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These entities are beyond the ken of mortals and care nothing for worshipers. They do not grant spells, do not answer prayers, and do not respond to queries. If they are known at all, it is to a handful of scholars on the Material Plane. They are called overdeities. In some pantheistic systems, the consent of an overdeity is required to become a god.

Name Alignment Portfolio Symbol Plane Clergy Alignments Clergy Domains
Adamor Lawful Good Honor, Courage, Good, The quest against evil A greatsword or a Silver Dragon Positive Plane Lawful Good-Chaotic Good Good Domain, Protection Domain
Aetherious Neutral Creation, Life, Dreams, Peace. An orb surrounded by a blue haze representing the breath of life and the orb representing a seed. Material Plane Any. Life, Creation, Light
Alonos Chaotic Good Life, Enchantment Golden Sun Good, Healing, Fertility, Charm, Magic, Protection, Sun
AM Neutral Life, death, law, chaos, good, evil, fate, knowledge and, magic Open book entwined with infinity symbol Unknown Any All
Amontinel Chaotic Good Magic, Arcane Knowledge A silver coin with two faces Good, Magic, Knowledge, Rune, Spell, Artifice, Charm
Arbos Neutral Good Nature, The Living, Creative arts, Healing, Restoration A white fire burning within a halo The plane of Life Followers must be chaotic, neutral or lawful good, or True Neutral Healing, Good, Knowledge, Protection
Azrus Neutral Time, the small things in life, individuality, balance, life and death, change An hourglass set in ebony wood with white sand The Chronos Dunes Neutral Death Domain, Glory Domain, Knowledge Domain, Magic Domain, Mind Domain, Repose Domain
Calalieslogia, the Vileblood Queen Evil Incarnate (LE, NE, CE) Vilebloods, Soshokzii, Evil Queens Six dragon wings Evernight LN, N, CN, LE, NE, CE Bestial, Blood, Death, Destruction, Demonic, Domination, Dragon, Entropy, Envy, Evil, Fire
Carallena True Neutral The Gods A crown with three spires The High Plane of Nassari Any Nobility, Protection, Liberation, Healing, Knowledge
Celeste Van Zyl NE The elven goddess of nature & revenge Bird Unicon Must be neutral evil Nature Evil Retrabution
Chaos True Chaotic Anarchy, Chaos, Change, Freedom, Excitement Hand flipping a Coin with a black hole in the middle Elemental Plane of Chaos True Chaotic Chaos,
Chaos, Variant Chaotic Neutral(Good tendencies) Chaos, Trickery An Axe, one side fire, and the other side icy Chaos, Nature, Destruction, Trickery, Magic
Chronos Lawful Neutral Time, Dejavu, Paradox An hourglass within a circle The Chronos Dunes and Demiplane of Time Any Neutral Time, Pact, Entropy, Mind, Domination.
Demer Lawful Neutral Laws of existence and law in general An eagle sitting atop the pommel of a Greatsword Leuadinas, city on the Moon Lawful Only Law, Stone, Air, Power, Glory, Liberation, Protection and Healing
Deus Ex Machina Neutral Good Destiny. Fate. The Story of Existence. The Chronicling of all things. Progress. Machines. Technology. Magic. A Bronze Cog on top of an open book A realm Existing outside Destiny None Knowledge. Creation. Balance. Artifice. Luck.
Dhuum Neutral Evil; Chaotic Evil Death, War, Conquest, Insanity, Pain, Terror, and Corruption. Upside down scythe sitting at a diagonal angle with the butt ending in a ring with 4 spikes. Underworld Neutral Evil; Chaotic Evil Underworld & Chaos Plane trying to push for the living world.
Draco Veistul
Drakusatheon True Neutral The Void, Emptiness, Darkness, Finality A black spiral encompassed by eight black arrows pointing inwards. Nephrim, on the Isle of Cantas Any Neutral Creation, Darkness, Destruction, Knowledge
Dungeon Master CE Everything A Can of Mountain Dew All Of Them None required All Domains
Dylian Neutral Good Good, Strength, Battle An Silver blade infront of a golden shield. The Celestia Any non-evil Glory, Good, Strength, War, Retribution, Charm, Courage
Ein Sof True Neutral Existence A golden sunburst on a field of black. Itself, the unknown "Sea of Chaos" hidden between worlds True Neutral, Neutral Good, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Neutral Air, Destruction, Earth, Knowledge, Magic, Water, Creation, Madness, Balance*, Word
Eliwyn Neutral Good Nature, Mercy A White Rose Good, Animals, Plant, Fire, Earth, Wind, Water
Elkinzel True Neutral As the Creator and Keeper, Elkinzel has all portfolios A book with a Star on the cover Library of the Stars Elkinzel's worshippers can be of any alignment Just as the portfolios, Elkinzel has access to all domains
Emperor over the Sea, The Lawful Good (with neutral tendencies) divine law, creation, cosmology none, the Emperor is nominally acknowledged in word only Unknown (Aslan's Country?) any non - evil all domains except evil
Empyron Lawful Good The Sun, Stars, Agriculture, Wealth A sword Law, Sun, Trade, Community, Plants, Harvest, Metal
Fanell Lawful Good Order, Justice Warhammer Good, War, Magic, Fate, Truth
Giant Flying Purple Baby Chaotic Neutral Mystery, Purple things, Disappearances, Rebirth, Deformities, Chaos, Gifts, Random S**t Purple Fetus Purple Womb of Doom Any Chaotic Chaos
God, Christian Faith Lawful Good Healing, Protection of Faithful, Good Cross Heaven Any non-Evil Community, Creation, Glory, Good, Healing, Law, Purification, Renewal
Gygax NG sages, heroes, and adventurers alike quill and parchment The Crossroads/Halls of Gygax any good knowledge, magic, good, adventure, creation
Hreth Chaotic Evil Suffering, Torture, Suffocation, Nightmares, Horror A ring of black thorny vine The Ethereal Plane Chaotic Evil Evil, Madness
Invisible Pink Unicorn Lawful Neutral Bringer of Law Marinara Non-chaotic Charm, Law, Animal, Knowledge
Jaccob Neutral Evil Evil, Knowledge, Magic An Humanoid Skull The Waste Any Deathbound, Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Mind, Trickery, Suffering
Jayem-Dea Neutral Balance A gold or silver balance scale Limbo Must be Neutral Chaos, Evil, Good, Law, Protection
K't'hoo-lhoo (4e Deity) CE Madness, destruction Tentacles Far Realm CE, CN, N, NE Destruction, Entropy, Madness
Katarsmi Neutral the end of time A styilized black circle with a toothy maw at the center. The Maw True Neutral, or any evil death, destruction
Kynthé Chaotic neutral, leaning towards good Darkness, Invisibility, Nocturnality Skull with moth wings The Darktower Any non-lawful Darkness
Logos (3.5e Creature)
Lohm True Neutral Death, Unconsciousness, Forgetting, Impermanence, Indifference A dead leaf blowing in the wind The Material Plane True Neutral, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral Repose
Lord of the Sun Chaotic Good Sun a disc of gold The Material Planes (the Sun) CG, NG, CN Sun, fire, light, healing, strength, good, chaotic
Lumrenescim Rainlight Neutral good Good, the upper planes, prismatic dragons Disc of shifting colors above a silvery-gold landscape of all kinds dotted with cities and castles (representing the whole of the planes of good) Upper planes (all of them simultaneously) Chaotic good, lawful good, neutral good Dragon, Protection, Sky, Strength, Sun
Morwyn Neutral Good Love, Emotions, Beauty Ruby Crown Good, Royalty, Family, Charm, Community, Fertility, Fire
Mother of Storms See text. Life and Death, Future and Past, Creation and Destruction None Material Plane or Endhaven See text. See text.
Myalel the eternal lady Lawful Evil wickedness torture undeath crying elf maiden the eternal kingdom LN, LE, NE Law, Evil, Death
Nihlus True Neutral Balance, Death, Void An empty disk Astral Sea Any Neutral Balance, Death, Oracle, Renewal
Nymnseph Lawful Good The Eunomian Empire both its protection and prosperity An unadorned Iron Circlet with a large (unsheathed) sword The Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia Nymnseph's followers may not be Chaotic or Evil Good, Law, Sun, War, Air
Primus Chaotic Neutral Existence, Things of the Past, Things of the Present, Things of the Future An Eye Plane Of Eternal Blood Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil N/A
Saran Neutral Good War, farming, honor, warriors A greatsword with a Celtic Not on it. Another symbol is a wolf with a giant sword on it's back. Asoron Neutral Good, Chaotic Good War, Protection, Strength, Chaos
Sardonis True Neutral Travel, Arhcery, Creation, Protection A waxing crescent moon with earthshine. None True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Neutral, Neutral Evil, Neutral Good Creation, Protection, Travel, Weather
Skorm Chaotic Evil Skorm oversees all Evil, Chaos, Magic, and War domains A black abyss that drains the light and hope of even the most positive outlook on life. Plane of Torture Must be Chaotic Evil/Neutral (if Neutral must be closer to Evil) Chaos, Evil, Magic, War
Strion Neutral Evil evil power a gold circle with a half purple half black gem in center the black kingdom TN, NE War, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, and Magic
Surza Neutral Space, the big picture, bias, uniformity, creation and destruction, consistency An iridescent tear The Chronos Dunes Neutral Artifice Domain, Community Domain, Creation Domain, Destruction Domain, Knowledge Domain, Magic Domain
Talamon Neutral Time, Perception Dragon's head Astral Neutral None
Tamereth NG Love, Good, Protection and The Blade The Eye with the Crossed dagger and rose Katheris and Formaites Any good Love, Good,
Tao True Neutral Balance Yin and Yang Ideology Any Neutral Healing, Balance, Death
Taria Lawful Good Death, War A butterfly Law, Repose, Charm, War, Combat, Strength, Craft
Ted the Mindflayer Chaotic Neutral Distressing images, fried foods, embarrassed elves, thumbs a Fry pan with bacon and egg mixed together You know that place that could lead to suicide and to complete insanity... Any nonlawful Chaos, Fry-Up, Hunger (Libris Mortis), Madness
The DM Every alignment Role-Playing Games A d20 Home Plane Unknown All All (limited by region)
The Duality True Neutral balance, equilibrium, humans, justice, neutrality. A circle, divided equally into a white and a black half with a gray line between them. Astral Plane Any: usually True Neutral Air Domain, Chaos Domain, Earth Domain, Evil Domain, Fire Domain, Good Domain, Law Domain, Water Domain.
The Flying Spaghetti Monster Chaotic Good Creator of all that exists
FSM mini.jpg
Marinara Non-lawful, good Air, Knowledge, Liberation, Luck, Mind, Trickery
The Great Painter Chaotic Good Air, Animals, Art, Artisans, Arts and crafts, Bards, Beauty, Birth, Chaos, Creation,Death, Earth, Fate,

Fathers, Fire, Flora and Fauna, Foresight, Forests, Good, Grief, Honor, Love, Mountains, Pain, Prophecy, Rivers, Sea, Seasons, Strife, Suffering, Water, Wind, Woodlands

Paintbrush All CG, CN, NG Chaos, Creation, Good, Liberation
The Master True Neutral Limitation Infinite Symbol Imperium, Home of the Immortals Any Neutral All Domains
The Sleeping God Unknown Creation Unknown Cosmic Aether Unknown Unknown
The Sleeping Maw Neutral Destruction, The End of All Life A gaping mouth with razor sharp teeth None (The Sleeping Maw floats through the Astral Plane) Chaotic Neutral, Neutral, Neutral Evil Death, Destruction, Suffering
The Star Thief, Atomsk Chaotic Evil Thieves, Pirates, people with a chaotic life, liars, trickery A hand grabbing around a star. Unknown Any chaotic, mostly chaotic evil. Trickery, Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Improbability, and Luck.
The Undying, All Encompassing Force True Neutral Chosen few Spiral Galaxy All plains LG, LE, CE All
Trigon Chaotic Neutral Power, fire, world domination, total devastation, total domination Four sharp, glowing, red eyes The Infinite Layers of the Abyss Any, though there is no reason for a non-evil person to willfully serve Trigon Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Magic, War
Vail Chaotic Neutral Void, Change, Revolution, and Destruction. A simple black spot symbolizing the void and it's nothingness with an eye in the center. The Void Any but lawful. Chaos, Destruction, Darkness, Void
Valkrath Neutral Good All things Exalted, Knowledge, Spirit White Staff Good, Knowledge, Ancestors, Magic, Charm, Fate, Truth
Veistulsosjunsedov, the Prime Evil NE A Three Headed Dragon Abyss LN, N, CN, LE, NE, CE Abyss, Darkness, Demonic, Diabolic, Domination, Dragon, Envy, Evil, Gluttony, Greed, Hatred, Lust, Pride, Scalykind, Shadow, Sloth, Wrath
Vis Neutral Evil Secrets, Intrigue, Proxy, Loss, Memory A Hood and a Blindfold None Any Chaos, Law, Trickery, Madness, Mind (He occasionally adopts additional Domains if his Chosen need them.)
Void Soldier Chaotic good The betrayed, honor, loyalty, judgment, the forgotten, the abandoned, revenge A black skull with red crosshairs on it's forehead He has no home None None
Warrior cg war,warriors,battles, any insignificant battle or street brawl a bstard sword and greataxe crossing a checkered steel shield warriors rest cg,lg,ng war, protection,good, healing, chaos
World Crystal True Neutral Existence A diamond shaped crystal. Unknown True Neutral, Neutral Good, Neutral Evil, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral Creation, Artifice, Magic, Rune, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Plant and Animal
Ymir True neutral Creation, Preservation N/A Prime Material Any Creation, Protection, Healing
Yulia Neutral Good Angels and Archangels, Light, Love, Breastfeeding, Childbirth, Pleasure, Beauty, Delicacy A white lily The Ethereal Plane Neutral Good, Chaotic Good Good, Healing, Glory
Zamorak Neutral Evil Darkness, Destruction Sideways 3, or a "moustache" Realm of Gods Any evil Evil, Darkness, Destruction
Ziak All Bards, Sorcerers/Wizards, Paladin, Cleric, Druid. long sword crossed by a quarter staff entangled with the life tree, Yggdrasil. All lawful good to chaotic neutral Protection, life, magic
Zvarta True Neutral with Lawful Neutral tendancies. The Court of Gods, divine power, laws, arbitration, legal procedures, courtrooms, leadership a gold crown and sceptre. The Court of Gods, Celestial Courts. True Neutral or Lawful Neutral Knowledge, Magic, Nobility
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