Risen Life Service (5e Spell)

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Risen Life Service
6th-level Necromancy (ritual)
Casting time: 1 minute
Range: Touch
Components: 1,000 gold, vial of blood, a candle
Duration: Instantaneous

Touch the corpse of a creature that has been dead no longer than 1 week, the creature can be no bigger than ‘medium’ size. The creature's soul is reunited with its body, returning the creature to life with all its hit points. The spell neutralizes any poison and cures nonmagical diseases that affected the creature at the time it died. This spell doesn't, however, remove magical diseases, curses, or similar effects, if these aren't first removed prior to casting the spell, they take effect when the creature returns to life. If the creature is lacking body parts or organs integral for survival, they are restored. However, this spell cannot restore a missing head, if you attempt to raise a creature without a head, the spell automatically fails. Being that crossing the veil of death is a difficult task, the creature temporarily suffers a level of exhaustion and -2 to all ability scores, saves, and skill checks. The exhaustion is removed after one long rest, the -2 penalty is removed after two long rests.

As a bonus action you can reassert control over any or all creatures you have raised this way, causing them to become your living servant, provided that they on the same plane of existence and within 1 mile of you. You only control the physical body of the target: it retains the memory, personality and consciousness it had before you asserted control, but is forced to act as you command it to. While it can talk to you in a hostile manner, taunt you, and even lie to you, it is unable to thwart your plans directly by performing actions such as giving away your position to nearby enemies, revealing you to be a Necromancer to others, or leading you into a trap the servant itself is aware exists. You can maintain control over your target indefinitely, or can release your control as a bonus action. You can assert your control over any creature you have raised in such a way as long as your or the target remains alive. This part of the ability is considered a Necromantic Curse upon the target, and can be removed only by a wish spell or death.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 7th level or higher, you may revive one additional creature with a single casting, or you can target a creature one size step bigger, for each spell level beyond 6th.

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