Soul Gem, Create (5e Spell)

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Soul Gem, Create
3rd-level Enchantment (ritual)
Casting time: 10 Minutes
Range: Touch
Components: Gem of varying monetary value
Duration: Special

You enchant a gem creating a demi plane within in the gem which can later be used as a component for the spell Soul Gem, Capture. First you take a gem with monetary value (It doesn't matter the gem whether its a ruby, a sapphire, or a diamond, etc.) then you create a demi plane within it able to capture a soul 1/20th the worth of the gem aka a gem must be worth 20 times the CR of a creature to capture it here is a small table for reference

1 CR | 20 Gp Gem

2 CR | 40 Gp Gem

3 CR | 60 Gp Gem

4 CR | 80 Gp Gem

5 CR | 100 Gp Gem and so on (Obviously the higher level soul the better its usefulness this will be explained in Soul Gem, Capture) This may seem like a lot of gold but when your getting a small or sometimes not so small permanent passive it seems more reasonable once again more on this in Soul Gem, Capture

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