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Chronos (3.5e Deity)

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Image of Chronos
Symbol: Hourglass
Home Plane: Time
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Time, Perception
Clergy Alignments: Neutral
Domains: None
Favored Weapon: Time

Chronos is the personification of time. He is both the ultimate creator and the ultimate destructor. He himself is the time that we go through, yet lies outside of time. To Chronos, all of time is as a book to be paged forward or backward as he sees fit. He knows the full breadth of history, yet is also ignorant of it. He is like a writer who keeps revising his work, and always surprised at what his characters do.


Chronos neither professes nor endorses dogma. His is the dogma of time itself. All things have a beginning. All things have an end. All things happen again.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Few worship Chronos. Some state sponsored cults exist, usually side altars in a more prominent temple.


In the Endhaven setting, Chronos is a paramour of the Queen of Storms. Their child is Rem.


In the Valgora campaign setting, Chronos is an ally to Kurak, JuWell, and Mollarok

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