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9th-level Transmutation
Casting time: 24 hours
Range: Touch
Components: 1 drop of blood from each creature to be affected, 1 gallon of blood from a dragon (consumed), 10,000 gp sealed pot 10 feet wide and long, and 5 feet high.
Duration: Duration: Until dispelled

Up to 2000 creatures can place a drop of their blood into the pot, along with the dragon blood. The caster then steps into the pot, and the caster is considered incapacitated for the duration, their only available action being to end this spell. If the spell is ever to end, the caster gains 3 levels of exhaustion, and their hit-point maximum is reduced to 1 until they complete a long rest.

After the casting time, each creature who has put their blood into the pot does not need to eat or drink for the duration, and need to sleep 2 hours less to gain the effects of a long rest. The creatures then gain resistance to the element(s) the dragon the dragon blood was from was resistant to. Each creature's constitution score then raises by 2, to a maximum of 18. The pot is invulnerable, and can only be unsealed by a wish spell, and cannot be dispelled. If the pot is ever to be unsealed, the spell ends and all effects are reversed. Also, each creature affected gains 1 level of exhaustion, and their hit-point maximum is halved, which ends after a long rest.

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