Greater Disguise Self (5e Spell)

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Greater Disguise Self
3rd-level Illusion
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M: A piece of silk, valued at 1GP
Duration: duration: 1 day

When cast, you, are encapsulated in expanding coils of cloth. After a moment, they fall away, disintegrating into nothing. You or your target emerge as a generally unremarkable member of society, clothed appropriately. If cast in a town square, for example you may be a drifter or beggar. You don't have full control over the spell - the profession, gender, and even species of your disguise is up to the GMs discretion. While the appearance is purely illusion, it is visually indescribable as a disguise from a distance, and creatures touching you will be subtly influenced to re-interpret reality to accept the disguise. Any creature that comes into physical contact with you may make a wisdom save against your spell save DC to realize that what they feel doesn't entirely line up with what they see. Any equipment you are carrying that does not fit with your disguise is initially hidden, and appears to have been drawn from a concealed pocket when retrieved. Removing articles of clothing created by the spell causes them to break apart and quickly unravel, before disintegrating away. Intelligent creatures seeing discarded clothing break apart, or watching you retrieve items you couldn't have possibly concealed immediately know you are disguised. Completely submerging oneself in water immediately ends the spell, returning your appearance to normal.

When cast from a 4th level spell slot, you control the gender and species of your disguise OR the occupation.

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