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1st-level Conjuration
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Self
Components: S, M (a small pouch of pebbles or beans)
Duration: Until dispelled

You create an amount of currency in your hand worth no more than 5 gold pieces. You choose what denomination the currency takes when you cast this spell. The currency is magical and cannot be used as a material component for spells. Detect magic or the identify spell cast upon it reveals the true nature of the currency, as does a successful check made with alchemist's supplies against your spell save DC.

If dispel magic is cast upon any currency created by this spell, it turns to dust.

This spell cannot create more currency then the total value of the level it was previously cast at. If it is used to do so, the overflow currency created by any previous casting of the spell turns to dust in order of oldest to most recent.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell with a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the total value of the currency you are allowed to create with this spell increases according to the table for each spell slot above 1st.

Spell Level Total Value (in gp)
2nd 25
3rd 50
4th 100
5th 250
6th 500
7th 1,000
8th 2,500
9th 5,000

Alternate Names. This spell has quite a few names, especially more colorful ones by the merchants who have been deceived by it. Common names include: faerie gold, fey coin, and fools' gold.

Variant Spellcasters[edit]

The DM may allow this spell to be taken by the following subclasses: trickery cleric, archfey warlock, and treachery paladin. Otherwise, those classes do not get access to this spell.

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