Conjure Blade (5e Spell)

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Conjure Blade
Conjuration cantrip
Casting time: 1 bonus action
Range: Self
Components: V, S
Duration: 1 minute

As a bonus action, you create a bladed weapon in your hand that can be used normally. You choose the type of blade between a dagger, a shortsword, a rapier or a longsword, with the corresponding properties and damage type and die. This weapon functions as a nonmagical weapon that you are proficient with. The weapon disappears when the spell ends. You can dismiss the weapon at any time with no action required.

You can only have one instance of this spell at any time. If you cast this spell a second time to conjure a new weapon, the first spell ends. If the weapon leaves your touch, the spell ends at the end of you turn.

The conjured weapon becomes magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage when you reach 5th level, and you can add +1 to the attack rolls and damage rolls made with the weapon, as if you had conjured the +1 version of the weapon. The bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls increases by another +1 at 11th level (+2 weapon), and 17th level (+3 weapon).

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