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Symbol: A circle, divided equally into a white and a black half with a gray line between them.
Home Plane: Astral Plane
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: balance, equilibrium, humans, justice, neutrality.
Clergy Alignments: Any: usually True Neutral
Domains: Air Domain, Chaos Domain, Earth Domain, Evil Domain, Fire Domain, Good Domain, Law Domain, Water Domain.
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
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The Duality is the deity of equilibrium, and also the creator and patron deity of humans. The Duality consists of two entities, one embodying traits of positive energy, good, law, life, energy, heat and motion, the other those of darkness, evil, chaos, death, cold, and entropy. Both entities sought to destroy one another, but when they began their battle, the two fused to make one entity with the power of both original beings, and seeks now to maintain the delicate balance of extremes that allows life to exist.


The Duality emphasizes the need to maintain balance between all extremes, whether it is environmental or ideological in origin. As the universe is often random and harsh, followers of the duality tend towards Good and Law to compensate, even though the Material plane itself is largly incapable of any moral or ethical action. Human followers believe that the duality created them to maintain equilibrium in all aspects of life, a stance that puts them at odds with other races and even other humans. The manner by which such parties accomplish such tasks depends on the alignment of the individuals in question. For example, in trying to make peace during a war, good followers of the Duality would use diplomatic and charitable means to make peace, while lawful followers would enforce peace on both parties and punish transgressors. Chaotic followers would use espionage to undermine one or both parties, while an evil follower would seek to cull whatever faction was stronger. Neutral followers would either use a combination of the previous techniques, or simply let both factions battle themselves to exhaustion.

While most non-humans regard this dogma with a mixture of scorn and concern, it is noted that only humans and half-humans may become priests of the Duality, and that humans have now become one of the most common sentient species in the multiverse. It does seem that this entity is biased in favor of humanity, a fact that concerns anyone who has reason to suspect that they might be considered an "imbalance."

Clergy and Temples[edit]

While any being can pay homage to the Duality, the entity only accepts humans and half-humans as clerics. Temples of the Duality are intensely involved on a local scale, and more covertly involved in the affairs of kingdoms and empires. The nature of the Duality implies a tolerance of diversity, so members of all classes may be found in a temples service.

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