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Elemental Infusion
9th-level Abjuration (ritual)
Casting time: 1 minute
Range: Self, friendly creature
Components: a runestone carved to hold any chosen element, leaf of an oak tree and enough blood to half of your hit points
Duration: 8 hours

You perform a blood ritual that binds an oak leaf and your blood to an elemental rune stone, your blood calls out to the elemental plane when the rune stone is swallowed by target, their armour class is doubled and all of their attacks deal an extra 10 elemental damage and they have the ability to heal 5hp every 10 mins, target's appearance changes due to this ritual, e.g if lightning rune then eyes spill static plasma and white sparks leap from them, NOTE if you do not use this on yourself then you should have healing spells ready as you half your hp with this spell.

Once you perform this ritual you can not use it again for two days.

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