Animal Mind Switch (5e Spell)

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name=Animal Mind Switch




casttime= 1 actions


components=V, S, M (Animal Organ)

duration=6 Hours

summary= You touch a creature you can see to alter their mind.

You touch a creature you can see then squeeze the piece of animal in your hand a soft green glow emanates from the piece of animal through your hand and in to your target it must make a wisdom saving throw or think it's become an animal until the spell ends or until it gets harmed by the animal you made it think it is. The type of animal you made it think it is, is whatever animal the organ in your hand belonged to. The targets saving throw gets a modifier based on whatever organ you were holding

d6 organ
1 Brain, -3
2 Heart, -2
3 Eye, Nose or Ear,-1
4 Bone, 0
5 Tooth, +1
6 Skin, +2

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 8 or higher the duration is doubled

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