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Greater deities without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.
Name Alignment Portfolio Domains Plane
(Deity Name Goes Here) Neutral Fear, Dreams, Illusions Summoner, Chaos Memeroth, The Plane Of Horrors
Aaxom Neutral Truth, Knowledge, Fanaticism Knowledge, Magic, Travel Astral Plane
Aazzoren Lawful Neutral Victory, Valor, Justice, Protection of the weak, Conquest, War, Glory, Protection, The Plane of Despair
Abaddon Neutral Evil funerals, Monstrous Vermin (particularly locusts), Nihilism, famine Evil, Death, Destruction, Insect Gehenna (Outer Plane)
Academia Lawful Good Knowledge, magic, male platonians, scholars, universities, wizards Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Mind Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus
Acheron Neutral Evil Despair, Insanity, Terror, Death. Madness, Despair The Conquest of Death
Adhan Lawful Neutral Justice, Death, Law Law, Death, Fate The Dominion of Law
Aea Lawful Good Healing, Love, Marriage, Family, Protection, Roses, Doves, Acceptance, and Tolerance Celestial, Family, Healing, Plant, Protection Celestia
Aesur LG The Sun, The Sky, Fire, Humans, Victory, Air, Fire, Good, Law, Strength, Sun, War The Heavens
Agamos N Death and Destruction Death, Destruction, Pestilence, War Outer Plane of Heaven
Ahti Chaotic Neutral (inapplicable in Years of Gold campaign setting) Water, Growth, Weather, Lying, Quarry Air, Trickery, Water Pansaer
Ailalea Neutral Good Woodsprites Air, Good, Plant and Sun Amoria, Elysium
Akanay Chaotic Good Sea, Storms, Good, Freedom, Strength Chaos, Strength, Travel, Water Elysium
Akassan Lawful Evil Industry, War, Pollution, Slaughter, Hatred, Tyranny. Metal, Evil, Craft, Fire, War, Law. The Pits of Industry
Aknurák Neutral Aknari, Deserts, Heat, Oases, Sand, Summer, and Thirst Sand, Summer, Thirst The Outlands
Akuma The Destroyer Chaotic Neutral Destruction and Chaos Destruction, Chaos Celestial Realm
Alanor Lawful Good Near Omnipotent Community, Glory, Good, Healing, Law, Liberation, Nobility, Protection, Repose, Strength, Travel, War Divine Alliance Headquarters
Aleister Neutral Good Magic, Sex, Lust, and Love. Charm, Lust, Magic, Passion. Ambrosial Plane
Alon Lawful Good Justice, Valor, war, laws Community, Justice, Glory, Good, Law, Fire, War, Valor Ascencia
Amun-ra Lawful Neutral Order, the Sun, Rebirth, Royalty, The Nile, the Gods Sun, Order, Light The Sun
Aphrodite Neutral Good Love, Love-Making, Intimacy, Breastfeeding, Childbirth, Docile Animals Good, Healing, Community, Animals Amoria, Elysium
Aphtion Chaotic Neutral Sky, Chaos, Freedom, Luck, Weather Air, Chaos, Charm, Darkness, Liberation, Luck, Madness, Magic, Trickery, Weather Prime (Chalimba)
Apollo Neutral Good Light, Creation, Beauty, Music, Precious metals Creation, Knowledge, Healing, Sun Murcuria, Mount Celestia
Aqualira Chaotic Neutral Water, Weather, Chaos Water Valgora
Ar'ath-Zilth Neutral Good Magic, Nature, The Ar'terrci, Fellowship Nature, Magic, Dragons Elysium
Arbos Neutral Good Nature, The Living, Creative arts, Healing, Restoration Healing, Good, Knowledge, Protection The plane of Life
Artemis Chaotic Good The Moon, Hunting, Wild Animals Animals, Nature, Trickery Arcadia
Asenrir Neutral Good Anthromals, love, birth, longevity, friendship, mercy, animals, happiness, renewal, peace. Animal, Community, Good, Healing, and Protection The Beastlands
Ashar Neutral Good Life, Agriculture, Farmers, Summer. Summer, Sun, Good, Healing, Plant. Nature's Strength
Aslan Lawful Good (with chaotic good tendancies) talking animals, fantastic creatures, virtue, repentance, spring animal, good, healing, knowledge, law, liberation, protection Aslan's Country
Asmeus Chaotic Neutral Nature,Druid Magic, Royalty of Gardens Life, Plant, Sun Ulen
Astar True Neutral Magic, recklessness, irresponsibility, wealth. Creation, Magic Midgarde
Astrild Neutral Good Goddess of Light and Life Good, Sun, Healing, Protection, Fire Elemental Plane of Fire
Athena Lawful Good Protection, Knowledge, Wars of liberation, Glory, Punishing evil Protection, Knowledge, Liberation, Glory Venya, Mount Celestia
Auri Chaotic Neutral (inapplicable in Years of Gold campaign setting) War, Bravery, Might, Creation, Destruction Earth, Sun, War Pansaer
Azure CG Passion and Caring, as well as seeing over the heavens. Good, Chaos, Healing The Heavens
Aëlalás Chaotic Good Nature, Plants, Animals and Elves. Animal, Chaos, Earth, Good, Healing,Magic, Plant, Protection and


The Feywild
Bahamut Lawful Good Dragons, Chivalry, Protection, Magnanimity, Good Protection, Nobility, Scalykind, Good, Law Astral Plane
Balthazar Lawful Good Crusades, Justice, Holy Cleansing, Zeal, Discipline Law, Purification(SpC), Liberation, Inquisition(CD), Nobility Deific Sphere
Barclaw Neutral Good Dwarves, Gnomes, Goliaths, Family, Community, Mechanics, Tinkering, Mountains, Stone, Earth Earth, Good, Protection, Strength, War Unknown
Ben-Elaba Lawful Evil War, Power, Oppression, and Revenge. Death, Destruction, Earth, Law, Evil, Fire, Air, Water, Strength, and War Tyrannus
Benu Chaotic Good Sun, Creativity, Luck, Freedom, and the Arts Good, Chaos, Sun, Healing, Trickery, Travel, Creation, Artifice, Luck, and Charm Libertas
Boler Neutral Good Compassion, darkness, dusk, martyrdom, moon, night, protection. Charity, Community, Darkness, Healing, Humility, Good, Moon, Night, Protection, Purification, Shadow. Plane of Shadows
Boosh Chaotic Neutral Pleasure, Deception, Laughter Madness, Chaos Fiddler's Green
Brantak Lawful Neutral Honor and Grace Charm, Law, Liberation, Nobility, Protection, Repose, Strength, War Far Plane
Brogey Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Art, Beauty, Music. Good, Evil, Chaos. Plane of Elemental Chaos
Bruuk and Braak Evil Brutality, Cunning, and War. War, Brutality, Cunning, Destruction Plane of War
Burnsider Lawful Evil Sunlight, Pain from Sunlight, death from sunlight, natural phenomenon (the sun, geysers, the tide) used as torture. Death, Evil, Fire, Sun Prime Material
Cannagundae Chaotic Neutral God of Carvers and War War, Chaos, Nature, and Community. The Fields of Honor
Cecilia Neutral good Love, Fertility, Healing, Nature and Beauty love, healing, animal, charm Material plane/void
Ceila Neutral Good love, peace, emotion, singing Air, Good, Healing, Magic, Protection Nymnelia, Cloud Lands
Ceiling Cat Chaotic Good Cats, Cheeseburgers, People who are Masturbating Animal, Good, Chaos, Trickery Blessed Fields of Elysium
Ceiling Wolfie chaotic good pastries, bakeries, silliness, randomness, good food, and bacon luck, trickery, creation, good, travel elemental plane of waffles
Charmeine Lawful Good Healing, Life, Love, and Family. Good, Law, Healing, Knowledge, Protection, Community, Creation Elysium (Amoria)
Choronzon Chaotic Evil Outer Space, Insanity, Corruption, and Entropy. Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Knowledge, Creation, Madness Far Realm
Chufen Lawful Good Justice, runes, war Rune, War, Law Behesht
Colony Neutral introspection, coincidence, fate Luck, Knowledge, Travel, War* Nymnelia
Cormilious Chaotic Good Intelligent races, Sun, Wisdom Sun, Good, Knowledge Ulen
Crom True Neutral War, Courage, Time, Strength, Luck, Travel Glory, Strength, War, Time, Luck, Travel Ben Morgh
Crotoan, the Lachryos Chaotic Evil Destruction of Good War, Death, Destruction, Chaos, Evil, Trickery Materiel Plane, though he is banished to the Nonessence Plane
Dant Chaotic neutral Darkness, night, shadowdancers and the mind. Darkness, Knowledge, Madness and Trickery The Void, The Overworld, or The Overvoid.
Darshul Chaotic Evil War, Pain, Pleasure Strength Valgora
Davian Chaotic Neutral War, Honor, Chaos, Wrath, Luck. Luck, Strength, Protection, Chaos. The Realms of Conflict.
Dawn Stealer Chaotic Evil God of forbidden knowledge, evil magic, destruction and dawn Evil The Astral Plane
Debsoiip Lawful Neutral Death, Rebirth, Cracked Shells, Afterlife, Decomposed Insects Death, Healing, Protection, Community Elemental Plane of Earth
Desily True neutral Nature Healing, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Animal, Plant The FeyWild
Dipsodia Lawful Good Creation, Guardians, Time, Homes Earth, Protection, Travel, War Elemental Plane of Earth
Dracon Saur'hon chaotic neutral natural power, prehistoric creatures, dragons animal, chaos, destruction Erk'phor
Dragon King Neutral Dragons, Wealth, Wisdom, Authority Reptile, Law, Chaos, Dragon's Graveyard
Draike Chaotic Natural Death, Undeath, Vampires, Necromancy, Ghouls, Tyrents Bane, Despots Bane, Silver-Tounged, Dragon Slaying, Demons, war, Fire War, Death, Fire, Undeath, Hunger, Necromancy All of Thantos after killing Orcus and Doresain and seizing control over everything they once ruled over as well as Graziat's layer of the abyss. And a realm of his own creation The Realm of Eternal Undeath.
Draxis Lawful Neutral Magic, Knowledge, Progress,Logic Knowledge Domain, Magic Domain, Rune Domain
Eliphas Lawful Evil Religion, Worship, Devotion, Fear Evil, Darkness, Death, Fire, Law The Nine Hells of Baator
Elsa Neutral Good Winter, Snow, Ice, Siblings, Independance Weather Domain, Nobility Domain, Good Domain, Air Domain, Community Domain Arendale
Empream Neutral Good Empream is the Father God of all Magick within the universe , Empream was trusted by the Creator Gods to be the Guardian of all Magick Magic
Empress Sinestra Chaotic Evil Hatred,Serpents,Shape-shifting, Chaos, Evil, Hatred, Scalykind, Transformation The Abyss
Erda True Neutral The Earth, Nature, the Natural Balance Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Animal, Healing, Strength Outlands
Eth Lawful Neutral Life and Death Death, Repose, Law Neutral-Aligned Plane or Endhaven
Euna Neutral Good Near Omnipresent Air, Animal, Creation, Death, Destruction, Earth, Fire, Good, Plant, Sun, Water, Weather Divine Alliance Headquarters
Eura Chaotic Good seasons, farming, celebration, birth, fertility, rain Animal, Chaos, Good, Weather Nymnelia, Outer Fields
Evaldir Chaotic Good. Vampires dying, The Decree fighting, fighting blind or in total darkness. Death, Chaos, Travel, War. Prime Material.
Exaka Lawful Evil honor, control, mercilessness Destruction, Evil, Law, War Nymnelia, Mesaba: The Damned City
Faunt Chaotic Good Theft, Rogues, Gold, Stealth, Slum Folk. Knowledge, Luck, Travel, Trickery Ulen
Flying Spaghetti Monster Chaotic Neutral Contradictions, Beer, Piracy Liberation, Mind, Pasta Pastalan
Gadriel Lawful Good Fortress Celestia, guards, defenders, archons, paladins. Glory, Good, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Strength, War Land of Justice, Fortress Celestia
Gaia, Mother of the Earth True neutral Nature Nature, Sun, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Animal, Plant The Outlands
Garrakg, Orcish Chef God Chaotic Neutral Food, Culinary Arts, Meat, Spices, Cannibalism, Feasting Chaos, Madness, Hunger(as seen in Libris Mortis) Limbo
Giraldo Neutral Water, Rivers, Secrets, Oceans N/A Plane of Water
Godness of Mana Chaotic Good Life,Mana,Spirits Element All Elements, Healing, Protection, All Elf Races
Gork CE Brutality and fighting War, Chaos, Evil, Strength The Great Green
Grendale Chaotic Neutral Fire, Weather, Chaos Fire Valgora
Grininthar Chaotic Neutral Lightning, Storms, Volta Plant, Storms, Electricty, Chaos The Eternal Storm
Grkafsldewa Neutral Evil Cruelty, Torment, Pettyness, Sadism Evil, Healing, Pain (BoVD), Torture Torquo Dolentissime, a demiplane resembling an endless torture cellar in the interdimensional periphery of Baator
Groke Who Is Cold Neutral (inapplicable in Years of Gold campaign setting) Death, Rest, Winter, Passing, Traveling Death, Destruction, Travel Pansaer
Grond Koour Neutral Grond Koour oversees those who preach acceptance and those who are neutral or good in alignment Peace, Nature, Knowledge Mechanus
Guacamelee True Neutral Wrestlers, Luchadors, Those who possess great physical strength, Fighters and The WWE Bytopia (Outer Plane)
Guthix True Neutral Balance Plant, Animal, Earth, Fire, Air, Water Material Plane
Guygus Chaotic Evil bringing pain, torment, suffering Evil, Chaos, Trickery Nymnelia, Deep Core
Hades Lawful Neutral God of the Underworld, Death, the Undead, Forbidden Riches Darkness, Death, Law, Olympus
Hal Chaotic Good Humor, Wit, Luck, Chivalry N/A None
Hastur Lawful Evil Air, Creativity, Evil, Art, Madness and Domination The Far Plane
Heart Simon Lawful Neutral True Magic, Creation Magic, Arch Mages, the temple of the Magi. Magic, Law, Knowledge Ulen
Hemor Chaotic Evil Blood letting, blood wasting, vampire spawns, vampire barbarians, defiance, murders Chaos, Death, Strength, War Prime Material
Hillwere Chaotic Neutral Animals, Monsters, Hunting, Life, Death Healing, Death, Animal Ulen
Hinonva True Neutral Enlightenment, Personal autonomy, Prophecy, Psionics, Psychic Magic, Serenity, Thought, Reason,


Balance, Mind, Mentalism, Oracle, Planning, Protection, Psionics, Psychic Concordant Domain of the Outlands
Horanus Lawful Neutral Hidden knowledge, magic, psionics, hidden things, scholars and knowledge in general. Magic (found in Spell Compedium), Time, Artifice, Creation, Law The Infinite Library
Iilahkun-Vokul Wahliik Neutral Evil Dragons, Evil Dragons, Trickery, Thievery, Assassination, Shadow, Shadow Dragons, The Night, Dark Forests, Death, Evil Animals, Poison, Rogues, Nature Darkness, Death, Shadow, Nature, Dragon Midnight
Illyria Lawful Evil War, Death, Betrayal, Void, Temptation, Sin, Evil, Torture, Tyranny Evil, Madness, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Fire, Magic, War The Dark
Imshi Neutral Good Love, Fraternity, Loyalty, Strength, Protection Strength, Protection, Good, Destruction
Itemean'p Neutral Evil War and devastion, but especially War Crimes and Genocide War, Destruction, Strength, Evil, Wrath* None; marauding throughout the Lower Planes
Kalak Lawful Evil Revolutions, Spite, War, Collapsed Tunnels, Darkness Earth, Evil, Fire, Nobility, War Elemental Plane of Fire
Kek Chaotic Neutral Meme Magic, Darkness, Primordial Destruction Death, Destruction, Luck Astral Plane
Kelmi Lawful Neutral Discipline, heirarchy, training, control, imprisonment, subjugation, leadership, subservience Artifice Domain, Community Domain, Earth Domain, Law Domain, Nobility Domain, Protection Domain The Overspace
Khane Chaotic good War, warriors, battles, conquest Chaos, War, Glory, Destruction Asgard
Kinanjar Lawful Evil The Nine, sin, power, tyranny, contracts; devils and other infernal beings Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, War The Nine, Barrens of Evil
Kindorsian Neutral Good Cricalans Air,Law,Good,Sky Crivis (Material Plane)
Kinwaise True Neutral Balance, Truth, Deceit, Madness, Sanity Knowledge, Luck, Madness, Trickery Raltes
Kithu Neutral Good Creation, Life, Fertilisation Creation, Nobility, Protection Astral Sea
Kommar Neutral Good Joy, pleasure, freedom, accomplishment, humility, selflessness, steadfastness, chastity Good Domain, Healing Domain, Protection Domain, Sun Domain The Finite Subspace
Kovas the Blade Chaotic Neutral The battlefield and all that it encompasses Death, War, Strength, Chaos, Spell Hurtung
Kratos Chaotic Neutral War, Protection, Conquest Audacity, Destruction, Glory, Protection and War Olympus/Ysgard
Kwhal Chaotic Good Fighters who use blades, dead hero's, arena's. empowerment, healing, war, Chaos, Good Material
Lakning Lawful Neutral Magic, medicine, agriculture, community Magic, Healing, Community Shekastkoré
Lantiama Neutral Good. Love, life, music, wine, reproduction, fertility, Nature, elegance and the balance of forces. Animal, Good, Healing, Plant or Protection. She orginaly came from the Material Plane.
Lask Lawful Evil Fate, Destruction, Evil, Disease, Suffering Pestilence, Evil, Destruction Plane of Acid
Legolad Lightstrider Lawfull Good Holiness, The Light, Retribution Good, Light Enlightium
Libros Neutral Good Good, Knowledge, Law, Books Knowledge, Good, Law, Chaos Plane of Knowledge
Lightinius Chaotic Good Good, light, protection Chaos, Good, Inquistion, Protection Arborea
Liliana, the Goddess of Spring Chaotic Neutral Spring Animal,Chaos,Plant Crivis (Material Plane)
Lo'hemeh Neutral Good Darkaralome Earth, Fire, Good, and Knowledge Shurrock, Bytopia
Lord Eiji CN Eijilund Plushies, Sun, Fire, Explosions, Candy, Inspiration, Madness Chaos, Fire, Sun, Madness, Construct, Dementation, Plushie Eijilund Material Plane/Godspace
Lough Neutral Nature, flowers, trees, herbs Plants, Healing Ulenyi
Lucifer Chaotic Netural Light (before his defeat), Darkness (after his defeat), Creation, Destruction (before his defeat), Rebellion (after his defeat), Death, Power, Magic, Knowledge Creation, Death, Repose, Magic, Knowledge Chamada, Gehenna
Lucifer, the pit fiend Lawful Evil War. Destruction. Destruction, Evil, Fire, Law, War The Underworld
Lumina Neutral Good Compassion, dawn, day, forgiveness, healing, hope, protection, sun. Charity, Community, Healing, Hope, Humility, Good, Light, Protection, Purification, Radiance Plane of Radiance
Luna Chaotic Nuetral Life, Love, Moon, Night, Protection Water, Healing, Protection Nocturnia (3.5e Environment)
Luni Lawful Neutral (inapplicable in Years of Gold campaign setting) Blessing, Luck, Hope, Love, Loss Healing, Luck, Protection Pansaer
Lysaera Neutral Good Balance, compassion, healing, harmony, protection, shadows, radiance, unity, hybrid races, gestalt classes, societal outcasts. Balance, Compassion, Healing, Harmony, Light, Protection, Twilight, Unity. Crepuscular's Sanctuary, Lysaera's realm within the plane of Elysium.
Machidiel Lawful Good Justice, Bravery, Honor, Paladins Good, Law, Strength, Sun, Community, Nobility, Glory Celestia (Mertion)
Makantar Neutral Evil Goblins, Destruction, Tribal empires, Traditions, Survival Destruction, Survival He roams the material plane
Malachi Neutral Good Death, Darkness, Good Death, Darkness, Good, Time Plane of Shadow
Marduk Lawful Neutral Honor, Justice, Law, Rulers, Civilization, Warfare Law, Protection, War Celestia
Meeric Chaotic Evil Illusions, Shadow, Thieves, Tricks N/A Plane of Shadow
Mieli Chaotic Neutral (inapplicable in Years of Gold campaign setting) Nature, Savagery, Game, Hunting, Freedom Animal, Strength, Plant Pansaer
Miskale Lawful/Good Goddess of all things Holy. Protecting the weak and healing the injured. Creator of Angels. Good, Healing, Law, Protection Outer Plane
Modroben True Neutral Death, Time, Fate and Destiny Repose, Knowledge, Word, Claine, Strength Outlands
Mok'Ram Neutral Evil Fear, torture, capture, ambition, greed, selfishness, temptation, seduction Charm Domain, Darkness Domain, Evil Domain, Madness Domain, Trickery Domain, War Domain The Finite Subspace
Mollarok Lawful Neutral Law, Justice, War Law Valgora
Monoeilanor Neutral Good Monoeilanor looks over the heavens and stars. Light, Good, Heaven. The celestial plane.
Mork Chaotic Neutral War, Battle, Brutality and Fighting War, Strength, Chaos, Destruction, Orc The Great Green (Which is Greener than Gorks)
Morker Lawful Evil Night, runes, conquest Rune, War, Darkness Gabrest
Morran Lawful Neutral (inapplicable in Years of Gold campaign setting) Magic, Lore, Fire, Secrets, Teaching Fire, Knowledge, Magic Pansaer
Muertix Evil. Has a Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic Aspect. Muertix watches over all those who are shunned for practicing Necromancy. Death, War Hollow Dark
Murminia True Neutral Death, the underworld, peace. Repose, Glory, Darkness Windswept Depths of Pandemonium
Myillz Lawful Neutral honor, order, study, perseverance, loyalty Law, Strength, War Nymnelia, Mountain's Core
Namund Chaotic Good/ Chaotic Neutral Change, Chaos, Water, Laughter, The aspects of Innocence Water, Machine, Chaos Material
Neldalla Neutral Evil Destruction, Fire, War, Disease, Corruption, Undeath Evil, Fire, Destruction, War, Knowledge, Trickery, Death, Magic, Plant, Sun Prime (Chalimba)
Nesthene Chaotic Neutral Monsters,Birth,Deformation Creation Material Plane
Nicor Neutral Evil God of Evil and Death Evil, Death, Destruction, Chaos, War Negative Energy Plane
Nixxis Chaotic Evil the creation of a lich, destruction of sorcerers, mutilation of any good cleric or paladin, torture, pestilence, death, insanity Chaos, Death, Dementation, Evil, Knowledge, Madness, Magic negitive energy plane (called the true abyss by followers)
Nyx Chaotic Neutral Night, Moon, Dreams Chaos, Knowledge, Mind, Darkness Pandemonium
One-Eye Jack Neutral Making Money Luck, Travel, Trickery No fixed home
Pandora, Remnant God True Neutral Sentience, Morality, Innocence, Corruption, exploitation. Death, Healing, Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Travel, Trickery. Material plane
Peliosus Lawful Neutral Law, Death, Knowledge, Judgment, Earth Artifice, Community, Creation, Earth, Law, Magic, Nobility, Repose, Sun, Time Prime (Chalimba)
Perandor Chaotic Neutral Magic, War, Power, Necromancy Spell, Deathbound, War, Magic Shadowrealms of Living Spells
Pervortia Neutral Good / True Neutral Sex, Love, Lust, Desire, Fantasy, Mind Creation, Magic The Great Love-Nest
Plott CN Inconsistency, contradiction, impossibility, unpredictability, and holes Chaos, Darkness, Madness, Trickery Elemental Plane of holes
Potatotus Chaotic Good Rainbows,Creation,Magic,Potatoes,Weird Potato, Plant, Fire Potatoville, the plane of Potatoes.
Red Lady of War Chaotic Neutral War, Conquest, Victory, Ambition, Prophecy Chaos, Destruction, War None
Rejik Chaotic Neutral freedom, timelessness, fun Animal, Chaos, Plant, Sun Nymnelia, Ancient Groves
Rejiksson Lawful Good honor, goodness, kindness, truth. Air, Earth, Fire, Good, Law, Water Nymnelia, the High Valley
Romena Neutral Good Medicine, Peace, Guardianship, Nature, Kindness Good, Animal, Plant, Water, Healing, Protection, Magic, Luck, Travel, War Prime (Chalimba)
Rovluap Chaotic Evil Trolls, Negativity, Hunger Negative
Saera'Ghul Lawful Good/Chaotic Evil Law, Protection, Destruction, Corruption Death, Destruction, Healing, Protection Material Plane
Samael Neutral Chaotic Conflict, Violence, War, Strife Chaos, Death, War Chaotic-Aligned Plane
Sansiwal Neutral Good Ice, walruses, water, walruses, arctic animals, walruses Water, Animal, Good, Healing, Luck, Protection The dimension of Artica
Santana Chaotic Neutral Combat, Combat Death, Hunting, Independence, Weapons, Bones War, Liberation, Death Khalas, Gehenna
Saradomin Neutral Good Light, Virtue, Peace Good, Protection, Healing Realm of Gods
Satan Chaotic Evil He oversees all and despises those of good alignments Destruction, evil, chaos, war, darkness, strength Nine hells (outcast)
Schirach Neutral Evil Darkness, Magic Darkness, Magic, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Charm Shadow Palace
Seaganatin Shynn Chaotic Good Retribution, the falsely accused, judgment, those courting their future lovers. Retribution, Good, War, Protection, Dragons. Prime Material
Seir Chaotic Good Freedom, Safe Travel, Confidence, Noble Bandits Good, Chaos, Air, Travel, Liberation, Renewal* Bytopia (Shurrock)
Sephiroth Chaotic Evil Hatred, Chaos, Annihilation Chaos, Destruction. The Material Plane.
Serune the Senile Chaotic Good Good warlocks, bags of holding, Half-elves, senility Half-elf, Chaotic domain, good domain, and travel. Celestia
Servomnis Chaotic Good Retribution, altruism, protection, social justice. Retribution, Good, Protection, Healing
Set Neutral Evil Dark Arts, Murder, Terror, Tiranny, Snakes. Darkness, Evil, Magic, Animal Unknown
Shabekhi Chaotic Good Seasons, Weather, Harvests, Foresight and Elves Weather, Mind, Healing, Oracle, Death, Magic, Luck, Plants, and Animals Feywild
Shiles Chaotic Neutral Fire, Rebirth, Drought, Deserts N/A Plane of Fire
Sigiswald While at rest, Chaotic Neutral, but it may change at will Madmen, Artists, Rulers, Thieves, the Forgotten (Pre-Fall); Travelers, Healers, Outcasts, Redemption Seekers Chaos, Death, Evil, Madness, Trickery, and War (Pre-Fall); Creation, Healing, Liberation, Repose, Travel (Post-Fall) Warped Plane
Silvest CG Luck, Intelect, Valor, Battle Strength, Luck, Good Positive Energy Plane
Sol Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good Strength, Prosperity, Light, Everburning Flame Fire, Sun, and Strength Material Plane, yet also travels to the Plane of Fire where he is known as All Powerful
Solas Neutral Evil Anarchy, corruption, cruelty, dawn, daytime, eradication, illumination, oppression, radiance, sacrifice. Corruption, Corrupted Sun, Deathless, Destruction, Evil, Light, Madness, Radiance, Suffering, Trickery, Tyranny. Hades
SoshaVee Neutral Evil Selfishness Evil, Fire, Sun, Travel Nymnelia, Sosha
Stamely Lawful Evil Power, Hatred, Siege, Disease. Evil, Law, Death. Dark Reach
Sylornath Lawful Neutral Crafts, creation, law, magic, purpose Artifice, Creation, Law, Magic, Protection. Realm of the Second Breath
Tempus Chaotic Neutral War, Battle Protection Domain, Strength Domain, War Domain Warrior's Rest
Terreia true neutral nature, animals, earth. neutrality, sancuary Rubyspire Vale
The Machine-God Lawful Neutral Knowledge, technology, progress, fate, mathematics. Knowledge, Law, Artifice, Creation Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus
The Shadow Neutral Evil Shadow, destruction, lost love Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Hatred, Shadow Material Plane (The Shadowed Domain)
Thule Chaotic Evil. Destruction, Conflagration, Earthquakes, Disaster, Rebellion, Storms, Winter. Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Ice, Storms. The Realms of Conflict
Tiamat Chaotic Evil Domination, Natural Selection, Supremacy, Subjugation, Power Destruction, War, Scalykind, Evil, Chaos Abyss
Tigron Lawful Neutral Strength, Law, War, Honor, Discipline N/A None
Tileria Chaotic Neutral Air, Sky, Rain, Storms, Travel Plane of Air
Trigon Chaotic Neutral Power, fire, world domination, total devastation, total domination Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Magic, War The Infinite Layers of the Abyss
Tritizina, the Goddess of Fall Lawful Neutral Autumn Air,Law,Sky Crivis (Material Plane)
Turelezo Neutral Good Plants, Animals, Farming, Fertility, Elves Air, Animal, Death, Earth, Good, Healing. Plant, Protection, Sun, Elf (SpC), Time (SpC) The Eternal Forest
Tythia Lawful Good Fairness, Recompense, Oathkeeping, Law, Paladins, Government Law, Good, Community, Liberation Lawful Good
Tzeentch Chaotic Neutral Hope, Change, Scheming, Manipulation ,Power ,Sorcery ,ambition Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, Planning, Trickery

(Some of these domains are found in the Spell Compendium)

The Warp
Uranus Neutral Good Uranus is god of Heaven and the Sky. He was ruler of the universe until his disintegration. Now resurrected, Uranus rules the surviving primordial gods and is advisor to Zeus. Air, Good, Healing, Light Olympus
Utiolth Neutral Evil Death, Undeath, Shadow, Murder, Darkness, Caverns. Death, Shadow, Destruction, Evil The Conquest of Death
Valkek Lawful Evil Vampiric reproduction, Families, Empires Death, Evil, Law, Protection Negative Energy Plane
Vameril Neutral Evil Death, Destruction, War, Famin Death, Destruction, Evil None
Varda Any Lawful Sun, War, Strength, Healing, Life Glory, Sun, War, Healing Ethereal
Vargach Lawful Good War, Good, Law Strength Valgora
Varglokirr Neutral Evil Oppression, Usurpers, Conquerors, Authority, Rule Evil, Nobility, Law, Strength, War Deific Sphere
Vasilios Lawful Good. War, Wrath, Honor, Justice, Good, Law. Law, War, Strength, Good, Protection, Glory. The Citadel of Celestis.
Veles Chaotic Neutral Autumn, Underworld, Earth, Waters, Fertility, Cattle, Pasture, Snakes, Wolves, Medicine and Magic Earth, Water, Magic, Animals Underworld and The Wild
Velkor Lawful evil Strength, Law, judgment, Evil, Knowledge, Balance, Destruction Strength, Law, judgment, Evil, Knowledge, Balance, Destruction Everywhere
Vermana Unknown, generally considered Lawful Neutral Death, Judging the dead, watching over the dead While she has no clerics her domains are: Balance (SpC), Death, Deathbound (SpC), Law_Domain, The Gate
Volgan Neutral Evil Night, Darkness, Necromancy, Undead N/A The Plane of Shadow
Vulkan He'stan Lawful Neutral Honor, Duty, Glory, War, Protection, Fire, Smithworks War, Protection, Fire, Glory Nocturne, plane of smiths and forges
Wulfkuldi Neutral Evil Wolves, Winter, Frost, Dawn, Aurora, Death, Wilderness, Madness Animal, Magic, Madness, Weather, Death Auroral
Xarlen Chaotic Good Near Omniscient Artifice, Chaos, Charm, Darkness, Good, Knowledge, Luck, Madness, Magic, Mind, Rune, Trickery Divine Alliance Headquarters
Xemus Neutral Good Crafting, Blacksmithing, War Artifice, Creation, Good, Fire, Rune, War Hephaestian plane, Vulgo Vulcani
Xom Chaotic Neutral Chaos Chaos Ever changing plane of chaos
Xymor Neutral Good Magic, Healing, Metallic Dragons, Good Draconic Spellcasters, Redeemed Chromatic Dragons Magic, Healing, Good Celestia
Xyz Lawful Neutral Fate, Balance, Omniscience, Time and Space, Psionics Fate, Knowledge, Artifice, Mechanus Redoubt of the Omniscient (demi-plane)
Yemaya Lawful Good The Moon, Law, Peace, and Intelligence. Good, Law, Water, Knowledge, Creation, Artifice, Healing, Protection, Community, and Nobility Decus
Yomai Lawful Neutral The nocturnal Moon, Night Material Plane
Ysarlix Neutral Earth, Nature, Plant, Animal N/A Plane of Earth
Zalgo Neutral Evil Chaos, Torture, Evil, Trickery, Evil, Torture, Song, Death, Madness A chaotic evil align plane
Zannan Lawful Neutral Death and Time Balance, Fatality, Law, Time, Travel The Shadowland
Zarus Lawful Evil Humanity, Domination, Perfection. Destiny, Evil, Law, Strength, War. Acheron
Zero Chaotic Neutral Archers, Chivalry, Good, Life, Love Good, Healing, Luck, Protection, and War Astral Plane
Zeus Chaotic Good Storms, Weather, Royalty/Leaders, Anger, Fatherhood Storm, Weather, Good, Chaos, Nobility, Air Olympus
Zeya Chaotic Neutral Vengeance, Wrath, Liberation, and Rebellion War, Liberation, Chaos, Strength Ysgard
Zirul Chaotic Neutral Rangers, Assassins, Rogues Death, Darkness, War, Destruction Chaos Zones, Barrens of Evil, Astral Plane, Shadow Plane, Material Plane
Zula Khan, The Serpentine Queen
Zuul Traab CE Sea, death, darkness, hatred, jellyfish Chaos, Evil, Water Elemental plane of water
Zvarta True Neutral with Lawful Neutral tendancies. The Court of Gods, divine power, laws, arbitration, legal procedures, courtrooms, leadership Knowledge, Magic, Nobility The Court of Gods, Celestial Courts.
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