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Organic Graft
3rd-level Necromancy (ritual)
Casting time: 1 minute
Range: Self
Components: V,S,M(A a severed finger soaked in pickle juice and a pinch of adhesive; a severed limb, digit, or other part of a creature, which the spell consumes.)
Duration: 8 hours

You instill necrotic energy into a part of a creature, then graft it onto yourself. While casting the spell, you hold the creature part onto yourself for the casting time. The part must be animal-like, as determined by the DM. The effect depends on the part used:

  • If it is a small bit of flesh or tissue, you gain 2d6 + 3 hit points. Your hit point maximum is increased by the amount healed for the duration of the spell.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of Xth level or higher

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