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Class: Overdeity

Symbol: Seven balls of pure red light

Plane: His own plane he created in an unknown space outside of time

Alignment: True neutral

Portfolio: Shenron presides over the desire of humanoids. He exists to fill those desires in those he deems worthy with a wish of unlimited power.

Clergy Alignment: Shenron only bestows his power on those he deems worthy these people can of any alignment but he does not bestow divine spells on clerics.

Domain: None

Favered weapon: Breath weapon.

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More information...

Shenron the eternal dragon is a being of emense power. He takes the form of a long blood red dragon with pure gold horns. His body extends into infinity.


Shenron bestows his power to those he deems worthy. Those he deems worthy are those who complete great and difficult quests. Also those who overcome great hard ship are subject to his presence. Now while Shenron does take the form of a dragon and is known as the eternal dragon he is not a draconic god and does not claim to be. The form he takes is simply the best form in which to contain his powers without destroying everything in a two mile radius.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Shenron does not have worshipers and as such does not have a formal clergy. However those he has graced with is presance tend to make representations of him to the very best of their ability's. They also revere this imense being for the remainder of their lives.


Shenron does not have the patients for other gods and their petty squabbles. As such he does not have any afiliation with them.

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