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Greater Deity
Symbol: An ancient-Greek-style helmet
Home Plane: Venya, Mount Celestia
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Protection, Knowledge, Wars of liberation, Glory, Punishing evil
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Good, Neutral Good
Domains: Protection, Knowledge, Liberation, Glory
Favored Weapon: Magic Spear
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Athena monitors the souls of mortals, seeking out the most evil ones. Upon such evil beings she places a curse, which will turn their soul into a wretched blob known as a lemure upon their death.

Athena has pale skin, curly dark brown hair, and brown eyes. In contrast to mortal humans, Athena's flesh is rather hard, her muscles as hard as stone, and this makes her especially tough in battle. As is common in archangels, Athena has 2 large wings attached to her back. Her wings have white feathers.

Athena wears an ancient-Greek-style helmet which covers up much of her hair. The helmet usually has the visor tilted up, such that Athena's face is exposed. Athena wears a thin white cloth sheet that is wrapped around her, and she wears leather sandals, with straps that wrap around diagonally up her calves, and a shield, breastplate, and cloak. She sometimes also carries a magical spear strapped to her back, particularly when she is leading armies of mortals.

In battle, Athena only uses a spear when fighting alongside mortals, so as to imitate the way that mortals fight. Since Athena has the strength of a god, she has no problem wielding the spear. Athena hardly needs to use a spear, or any weapon, due to her godly powers. Athena is able to make a very powerful attack by opening her mouth wide and shooting out a conical blast of bits of red-orange lava.

Athena's lair is in Venya, on Mount Celestia. Athena's lair is a marble temple on a mountainside that is covered with pine trees and snow. The temple has many tall columns of marble, supporting very high roofs.


Athena teaches her followers to defend the innocent, fight for liberty, and punish evil beings.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Athena's clergy dress in imitation of Athena, and follow Athena's teachings. In battle however, Athena's followers usually wear armor, since a thin white cloth sheet provides minimal protection.

Athena's temples are made in imitation of the style of Athena's lair, being made of marble, and incorporating marble columns.

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