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9th-level necromancy
Casting time: 1 hour preparation, activated as reaction
Range: Special
Components: V, S, M (A black diamond worth at least 500 gp, used in the ritual but only consumed if the spell is activated. Focus: One melee weapon that deals piercing damage the caster is proficient in.)
Duration: Once prepared, can be reactivated at any point for up to 1 day. Once activated, lasts indefinately

The caster must prepare this spell ahead of time by enchanting a weapon that deals piercing damage that the caster must be proficient in. If at any point up to 24 hours after the enchantment is cast; the caster makes a successful melee attack with this weapon, or uses the weapon on a willing target other than the caster, they can choose to activate the spell on the target. As long as the weapon remains embedded in the target, they take 6d6 necrotic damage per round. The weapon can only be removed by the target by making a successful Strength save (which will always be at disadvantage), or with a Strength check by another creature that uses the same DC (but will not be at a disadvantage). If a creature other than the target attempts to remove the weapon and fails the Strength check, they also take 6d6 necrotic damage.

If the target falls below 1 hit point while the weapon is in place, their skin is instantly removed from their body and they remain alive at 1 hit point, but in agonizing pain, and cease taking necrotic damage. As long as the weapon continues to remain in place after that, the target will not easily be able to fall below 1 health; every time they do so, you make a Wisdom saving throw vs a DC of 11, plus 1 for every 25 damage dealt, to keep your victim alive and conscious. If at this point, the weapon is removed, the target instantly dies if they are blow 10 health.

This spell cannot effect constructs, undead, or creatures without skin.

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