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Greater Deity
Symbol: Charred balance scale with one side strings burnt, torn, and ripped but still in balance
Home Plane: The Plane of Despair
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Victory, Valor, Justice, Protection of the weak, Conquest, War,
Clergy Alignments: Lawful good, Lawful Neutral, Neutral good, true Neutral
Domains: Glory, Protection,
Favored Weapon: Large Flail
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Believed to have once rid the the great plane of despair of all evil creatures alone. this once great crusader stood for victory, valor, justice, protection of the weak, war, and the crusade. Appearing to be an average man, Aazzoren is easily identified by his Flail "The Worlds Burden" which weights 200 Lbs, and is quite large, but strangely wields it only needing one hand and his shield "Evil's End" which shows a skull and bones under a cross.


Aazzoren the god of righteousness. He leads his followers through lives of fascinating adventures, perilous journeys and unimaginable sights only asking one thing in return, that those willing to accept his gift use it only in his name. His righteous Furry empowers his followers to continue banishing evil, But leaves what "evil" is to his followers.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Aazzoren, like Aendar, also doesn't ask for places of worship but asks after every battle you bless the ground in his name. He does this not for fame nor glory but to ensure the souls of those defeated pass through the void safely.

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