Crowley's Complicated Combustion (5e Spell)

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Crowley's Complicated Combustion
9th-level Evocation
Casting time: 1 Action
Range: Self (30-foot radius)
Components: V,S,M (A Pint of Blood mixed with a Mead, Consumed upon use)
Duration: Instantaneous

Upon draining the fluid from your glass into your stomach, you feel this bursting feeling inside of your body, as if something wishes to escape from you. From your body explodes a deep black and crimson flame, anyone or anything caught in a 30 foot radius of you will be engulfed in a necrotic flame. The damage caused by this explosion is equivalent to double your warlock levels of d8's. For example, if you were 17th level it would be 34d8 (Your Choice of) Necrotic or Fire Damage. If a creature is caught in this swirling inferno they make a Constitution Save against your spell save dc. Upon failing the saving throw, the creature takes all damage dealt and is knocked back 30 feet from you, if they are dead from this attack their body is incinerated and turned to ash along with any items that are non magical. Upon passing the saving throw, the creature will take only half of the damage dealt by the spell and is only knocked back 5 feet away from you. The spell damages Objects in the area and ignites flammable Objects that aren't being worn or carried.

There is a catch to you casting this spell: upon casting, the flames run through your body, leaving you covered in soot and ash. From this you are left at 1 hit point from casting, however, along with that, until the end of your next turn you get a +10 to your base speed and +3 to your armor class.

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