30 feet, and for the duration this aura moves with you, centered on you.
  • Barrier You send a protective barrier around a willing creature within range
  • Defender of Life You radiate a field of protective magic out to a range of 15 feet, which preserves life. This area moves with you, centered on you.
  • Prayer of Protection You beseech your god, praying for additional protection.
  • Prayer of Strength You beseech your god, praying for additional strength of arms.
  • Shield, Hyrulean you have resistance to nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage
  • Sun Ward You call upon the life-giving power of the sun to protect yourself.
  • Aura of Solar Fire Streams of sacred fire flow from the caster engulfing allies with weak healing energies and burning evil with solar fire
  • Bakudo 81 You summon a wall made of spiritual pressure to block Ranged attacks or spells.
  • Blood Teleport As a reaction to damage, you can teleport four times your full movement
  • Damian's Wanderer's Mark You teleport to a previously marked place
  • Storm of Swords Creates a tornado of swords that surround the caster.
  • Zantetsuken You teleport to an enemy and slash them with a blade, rending them apart.
  • Discern Lies You hone your mind and sense when those around you lie.
  • Aura of Victory Righteous fury radiates from you in an aura.
  • Celestial Storm Summon a swirling storm of blinding light to hinder your enemies
  • Divine Power Calling upon the divine power of your deity, you imbue yourself with strength and skill in combat.
  • Divine Punishment Using both an action and a main action and movement, The user will call to tehre god and slam there hands with an explosion of holy flames destroying there foes. Doing 4d10 Holy Flame damage. Dealing damage to his enemy's, his allies and himself.
  • Fantasy Seal You create six multicolored orbs of divine energy, and then direct each one to hit a creature of your choice that you can see within range.
  • Gilded Wave You strike the ground, creating a burst of divine energy that ripples outward from you.
  • Great Lightning Spear A miracle that launches a great spear of lightning. Said to be the legacy of an ancient clan whose leader was revered as the God of Sun.
  • Great Scorching Bolt Scorch your opponents with a mighty fiery bolt
  • Illumination You create a bright light that augments sight and reveals what is hidden.
  • Incinerating Impacts A melee weapon in range begins to visibly glow a dim red color, and its strikes can become empowered with flame.
  • Light that Burns the Sky You begin to create a ball of energizing light, causing the sky and distant lands to look like nothingness and darkness.
  • Lightning Strike
  • Necrotic Overchannel You concentrate masses of necrotic power into your blows, causing those unfortunate enough to be layed low by them to burst.
  • Radiant Absorption Raising your hands to the sky, you begin to absorb the positive energy surrounding you.
  • Radiant Aura A brilliant light erupts from your hand, rejuvenating your allies and castigating your enemies.
  • Touched by the Sun You use the power of the sun to heal and protect yourself.
  • Wrath of the Gods Throw back foes with primal force.
  • Accursed Strike Empower your blade to strike a wound into a creature that won't heal.
  • Agonizing Smite The next time you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack before this spell ends, the weapon sends waves of excruciating pain through the creature's body, and the attack deals an extra 5d8 necrotic damage to the target.
  • Explosion of Death You make a blast of death that kills creatures and animates them into zombies under your control
  • Jumpstart Temporarily cause a person to die in order to fully revive them.
  • Blade Bane Choose one creature you can see within range, and choose one of the following damage types: bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing.
  • Pebble Blink Blink with the party to the place where you picked up a pebble earlier in the adventure.
  • Smite Rune You brand a rune on the target for a period of time that makes them more susceptible to radiant damage.
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5th-Level Spells[edit]

  • Call of Crusaders Raise your weapon high as you call forth spectral Paladins from your deity.
  • Conjure Ordinance Create an artillery piece, which rains hell upon your enemies.
  • Dellmudes Hammer You create a massive hammer of glowing red force in an unoccupied space you can see within range.
  • Field of Vineyards A field of vines emerge around you, striking nearby targets.
  • Five Sided Shelter 'By completing The Trial of the Green Lion from the Five Faced King, you are granted a space to seek refuge from the elements and rest peacefully'
  • Hell Smite The next time you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack during this spell's duraion, you literally send it to hell.
  • Lightning Rain When using his powers an insane lightning storm begins to fall from the sky and hit several targets causing lightning and thunder damage
  • Radiant Chains Using a divine power, you bind an otherworldly being with glowing chains of light, which burn into the creature's body.
  • Six Paths, Five Rings: Kurikara Divine Blade Create a divine manifestation of Nioh Kulika.
  • Direct Strike You gain insight into the target's defenses, making it easier to land critical hits.
  • Anchor Howl A shout that draws in and damages enemies.
  • War Song You breathe in, and begin a chant which can make any man a willing fighter.
  • Ancient Dragon's Lightning Spear A more volatile version of the traditional lightning spear, for the more experienced members of the Dragon Cult in the Lands Between.
  • Aura Pulse You create an explosive energy sphere with your soul.
  • Crown of Stars, Variant The caster surrounds themselves with a crown or mantle of stars primed to decimate their foes.
  • Diluvian Wave You strike the ground, causing flood waters of old to surge from the ground and sweep away your enemies.
  • Draconic Strike You conjure a ghost-like draconic spirit that flies at a creature or object within range.
  • Final Move Fall unconscious to protect allies, or to destroy enemies.
  • Force Wave
  • Healer of Multitudes You overflow with positive energy, able to restore those you touch to perfect health.
  • Judgment You cause a ray of magical light to strike a creature within range, leaving it extremely vulnerable to magic.
  • Rapture, Variant
  • Righteous Storm Three pillars of fire erupt on a place of your choosing.
  • Stardown Part the sky itself!
  • Sunbeam, Variant Raising your arms, the sun lights concentrate at your hands and pointing to a enemy you can throw a ray and cause a lot of radiant damage, as a sequence of this, you heal all allies in a 15 ft.
  • Sunlight Spear One of the ancient original miracles, that launches a spear of sunlight.
  • Swift Blade Bane A slashing force that powers your blade, infusing it with magical power.
  • Wave of Obliteration
  • Atlantean Weapon You imbue a weapon you touch with the elemental power of the deep blue sea.
  • Disintegrating Smite The next time you hit a target with a weapon attack before this spell ends, your weapon crackles with force.
  • Disrupting Weapon Make a melee weapon deadly to undead, destroying them utterly if struck in combat with this weapon.
  • Fire Enchantment You infuse a nonmagical weapon with elemental fire.
  • Gliding Light
  • Healing Fire Transmute magic fire into healing
  • Lolth's Bloodline You transform your body, gaining powerful spider-like abilities and features, depending on level this spell was cast at.
  • Power Word Recharge Oh, the only way to regain expended charges is by waiting it out, you say?
  • Stamp The study of negative energy has allowed you to understand how to share it's affects with others
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