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There are many gods in Endhaven. Any god from any setting may be available. Most pantheons have their homes deep in the Mythic realm, although some pantheons have their realms elsewhere.

These are gods specific to Endhaven:

Enigmatic Pantheon[edit]

These gods are known to stand outside of time. They are much studied, yet greatly unknown. They have an inexplicable relationship to world affairs. There are very few temples to these deities. They are not widely worshipped. Most people know of them, but they know little.

Charystan Pantheon[edit]

These are major gods specific to Charystan Pantheon. The Charystan pantheon is a civic pantheon, focusing on civilization, and how civilization relates to the world around it.

  • Hart, Lady of Wild Creatures
  • Heather, White Lady of Peace, Agriculture
  • Sonoren, Knower of Knowledge
  • Tythia, Empress of the Gods, Patron of Fairness, Martial Skill

Feral Pantheon[edit]

The Feral pantheon were ancient foes of the Charystan pantheon. They were defeated during the Crusade of Light. For many years they have lain imprisoned. The first freed was Samael, who established the Feral Nation. Through his machinations, both One-Eyed Jack and the Red Lady of War have been freed. One-Eyed Jack collapsed the Savage Seas into piracy. The Red Lady of War collapsed the Pheonix Empire into its current junta states.

These are the gods of the Feral Pantheon:

  • One-Eye Jack, Seizer of Wealth
  • Red Lady of War, Seductress of Battle
  • Samael, Lord of Violence
  • The Dread General, Lord of Relentless Opposition (imprisoned)
    • The Relentless Legion (imprisoned)
  • Loki, Bringer of Purposeful Misfortune (imprisoned)
  • The Advisor Who Rules (imprisoned)
  • The Taskmaster, Enslaver of All

Elemental Lords[edit]

These are the ruling Elemental Lords.

Elder Pantheon[edit]

These gods are so old and terrible that even the Feral Gods are unwilling to free them. They have no names, only descriptions.

Other Gods[edit]

Dead Gods[edit]

  • Nomos
  • Lord Tsunami of the Water
  • Lord Magma of Fire
  • Lord Cason of Earth
  • Numerous Elemental Lords

List of Gods[edit]

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