Shadow Blink (5e Spell)

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Shadow Blink
2nd-level illusion
Casting time: 1 action
Range: self
Components: V, M, S,
Duration: 1 minute, concentration

You become shrouded in shadow and for the duration after casting this spell you gain the ability to meld with the darkness for the purpose of travelling around an area, unseen. As long as you are standing in an area that is dark or dim lit, you may on your turn, merge with the darkness becoming one with it and instantly re-emerge from another dark location, you can see, anywhere within 60ft of the first location, doing this also uses up 5ft of moment. You can enter and exit any surface including the floor, a wall or the celling as long as it is large enough for you body. You can emerge from the shadow of any creature considered one size larger than you. The moment you emerge you are considered hidden because you appear as shadow but when you leave the dark area you may be spotted. The shadow you emerge from is tangible to you and you may cling to it.

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