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Symbol: An unadorned Iron Circlet with a large (unsheathed) sword
Home Plane: The Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: The Eunomian Empire both its protection and prosperity
Clergy Alignments: Nymnseph's followers may not be Chaotic or Evil
Domains: Good, Law, Sun, War, Air
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword
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The Eunomian Empire universally reveres Nymnseph, their first empress, who united the fractious city states of southeastern Hayalah and saved them from destruction at the hands of the evil men of the west. At the close of her one hundred year reign she is said to have ascended to godhood in the presence of her closest advisers. She is depicted as she was in life before her ascension: A slender, fiery haired woman wearing light golden-yellow robes and an unadorned iron circlet. She is often portrayed with an enormous pair of pure white wings and often carries a drawn bastard sword. The iron circlet is the only surviving relic from Nymnseph's life and has passed to each Emperor or Empress since Nymnseph's time


Nymnseph's followers are first and foremost called upon to obey the laws of the empire, many of which she had a hand in creating. Furthermore she offers her blessings to those who would find a way to render a service to the empire which transcends mere obedience to the law. Such services usually entail serving in the military or providing leadership in civil society.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Nymnseph's temples are always grand structures, built and maintained by the finest artisans available for commission by the Imperial Government. Her priests are often more down to earth and concern themselves with the small needs of their parishioners, usually confronting problems which the vast imperial army and bureaucracy are too unwieldy to solve. In order to be officially ordained members of the clergy, young clerics must spend five years and a day on a pilgrimage to the four corners of the empire during which they are required to do good works for the people they encounter. This practice tends to weed out the faint of heart, and Nymnseph's highest ranking clergy members are universally well received and often heroes in their own right.

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