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Limb Growth
6th-level Transmutation (ritual)
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Components: V,S, M (a small amount of raw meat and bone)
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

An unwilling creature must succeed on a constitution saving throw or be effected by this spell.

You target on creature within range that you can see, the targeted creature grows one of the following limbs: Arm, Leg, Tail or Wing. The limb takes on the traits of the creature it is grown from.

If this spell is casted as a ritual the limb is grown over the ritual casting duration, otherwise the creature takes 1d6 piercing damage.

If the caster maintains concentration for the duration of this spell, or casts it as a ritual, the effects become permanent.

At the beginning of its turn the creature must make a DC20 dexterity check to gain proficiency with the additional limb, on a failure the creature my remake this role every subsequent hour with the DC reducing by 5 each failure.

Arm: this additional arm is able to wield a weapon or shield, if it is holding a weapon and the creature makes an attack on its turn it may make an additional attack with this arm (as if duel wielding) this attack is made with disadvantage if the creature is not proficient with this arm. (If the creature is already duel wielding this attack is made in addition to the offhand attack as a part of the bonus action)

Leg: this limb is able to increase the creature’s movement speed by 10 feet, unless not proficient in which case it reduces its movement speed by 5 feet.

Tail: when proficient with this limb it is able to be used to hold an item.

Wing: when proficient with this limb a creature is able to reduce its falling damage by half as well as being able to jump twice as far and high. Otherwise the creature’s movement speed is reduced by 5 feet and it has disadvantage on dexterity saving throws. If a second wing is grown the dexterity check to become proficient with it is reduced by 5, and when proficient with both wings the creature gains a fly speed equal to its base walking speed.

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