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Paranoid Pact
2nd-level Enchantment (ritual)
Casting time: 10 minutes
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (a piece of parchment with a contract written on it, which the spell consumes)
Duration: Instantaneous

You present a written agreement to a humanoid creature, which details terms and conditions of your choice as well as at least one termination condition. This termination condition can be as specific or as elaborate as you choose, but the GM must agree that the termination condition is reasonable and has a likelihood of coming to pass. The termination condition can be based on a creature's name, identity, or deity but otherwise must be based on observable actions or qualities and not based on intangibles such as level, class, or hit points. If the target agrees, either verbally or with a signature, the contract disappears in a flash of smokeless flame, and both you and the target are bound by it. A creature cannot be charmed or magically coerced into agreeing to this contract, but doesn't need to be aware of its magical properties.
While the contract is active, both you and the target creature can magically summon a copy of it with a bonus action; these copies are indestructible and last until dismissed (no action required) or a new one is summoned. If either party attempts to violate the terms of the agreement, they must make a Wisdom saving throw. On success, they take 2d10 psychic damage and continue as normal. On failure, they take 1d10 psychic damage and must choose a different course of action.
Once the termination condition is met, the contract no longer binds either party.

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