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Eth, Librarian of the Dead[edit]

Eth, Librarian of the Dead
Greater Deity
Symbol: Stylized Canine Head
Home Plane: Neutral-Aligned Plane or Endhaven
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Life and Death
Clergy Alignments: Lawful
Domains: Death, Repose, Law
Favored Weapon: None

Eth is the god of the dead. He is best understood as the Manager of the Dead, rather than the Harvester of the Dead. He directs the collection of souls, their disposition for eternity, and their return to the living should it be needed.


Eth has a simple simple dogma: life and death happen. These are natural events.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Eth is portrayed as a jackal headed man flanked by two dogs.

The Temples of Eth are not places of worship. Instead, his temples are funerary in nature. They act as both hospices, where the terminally ill go to die, and as funeral homes, where the final rites of death are performed. Any creature which is given proper funeral rites in a temple of Eth can not come back to life by unnatural means.

All clergy of Eth take a vow of poverty. Eth allows his clergy to carry his holy symbol, the items necessary to perform last rites, and holy water.

Most clergy of Eth are pacifists. Some of his clergy dedicate themselves to destroying undead.

Clergy of Eth may perform last rites. They expend one turn attempt per dead being. The ten minute rite prevents a being from rising from the dead. One vial of holy water is necessary in this rite, along with a few special oils.

The clergy of Eth may both command and rebuke undead. They can do this as they represent the authority of Eth. When their command of undead ends, these undead suffer the effects of turning at the same values as the command roll.

For those seeking resurrection, this is not the place to go. Resurrection is counter to the natural order. When clerics of other temples resurrect, their gods intercede with Eth, and Eth returns the soul to the world of the living.

Eth sends his soul hounds to collect souls of the dead and to send forth the souls of the newly born.

Endhaven Setting[edit]

In the Endhaven setting, Eth lives in the Endhaven. He serves the Mother of Storms. The Order of the Last Days has a very strong connection with Eth.

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