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The Navel of the World

Endhaven is the exact center of all the worlds. It is the only plane that may easily be accessed by any person. This is the land of the dead, where the Mother of Storms takes the souls of the dead and inters them in the Lake of Souls. Legend says that she created all the worlds, and one day, she will destroy them.

  • All souls that die in the near planes come here, to the Lake of Souls, where they are classified and interred by Eth, Librarian of the Dead.
  • This is the place where adventurers can come to have their allies raised from the dead.
  • There are no undead on this plane. Undead can not enter or exist here by any means. The souls that do come here come via the soul hounds.

This place is reached by entering a body of water no smaller than a pond with the intent of reaching this place.

Leaving this realm requires a deal with a Storm Hag.


Mother of Storms[edit]

Myth says that the Mother of Storms created the world, and one day, she will destroy it. Whether this is true or not, she now lives here, on an island in the Lake of Souls in a dead volcano at the Navel of the World. Legend says that the Navel, or the Core as some call it, is at the very center of everything.

Dealing with the Mother of Storms is no petty matters. She is an insidious bargainer, knowing far more about the price that you will pay than you do. Make no mistake, you will pay her price, and that price will be too high.

Eth, Librarian of the Dead[edit]

Eth classifies the dead, then places them all in their proper places.

Eth has a Jackal head and a human body. He trains the Soul Hounds to retrieve expired souls. The soul hounds are incorporeal, except in this world, where they are corporeal.

Rem, Goddess of Dreams[edit]

Rem is the daughter of the Mother of Storms and Chronos, god of time. She knows the secrets of the Land of Dreams.

The Hags of the Mountain[edit]

Resurrection is not cheap on the Mountain of Storms, and none pay with gold. Most mortals fear the Mother of Storms, as they should. Instead, they approach the many storm hags that live upon the storming mountain and deal with them. These are not fair bargains. The hags always bargain to name their price at a future date. The people who accept these bargains are desperate, and they always pay a price more expensive than they anticipated.

The hags act as intermediaries between themselves and the Mother. The Mother communicates with them via telepathic means. They bargain in Her name, and always to Her mysterious agenda.

When people approach the lake for their final rest, the hags will help the dying finish their journey. One touch of the water of the Lake of Souls is death to mortals, but not to these hags. In this aspect, they usually hide their true forms behind an illusion that is pleasing and comforting to the dying.


Endhaven is an island with a volcanic crater. Inside the volcanic crater is a perfectly still lake, called the Lake of Souls, where nothing lives. It is in this lake that Eth poles his boat, directing the dead. In a small conic island in the Lake of souls, there is a cave where one meets the Mother of Storms. (For a visual reference, search for Crater Lake National Park.)


There are numerous villages along the coast run by the Order of the Last Days. None of these have a name. They simply are. They are filled with people descending towards death, but who have not yet made the pilgrimage up the mountain to their final end.

These villages were originally the homes for those who carved the tombs on the island. They were abandoned millenia ago, yet never aged.


There are many forgotten tombs on this island. For four thousand years, Emperors and Kings have had their bodies interred in this land. There are fabulous riches in these tomb, but few are brave enough to raid them. They are places of traps, constructs, and deadly puzzles. There are no undead in these tombs. The Mother of Storms does not allow this. Anything else, including the summoning of powerful vile or holy creatures, she does allow.


The Order of the Last Days[edit]

The Order of the Last Days serves the terminally ill in the towns. They are also called the Silent Ones.

The Dying[edit]

These people come to the this place to end their days. When their time comes, they walk or are carried up the mountain, then enter the Lake of Souls.

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